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  1. There are lots of huds to use or you could just get a collar and wear one and set your Dom as the owner of the collar. there are findom items out there too if you are into that and want them to be able to deduct lindens from your account if you misbehave. Its really hard to think of just one or a few at the moment, go explore the mp and type findom or collar or rlv into the search area. It will show you a lot of things. findom items. rlv huds collars there a few out there that let them control what you can say or how you say it and punish you if you misbehave by e
  2. for some, but for those who have trusted enough to be hurt badly it becomes hard to trust or believe again freely or openly. some do not cope with it well, so become aggressive or defensive about it. like a pet peeve ya know.
  3. some do, but some can be mislead by others. it happens all the time. so for some its not as easy. those who want to trust and believe to easily will and do get hurt by it.
  4. Join some of the petplay groups and post an offer for a family, you might find someone willing to take you up on it. There are lots of pets out there. You might find a kitten or pup or pony that is looking for a home.
  5. How about I go no where because you do not have the right to tell me how to behave and never will. Your time in sl means nothing, it does not make you special or important or great or someone anyone has to respect.. except in your own little delusional world in your head. I have been here for 11 years.. woooo.. you have been here 5 more years then me. So what big deal. actually no its not and never was except to you maybe. If you know what you are doing you would use the powers given by LL to keep people out that you dont want in. If you dont its your own fault and no one elses. That is
  6. some may say they care but do they really or is it just a mind game they are playing with that person. you never really know, so should not ever trust them further than you can toss a semi with your bare hands. some only act like they care to bee seen as good people, when really they dont. everyone is here for their own reason and not everyone reveals that reason to everyone else in fear of what that other person may think or say about them false care, pity, empathy, sympathy runs rampant in sl and on these forums, so does toxic positivism.
  7. to some it 'is' just a game and nothing more, its not a social platform where any sort of social morals or rules apply. do not assume ever that everyone thinks or feels or believes as you do, or you will be constantly upset and hurt or angered by those that dont and wont.
  8. then set the ban lines to prevent that from happening. use the access list to only allow those you want in.
  9. Never said that. Just there are many men and women that are into rape play, its a kink of theirs. And yes many women that are afraid of it are sexually repressed or have high morals or ethics, what some would call prudes or teases or were maybe abused at one point and now have become sexually repressed. Funny thing is some that were abused actually use rape play to help them move on from the trauma of the abuse. And there are a lot of men and women willing to help them in that area of their life.
  10. There are tons of those kinds of people in sl. You can find them by the thousands in the kidnap and rape groups. And there are a lot of females who actually like the idea of that. its their kink. Not everyone here has high morals or ethics or is inhibited by sexual fears and repressions of sexual desire.
  11. The rules of society do not apply here in sl. its a virual world where anything is possible. NO ONE has to live by your view or standards or morals or ethics or ideal or values here ever. Stop thinking they do or will or you have any right to tell them that they have too. As long as they abide by the TOS and the community guidelines they do not have to do what anyone anywhere thinks or says or wants ever. Your values are not as great or special or important to everyone else but YOU. Realize and accept this or you are yet too immature for SL and the internet. I dont need your permission to
  12. No one really has the right or entitlement or privilege to tell anyone here in sl. "hey I dont like that behavior stop it!" and really expect that person to have to comply with their wish. If you do and they dont, its a YOU problem not a them problem. Either do what LL has given you the power to do or accept that people will behave how they want no matter if you think its right or not; and not everyone cares if they make a few people upset or unhappy with their behavior. Not everyone is sl is a people pleaser.
  13. That is where you use the access list and not be lazy about adding your friends to it. then all other strangers 'are' kept out and cannot enter at all. Depending upon the sim and placement of the house it can keep people out if there is nothing close by that they can sittp to, in order to enter the home. Sure locks wont keep a true thief out, they never were intended for that. all locks are for is to only keep honest people honest. its a fake sense of security it provides. that is why you have other things like alarms and cameras and monitoring services that inform the local authorities.
  14. That is actually part of bdsm called eoa aka end of avatar where the person mounted on the wall was their victim and was killed and gave over access of their account to the person storing them in their gallery. Usually those avatars are no longer under the control of the original owner anymore. its a kink/fetish where people are obsessed with the idea of death or bad ends. You will often see them in a group with R. I. P. in front of their name and if you look at their profile it has a long drawn out story over several picks on how they were ended and by who and why and all that drama/erot
  15. in some aspects they are taking it too serious if they didnt want unwanted strangers, they should have locked their doors on their homes or put the parcel to access list only. If you leave it open, you have basically said to everyone 'come on it, the doors open, make yourself at home.' NO ONE has to live by the morals or ethics of anyone else here in sl. You either do what is needed to keep them out or its your own fault if they dont stay out. That is the purpose and reason why locks were made in the real world. And why some homes here in sl can lock the doors to preven people form just w
  16. I edit posts to add more content so I dont have to create a new post. yes it may be upwards of nearly a day later at times but so be it. rarely do I ever remove content from a post. its either to add more or fix minor spelling errors that I felt needed to be fixed at that time.
  17. There are lots of places to find them, but for the most part all you will be finding is fakes here in sl. Fakes only obsessed with the power of rlv and the power of the collar to take advantage of you and abuse you.
  18. OP, its simple you ignore them and dont respond, then you mute/block and derender them and they are permanently gone from you sl experience at that point.
  19. you might not but some people new to online social media might. and not all forums have a reputation system or rank system. some dont use those at all.
  20. And some of them have very low reputation or post count. which could have been why some were removed. maybe LL is going to phase out that title over time. It really was a pointless tittle to begin with and was nothing more than an ego boost for some people.
  21. your correct for that is still there. which is still misleading because it doesnt really mean the person knows what they are talking about more than someone who has been on the forums less time.
  22. Besides resident or advisor it used to be advanced member. if I remember correctly. if you want to see who still has advisor go to this link advisors
  23. Perhaps its because LL has finally decide to hold some people more accountable as to who really deserves it or not in their eyes. Be too much an arse and you might loose it for you give LL and SL a bad name. Something they need no help at because of how mainstream media still see's SL for the most part. Just because it was grandfathered to some because of a forum change in the past densest mean they really deserved it or are entitled to have it regardless if they think its fair or not.
  24. other than my eye allergies acting up and making it a little hard to see. I am doing quite fine.
  25. my rant about covid-19 its not turned people into zombies yet so I can legally kill a few of them..
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