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  1. Not everyone's nice here on the forum which I'm sure you've figured out. But if you want to participate, I guess you'll have to stiffen up that upper lip and take all kinds of people. There have been times I've felt discouraged to participate here too due to.. people, so you're not the only one. The trick IMO is to ignore it. Engaging them and letting them know they're getting to you makes it worse. Don't give people power over you. You can choose to only engage with people who have a positive impact on you.
  2. Wait.. what? Do merchants get told who flagged their listings?
  3. I do see the reasons for merchants blocking customers. I just think that the ability to block should be two way. That's just my opinion anyway *shrug*
  4. Ah sorry I didn't know that function but thanks. True and I know you're right. But what I mean is that the function would be more of a convenience to buyers rather than a necessity. I am really just thinking about the sheer number of gacha resellers that a buyer can't realistically keep track of. I've been burnt by quite a few and I have a list that I peruse before checking out. Sure it's doable but like I said, it'd be more of a convenience.
  5. I actually never questioned it until you posted this thread and come to think of it, it's quite silly. This doesn't exist in rl - no one is stopped from making purchases online and leaving negative reviews on, say Ebay (ETA: oops I was wrong on this, have since been corrected so please ignore!). So the fact that it exists here makes transacting in sl into a petty fest. Not to mention, the function doesn't exist the other way around which is a bias against customers and for sellers. If sellers can block customers, customers should also be able to block sellers (on mp).
  6. It makes me sad how many people are unaware of triangle count and the concept of resource intensity. Of course you can make an aesthetically immaculate body if they have no limit to triangle count. Plus, it's not about how old a user's computer is, it's about measuring whether or not it's worth that much of your resources to render, say, your friggin toenail. If you own a beast car, are you always going to rev it to the max all the time? I demo'd the Legacy body and piled it on top of the Maitreya, and the shape is so close. Of course Legacy is smoother but that is attributed to the
  7. Thanks for the answers. There are so many gacha resellers, I'm afraid I'll eventually forget which stores I intended to avoid, but I suppose I should really just avoid mp gachas altogether.
  8. I've had a few not-so-nice experiences from buying gacha on marketplace, so I'm wondering if there is a way to "block" from buying from certain sellers? I know sellers can block customers, but how about the other way around? Yes I know, "just don't buy from them duh!", but it's not realistic to remember usernames and keep referring to a list every time you're about to buy something, right? Ahhh gacha on the marketplace, such a love hate relationship!!
  9. I like the OP's vision, but the general perception of SL isn't completely off-base IMO. True, our userbase is decent and there isn't a serious alternative to our virtual world, but sl isn't exactly growing (hasn't been for a long time) and is very bad at staying current. The learning curve is steep, it's getting (too) expensive, the availability of up to date information is lacking, not to mention the ease of getting to it. My general vibe is that they're more interested in making more money out of us than delivering value or making their product better. That's not surprising for a for-profit
  10. To be fair, there are people who type as if they are talking. Not everyone is going to approach the forum formally.
  11. They were trying to remmy something... (... sorry, couldn't help myself!)
  12. I've never seen this exact hair before so I could be wrong, but maybe try no_match (or n0_match?)
  13. Here are some pics and landmarks. Also, if you go into your viewer's World menu and look at Parcel Details, you will know what area you are working with (or right-click the floor of your land and select from the menu). This can help you choose the right size of your house. Llorisen : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cosmos/58/126/21 Scarlet Creative (houses range in size) : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scarlet Creative/63/42/22 tarte : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/tarte/157/114/23 hive : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/hive/133/111/
  14. Not entirely sure how small you mean, but here goes: tarte, hive, +ILO+, haikei.. maybe Concept}
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