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  1. The tendency to form cartels is a residual from latent patriarchal power structures. That being said, letting a patriarch snap on opencollar around your neck can lead to a fun weekend romp, maybe more!
  2. Blocking doesn't do much good. They can still buy you L$1 items on CasperVend and send you creepy gift notes.
  3. Okay. I'm blond. Where can I buy a fee change? I bought a region buy-down fee some years ago.
  4. https://www.google.com/search?q=Guys%2C+I+made+a+derender+to+blacklist+and+I+don't+know+how+to+return+the+object!+Help+me+please%3F!+🥴+Using+Firestorm!
  5. Do you think its coincidental that the number of groups (i.e., 42) just happens to be the same as "The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything," as told in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams?
  6. Back before no-fault divorces, one spouse would withhold conjugal visits to drive the other spouse to cheat, and thus obtain a better divorce settlement. I think this is still practiced in some high-end divorces. Its also important for psychological reasons to make the other person the 'bad guy' when explaining a breakup to family. What you have to ask yourself is whether she's (A.) Mad because you didn't come to her for attention, or (B.) Mad because you found an outlet for your energies that may not be as useful to her--whether in a court of law or the court of public opi
  7. Search for events through your SL Viewer's search function. Filter for Adult. Visit and find what you like. I think you'll find that most Adult locations actually have very little sex going on. There was a lot of sex in SL several years ago. My theory is the rise of Free Porn displaced a lot of SL sex.
  8. Who knows? She is probably asking herself why you are not coming to her for the attention.
  9. Agreed. I further suggest that the ancient Corn Field be the autonomous zone on which they do so.
  10. I have two different wired versions and one wireless version. My wireless one does not work well in wired mode. In all cases, I install the driver to test the unit, and then uninstall the driver. In SL, it works fine without the driver.
  11. Probably not. Most Role Play (RP) SIMs let people live for free. Many are totally empty. On the clubbing scene, clubs pop up all the time that try to establish a clientele by offering prizes for visiting.
  12. To require mesh avatars at human erotic roleplay SIMs is hardly new. This isn't newsworthy.
  13. I listened to the entire video, which I now regret. My reaction is, "why are these people talking at all?" The Sansar Project was the #1 priority, and now it is a complete unmitigated failure. When your #1 priority fails, you have no credibility, and are no longer worth listening.
  14. The solution for people who cannot be bothered to look before they click twice (there is a second confirmation) is perhaps to frequent these forums rather than SL.
  15. If you are only concerned about your own in-world experience, you can increase the value of the AudioLevelRolloff Debug Setting in your viewer. See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Debug_Settings . People who play combat games in SL dial up that AudioLevelRolloff debug setting so they can hear weapon fire from a long way away. If you are trying to make it so other people can hear, Rolig Loon's answer (above) is your answer.
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