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  1. Mine are simple.. anyone that thinks they are entitled or special or privileged over anyone else for any reason about anything. No one is entitled to anything in life. life owes you nothing at all. No one is more special than anyone else in life. Your just a delusional twitt if you think you are great or special or important above someone else. No one has any more privileges than anyone else in life. you might have a few extra freedoms because of certain things but it doesn't make you better than that other person in any way shape or form.
  2. Small bit of advice about putting people on ignore on the forums, it wont block them from being able to react to your post or block you from seeing that they did react to your post. It only blocks you from seeing what they said if they reply or post somewhere else. Another bit of advice about ignore it wont block you from seeing what they said if someone in the thread, yours or anyone else quotes them. So its not some magical tool that makes them go completely away where you will never have to deal with that person again.
  3. actually yes I have other things to do, and I intend to go do them in a few minutes. even I take a break from these forums at times. lol...
  4. your amusing, your thoughts about me and your feelings about me. please dont change. you seem to think it bothers me or hurts me. it doesn't.
  5. what happens in world compared to the forums is less see-able by the public which is why its more acceptable by ll. there is a difference between the two and what is allowed between them. on another note some sims uses to have a pants-off friday years ago and ll never did anything about it, but again that was because you had to be logged in to the viewer to see it. where these forums do not require anyone to be logged into to see what is being shown on them. so there are different rules for each on what is accepted or allowed.
  6. because I dont have to just scroll by..just because someone thinks I should because they dont like how I replied. anyways I got other things to do today like paint a room, change some lights, replace some wall sockets at a familiy members house to help them out. so tata for now.
  7. simple it means I think some people are taking things to serious because they are to weak in other area;s of their life. it has nothing to do with gender or sexual identification to me. a pansy is someone who cries foul play all the time when things dont go their way. they make a big stink about things until people capitulate and give in to their way of thinking or wanting things to be. cindy im brutally honest when I speak, I dont sugar coat words to make people feel good. I dont do that. I dont believe in toxic positivism. where you spout false sympathy or pity or empathy for someone when you really dont know or care about them. either alyona will be back and tell what happened or wont, or she isnt and so be it. posting on a forum hoping she see's it or that someone who knows her sees it and shows it to her is pretty pointless. no matter how long someone has been here, they do tend to leave for what ever reason they have and owe no explanation to anyone here ever. sl is not the be all or end all of everyone's life. people do get burned out from it and need to take a break and do not have to tell others why or feel anything if they are missed. it could be any number of reasons she is not here up to and including she died from the virus. this is the problem with online social media you have no real connection with anyone here outside of the forums or inworld yet some like to think they are entitled to know every thing about that other person and why they are missing or not logged in for a while. when they are not. either she will be back or she wont. its not the right of anyone to try and pressure her to come back like these kinds of threads tend to be about. OH I MISS YOU COME BACK!!!
  8. no its not, not in my lexicon. im poly pansexual.. so I have no such thoughts in my head. dont try to assume your definition of the word is the same as mine.
  9. i never was trying too. Its not on me to provide the proof there is people, when its obvious that there would be. to think that there would not be shows how stupid a person can be. for almost everything done here in sl or on the forums there is a group that would find it objectionable at some point in time.
  10. I dont have to provide any of that. I dont play the burden of proof game.
  11. Yes I did by making you post in this manner. and my day is going well. and no i dont need the attention or acceptance of others here on this forum. you seem to think I do for some reason. amusing really. and oh I have been nice in this thread I could have far worse if I wanted too. And yeah some are you are being pansies and thinking that some people here really care what you think about them. Your opinion of me matters not at all and never did. Im old enough that I am far past the little childish games of like me or i will cry or agree with me or I will cry. It is just as much my right to come into a thread and disagree with anything in it if I want to as it is yours to complain about me doing so. your just mad I would not just give up after you or a few others tried to get me too. that if you could bully enough or attack back enough I would run and hide but I didnt.
  12. in other words should cater to the pansy because they have thin skin at the moment and cant handle the rough reality. that a lot of people may leave here because they just got tired or burned out and need a break. if she is dead no one here will probably ever know unless she left some message for a family member to come her and tell others. which then not everyone would believe anyways, because that is faked so much on the internet its not even funny. so unless someone knew her outside of sl.. aka talked on skype or zoom or phone or by snail mail, then there is a likelyhood no one will know ever unless she comes back at some point in time if ever.
  13. never assume anything will be how you think it should be here or anywhere. that is when you make the biggest mistake of all.
  14. nah, no desire to, plus she has no desire to know me either. so its mutual. im ok with it. im old enough not to care if a few people on some forum on the internet dont like me or agree with me.
  15. oh.. little known fact. me continuing this is also keeping it on the front page at the top of the list, meaning more might ever see it. lol... the court of public opinion is won by views ya know. the fact you all think im against it.. it so hilarious and shows how little you really know about me or what I do what I do and why. but thats ok, keep throwing judgments out. im thick skinned. its been highly amusing to see what sorts of people there are here and how they act toward anyone that wont agree with them or backdown. and then you have one person who's wit and comedy keeps it all fresh.. got to love them for doing that.
  16. ya dont get what you want just because you want because you squeak a lot like an un oiled wheel. even if you dont like that. the only part that bothers me is when some like to think their view means so much more than it really does. I know mine doesnt.
  17. Oh your comments give me the energy to keep going. Thank you. That one had me laughing very hard.
  18. never argue or debate with the devils advocate you cannot win. i dont need to argue how you want or like, its not your choice on the matter.
  19. nope just pointing out the obvious that no matter how many people think its unfair at the end of the day none of that matters, all that matters is what LL decides and think is fair based upon the business policies. the views of everyone on these forums mean a lot less than most want to accept or believe. I see this same childish and entitlement minded behaviour on just about any other game style forum. i dont like this, change it, make me happy, give me what I want, make it fair, equal for all, my way or no way. im the consumer make me happy, change your polices to make me a happy person becaue I will cry if you dont.
  20. oh another fun off-topic thing. it looks like LL has activated a timed post limit on some things. but its too short really. needs to be 30 minutes at least to keep the drama down.
  21. oh I read well, I understand well. but I am not changing how I reply to make others happy.
  22. she doesnt have to agree with me for me to like what she said.. lol.. im not that childish that I need people to like me or agree with me here..
  23. it wont bother their bottom line enough for them to worry about. a lot of people like to make claims like this when things are brought up and it doesn't get the approval they wanted. that omg... im going to leave or spend less money or complain more.. that will hurt them then they will change..
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