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  1. At 17, I still don't get it.. 😞
  2. Or you could position your poseballs for 2 avatars for example (could be more than 2 if you like), but take one picture of your main account sitting on poseball 1, then take another picture of your main account sitting on poseball 2. Then do some post production editing to make it look like there are 2 different avatars in the picture, when in fact it's just one avatar in different shots.
  3. Thank you Fairre, that's a great idea about the name
  4. Thank you so much for offering to show me - that's really kind of you, but all good, totally understood re: full perm and gacha. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't "policing". I wasn't going out seeking to catch people doing stuff. I just happened to come across it. I guess my thinking was that as long as no names are mentioned, it doesn't hurt to just ask. And as everyone else has mentioned, it's not my place to do anything else about it.
  5. Ok so both items are created by the furniture creator. Let's just say the furniture creator's brand is Toasty, and the item name is "Toasty - Cereal Bowl". Made up names for the sake of example. "Toasty - Cereal Bowl" comes with a furniture set sold by Toasty, and is also used as a prop via the scripts in said furniture. The prop has copy and transfer permissions once purchased. An mp seller listed that exact same item, with the exact same name "Toasty - Cereal Bowl", claiming it to be a gacha item by the furniture creator Toasty, but it's not actually a gacha item. The mp seller is just selling the props that came with the furniture set. I guess it's clear that if a creator doesn't set the appropriate permissions, then they leave themselves vulnerable to this kind of thing. However, based on my very limited tinkering with the AVsitter script, I've read that some props require copy and transfer perms to be granted for the script to work (at least in the case of temp attachments). So it's just very unfortunate that people would then try to profit off of that, since it's clear at least to me that the intention of the creator is for the customer to use the item and not sell it. Even if I'm not seeing it from the creator's POV, it's also dishonest to people who might potentially buy that misrepresented gacha item since that's deceptive. It makes me think though.. if LL doesn't officially act on situations like this, then what technically makes this "wrong"? Our personal moral code or sense of good faith? I mean, what actually is stopping anyone from either selling other people's stuff, or deceiving potential customers on mp?
  6. @Extrude Ragu @Cindy Evanier @Mollymews Okiez thanks everyone
  7. Heya I saw an item being sold as a gacha on mp, but I actually recognize it as a prop from another creator's furniture. I know some props used as part of AVsitter need to allow copy and transfer permissions, so I'm guessing this person may be taking advantage of that and selling the items to others. My question is, who should be the one reporting this? Does it have to be the creator or can anyone report? (in addition to letting the original creator know, of course) Thanks in advance!
  8. Yes please! I mainly decorate and what annoys me the most is when things can't be resized. If an item is no-mod and if I were to use it, I'd have to scale everything else to be in proportion to that one thing. So annoying and sometimes impractical.
  9. Also remember to be polite and non-accusational. This will just give you better chances at receiving help. Good luck
  10. I understand the eagerness of wanting to hear back from a seller right away after paying them a large sum, but I wouldn't jump to the conclusion of such things as fraud that quickly. I'd keep trying to make contact beyond one week. There are other explanations for no response: some people don't log on as often, IMs get capped, not all notecards make it through to the recipient. I had a quick look on mp and if I've guessed the correct seller, then there is a group inworld that you can join and perhaps raise your queries in group chat (as Sylvia suggested). Also, again if I've got the right seller, then based on the group info, that seller hasn't been online since early May so you can at least have comfort that you're not being ignored. My suggestion, since this has worked for me in similar situations, is to send a notecard and IM once a week. Some, although very few, have taken up to two months to respond so just know that sometimes it just takes a bit of patience.
  11. @LittleBittieOne I think what you had in mind is better suited for a blog. I've never seen anyone use forums as a means to write a journal about themselves. You're free to do so but since forums support open discussion, I don't see how it would be very effective. With all the back and forth chatter, it's unlikely you'll ever get to the end of your story. This reception you're having has nothing to do with you being new.
  12. Thank you so so much for your help @KT Kingsley and @Rolig Loon ! (sorry for my delayed thanks, didn't realize this had replies 😅)
  13. Many online accounts (or most? I dunno) require a unique username. It does suck if someone has taken a name you really want and they don't even use SL anymore. But imagine the mess if we were allowed to have the same names or reuse names and the search function would require you to then pay attention to unique details like UUID, start date etc. I think it would also be alot easier to scam others. I mean, people get scammed enough now as it is.
  14. There are so many possible reasons for her decreased responses. She could be busy or dealing with something in her life. She could be spending less time online. It could really be anything. This is probably obvious but I'll say it anway, not all introverts are the same. For me, if I started taking longer to reply to someone's email, and I discover that the other person is constantly emailing me a few times even before I've gotten a chance to reply, I'd feel overwhelmed and I'd also feel the other person isn't giving me time or space to reply at my own pace. So my advice is to only send an email after she has sent you one. Only reply when there is something to reply to. That doesn't mean you're letting go of the friendship. Just means it's going at a different pace or entering a different stage of friendship. That's common, and it's not a bad thing
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