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  1. I hated this song as first and then I found myself humming it a few days later.
  2. One question, What is your Graphics GPU? ATI or Nvidia? I know from persoanl experience of using Toshiba Laptops , that they discntinue updating drivers after a laptop comes to be about 10 months old, my A505-S6009 has not had updated drivers in over a Year for Nivida even though Nvidia has released 2 updates. Toshbia has to take those updates and make it compatible with their systems. That said, if you have updtae dyour drivers Directly through ATI or Nvidia's website, you may be experiencing some compatibility issues. My suggestion is, Try the Firestorm and Phoenix viewer ((Google It))
  3. Just curious, Did you happen to update your drivers any recently? Cause I know HP and Toshiba have to modify Nvidia drivers to work with their systems, I do not know about Dell. But I kno on my 310M Just updated to the latest version driectly from Nvidia Since Toshiba has quit updating the A505 S6009 drivers. When I did that nothing would work, My graphics would clip and my game(s) would crash. Well there is my two cent attempt at trouble shooting. If you have updated the best thing I can say do is rollback your driver. If anything else as the poster has said above, tweak with your g
  4. Whew, Glad Im in the clear on the ToS. Being a avid Roleplayer, I tend ot have a reason or description for every little detail, so I can explain why my said character is short perhaps maybe acts childish at times and what not. But unfortunately, there are those TL;DR people, aka the Too lazy, dont read.
  5. Thsnks for the answers, Some quier humorous! THat makes me feel alot better, Thank you all! Every Personality action and what not about my character is explained in detail int he profile for her, which I will be getting up soon once i get OpenOffice to work
  6. Ok, I have been pondering this for a bit since I started, being that I came to SL per friends request. The reason being for me to make this topic is, I am basically moving a RPC, or rolleplay character frim a former chat site, and after reading the ToS I was not finding clear confirmation on what I was looking for. My RPC is 18 and a half but she is way much shorter then the averge person, but this brings me to the next thing, she on previous said RP site it didnt count as 'Cub Play' due to her age. Do Terms of Endearment like "Little Girl" or of the likes, or her being at aroung
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