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  1. The scrubber worked! Thanks. I discovered it was a path bridge that was animated, I doubled it and removed the animations from one then linked the two. So something was left over I did not see.
  2. On my property something ended up leaving a hover text that says "loading 84%". I have checked the scripted items in the area and reset their scripts in case something got hung up in the process. It is still hanging there annoying the heck out of me. Other than clearing the land and starting over...is there any way to find that object that is causing it?
  3. Thank you Theresa and Fionalein, it took a few tries but finally got the right layering of prims (had a few land form levels to work out). Thank you even more for such prompt responses, as this sort of thing can be so frustrating. I was seriously thinking I would have to sell and start over.
  4. I recently was able to purchase the abandoned land bordering my property. I knew it was in a different region, but did not know all the problems. I see I cannot join the two parcels. I see I can have objects in both parcels and overlapping. But crossing between the two and I fall into the sea (I own all water land). Is there anything I can do? I have tried bridges, simple prims, land forms, but walk across I soon sink into the prim and fall through. Short of keeping building completely separate or selling and finding one parcel....anything I can do to cross between the two parcels without ending up on the sea floor?
  5. Thank you for your suggestions, I was finally able to find it. I used an alt to check and she almost missed it too, it was beach waves and the shadow was going across my lower platform. It did not show on highlighting because I was looking below the water surface and just above it. So I was able to get the name of the object, re-render it and return. Whew. Smiling.
  6. While building today, I found that my neighbour had extended an object quite significantly onto my waterland. I de-render all the properties objects around me, so that I have my own personal ocean view on every side. So I was surprised when I could not "find" the object that blocked me from nearly 1/4 of my land on one side. I know that if I de-render an object that it is still there and my viewer cannot see it. My neightbour is a small nightclub and they frequently redo their property into themes. I believe that what is encroaching my property is some sort of platform or base that I derender at some point but they later moved it further onto my property. I found another object down on my sea bed from them and was able to return it. But I cannot find this elusive object and it is driving me crazy. What I have tried is bring in an alt who has never derendered anything and have them try and find it...perhaps get the name of it so I could take it off my asset black list and return it. I tried having the alt use the advance menu and hightlight the invisisble, but nothing showed. As a last resort I went to my asset blacklist and removed anything that had a name such as object or platform...etc. I logged off and back on and still....the object is invisible. I could try and take everything off the asset black list but that is a lot of work and I am thinking my alt would have already served that purpose. The length is exactly the length of the night club property and I can stand on it...seems to be a platform. I also tried using my search for anything within 10 meters, but only my own objects showed. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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