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  1. @AlineSusanne Yes I think you're being paranoid. Some people are careful with spending in sl and like to look at as many options before buying something. Whenever I discover a store I like, I tend to grab a lot of their demos and keep note of stuff to buy later. So if people are buying your demos, take it as a compliment that your items are catching their attention.
  2. Hi Nuvya That happened to me once but it was after I had a crash and when I went to log in again, all my settings reverted back to default. AFAIK if you didn't save a back up of your settings, you'll have to redo them.
  3. Your best bet is to contact the creator to see if there's a fix. Otherwise, if it has modify permissions, see if you can set the door to phantom? If the door is linked, you can use the Edit Linked function.
  4. Yeah I don't trust redeliveries. Half the time my purchases dont even show up, at least not all of them. And there's always a chance stores pack up and leave so a good idea to keep back ups of stuff.
  5. Hi GEARspirit By rezzed objects inside rezzed prim, do you mean a prim is rezzed which then rezzes its contents, and you then want to collect those rezzed contents? A simple unpacker script can give you the contents of a prim, but I'm not sure what you mean by "rezzed objects".
  6. Hi @Thein Ravenhurst Anya Ohmai's tutorials are so helpful. Here is the link to Part 1 of 3 (the other parts should be linked in that tutorial from what I remember)
  7. Ah I see, thanks - I'm not all over the rules. I have seen b*tts here and there, and tbh it didn't bother me but I always thought they'd fit more in the adult section if the pics are going to be of the saucier flavor. But whatevs, there's always the report function for anyone who wants to use it.
  8. @GretaFantome Once you have your look, you can save it as an Outfit. And for each different look, save as a new Outfit. See the below thread on how to do this. You can include your skin applier as well to help you remember which one you used, or include its name when naming your outfit. An alternative is you can write up a list in a notecard for each look, sort of like a style card. The only thing you need to save a copy of for each look is your Shape (and eyebrow shape if you make changes). Changing your look doesn't change the mesh parts so you don't need to save multiple copies of
  9. You can try ask anway and if it doesn't work because you're not premium, you could ask the landlord to ask LL.
  10. I meant the thread with that name, I remember coming across it and assumed it's catered for the more adult orientated pics. Making use of the adult section of the forums is what I'm trying to say rather than post whatever anywhere.
  11. There's a picture thread for 18+ which some pictures would belong in more aptly. Making those considerations would be good etiquette imo.
  12. I've wondered this too. I wear/add objects whenever I want to see what's inside them. Tiny bit faster than rezzing but would be cool if it was a one-click sort of thing.
  13. At this point, the best thing you can do is to AR and just leave it. Ignore the wall they put up and don't contact them again. Some people feed off reactions and attention. If you don't give them any, they'll find something else to do with their time. If it helps, you or your tenant can put up a privacy screen with a scenery background or something.
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