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  1. They should really update their policies page.. it still says 5%
  2. Pie Pi pi pi pi pi bananaramajama quantam physics and empty squares my face is just like your's and I am harry potter
  3. Hi I haven't tested this but I googled your question and this thread seems to give the answer (for Firestorm viewer at least).
  4. Hi Abby I've had a very similar problem as well, and I'd have to agree with what has been said about over-heating. I never used to have any problems with crashes until recently, I don't seem to be able to stay online for very long before my whole PC shuts off. After checking that it wasn't to do with insufficient RAM, Windows is up to date, I have the correct/updated graphics driver installed, the only thing left is the dust that has collected over time. When I get the chance to clear it up, I'll let you know if that has helped me.
  5. Whenever I have a question about anything SL related and I search in google, most of the times a link to the forums will be in the search results. If someone doesn't know about the forums I figured maybe they never had anything to ask lol 😆
  6. Oh no, it's not?? That's how I've been saying hello all this time!
  7. Don't know about the garden but it reminded me of this space ship I visited where I was eaten by this plant 😮
  8. Hm I'm not sure to be honest. I always thought he was busking 'cause he was playing a guitar with a hat in front of him but now that I think about it.. he might have really just been camming around shopping! Silly me xD
  9. I'm just curious - what have you come across inworld that you have found interesting, funny even? Anything really, including avatars. Mine so far: 1. I often see this fox av who would probably qualify as a griefer and is often at this public sandbox dressed as a bride with a complexity level over 400k. This fox bride hangs around asking everyone for their hand in marriage, and sometimes asks them to buy her a new L$1500 wedding dress. Creepy. 2. I see this dog av who busks at shopping events a lot - kinda small and kinda cute, and... 3. One time I walked over a rug that greeted me with "hey beautiful" and it turned out to be an actual avatar who planted himself on the floor of a store, greeting ladies as they pass by. Also creepy. How about you?
  10. Hm what do you mean by one for each important sim or person? Do you mean you only only allow one account to visit one particular beach or something? W-what?
  11. Yayy Sul Sul!! 🤗 Oh I know what you mean. The friends I started off with are slowly disappearing off to "Real Life" too. As introverted as I am, I realized things aren't as interesting without some level of interaction. Hahaha um... I don't think I've ever hacked it enough to get these nakie strangers! 😆
  12. Touche. Oh and what's with demos that you have to pay for? I grabbed a demo once and didn't even realize I had paid L$10 for it 'cause sometimes I go on autopilot with demos and assume it's for free. Didn't even like it afterwards.
  13. This is sort of a pet peeve, maybe, I dunno. I roll my eyes a little when I see profiles that are over-emphatic in their proclamation of love for their other halves. I mean, why do they feel the need to tell everyone how perfect their relationship is and what are they trying to prove? It almost feels like they're over compensating. But maybe I'm just cynical haha.
  14. I can see why sometimes a woman's response may cause confusion or appear to be mixed signals. I'm not responding directly to your story with this but it made me think about personalities, i.e. I hate how sometimes people sense kindness or niceness as an opportunity to take advantage. Say you're the quiet diligent student in the class and the obnoxious kid "asks" you to do his/her homework. Easy to assume that all that is needed is a reply "no" but take in personalities, situation and context and it's not so simple. I've been in situations where guys were behaving "oddly" too. I don't know if it was because my friendly and polite demeanour seemed to have invited it but sometimes I feel like guys sense niceness and then choose to push the boundaries rather than respect and appreciate it. I can't speak for your friends but I can imagine the possibility that they just wanted to be polite and didn't want to feel the awkwardness of declining the hug. Plus not everyone is that great with assertiveness. What would have been ideal is if the dude didn't behave so oddly to put them in that uncomfortable situation in the first place. I mean, asking for a hug out of nowhere?.. come on, that's creepy. It makes me think about how these days I put on resting b!tch face just so I won't get bothered and I mean in general, not about guys or whatever. Like I find if I'm standing in a queue with RBF, I rarely get people trying to cut in line. It's like.. must we be rude and mean in order to get courtesy from others (in general, not just from men)? Edit: Sorry when I say "guys", I should really have said "people" but the topic made me refer to guys by default.. but hope you know what I mean
  15. that is so interesting, wow, who knew! ... well the psych did.. but seriously amazing how the brain works!
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