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  1. That is such a shame that stores can flag (legitimate) reviews. One more reason why the mp review system is so flawed.
  2. I probably haven't played around with my male alt enough but some clothes make the arms super skinny when I use the Signature Gianni body, looks like noodle arms and it's so weird.
  3. @Todeuzout of curiosity, what else are you looking for aside from spending your lindens? Company? Friendship? If it's just shopping, I'm almost sure most would take you up on that offer.
  4. Modify permissions has become so important to me. There's this coffee cup that I love the look of but it's no mod which basically tells me that I have to change the size of my av to fit the cup, instead of the other way around. That seems dumb so I didn't buy it. I also rely on mod perms to script items into rezz boxes. And to rename clothes when the name doesn't specify what color they are. I have fatpacks where each piece has exactly the same name 😑 Creators must be imagining nefarious motivations for wanting mod perms, but really it's just to make our sl fit us better.
  5. Sometimes I don't even want to render their "scene", and sometimes I crash when there's too much there, but camming definitely helps either way. That's true. I do love the effort put in to make places alive and beautiful. But I personally would prefer to be given a choice when it comes to exploring the scenery, instead of being forced to by a landing point. I shop but I hate the actual process of it so I try to make it as quick as possible. I guess when I'm not on a mission, that's when I actually enjoy their set up.
  6. Peeved at store landing points that do not place you IN the store. I'm sure the store owners think their landscaping is too beautiful to miss but not everyone wants to or has the hardware to render all that. Some of us just want to buy something and go. When I find I have to run through a distance of falling rain, snow, and a maze of trees just to get to the store entrance, I give up and just go home.
  7. Or a third party review site like the ones we have for rl products. Unlikely to ever happen but that would be SO useful. I feel the TOS doesn't protect consumers enough. Any reviews left on mp can be deleted (by deleting the listing) or leave customers open to relatiation from creators.
  8. What I don't get is when people ask about your rl and then expect you to tell them the absolute truth. I prefer to let people decide what to tell rather than ask for it. The truth isn't owed to just anyone.
  9. Another one of my faves is junk by Tab Tatham. Not inworld anymore but some of their stuff are still on mp.
  10. Oh yeh, gachas.. I strongly dislike gachas but if I were to go gacha I'd also look at: Concept Haikei ionic Tres blah (for cute little decor)
  11. That looks like the FinfanCat avatar freebie from Ajuda SL Brasil. When I was last there, it was on the bottom most level of the freebie store, near the entrance on the left wall. But you can always use Area Search and look for cat.
  12. Dust bunny Foxwood Revival Ariskea Vespertine Merak Keke Pewpew (or pew pew?)
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