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  1. Yeah I don't think the mobile app will become a fully functional app to do things like that. I just logged into the app on my IPad Pro and my avatar won't even render and is stuck in the flying mode. So when I move I fly around way over to another region. The mobile app surely is not there yet and I am a bit surprised that they think that it's functional enough to be put into public beta.
  2. This really is the meat and potatoes of all this. I think SL knows that they can't stop ***play.
  3. I think there will be a mix of users that will use both. The PC and the mobile App. It would be nice to be able to go to a M rated club and listen to music and chat from bed and not have to have a clunky laptop open. When they want the "smut" they can log into the PC. It's really not an all or nothing thing. People use the other mobile apps for limited use. I don't see the mobile app as an all or nothing option but an enhancement. There will be value to it even if you can't access R rated regions.
  4. How dare you post something positive that doesn't include adult content!
  5. From the above post. *Breaking my rules will result in non-expulsion from the store and dmca. I have no idea if a DMCA would be successful or not. Although according to them you would not be expelled from their store. LOL
  6. There is a certain seller of a media product on the MP. The cost of the item is $L1,299 and they give a gift card to spend in the store of $1000 for an honest review. There are 1727 reviews. 18 of them are 1 star mostly because they didn't realize you had to purchase media to play. I actually purchased it when it was $L800 with a $L1000 gift card. They make their money on the extra apps they sell and the media you must buy to use it. In this instance I think it's perfectly fine. The product does what it says it does and it works almost flawlessly. It did what it was supposed to do. You buy this product for almost nothing and we sell you all the addons you need to get it working. Smart marketing if you ask me.
  7. Which is the exact reason why the Modesty layers came into play. I'd even go so far as supporting no child avatars (presenting as under 18) on mobile at all. Log into a computer if you want to do that.
  8. People call it a kink to make it sound more normalized. It's deviant behavior plain and simple. Call it intolerant or whatever you like. I don't need to understand it because it sick and disgusting behavior.
  9. Why? They should have read the TOS. Just because it's common practice to just check stuff doesn't mean you should. Ever sign a contract? If you are in the habit of signing them without reading them then I suggest you don't do that.
  10. This all isn't really anything new except... for no child avatars on adult land *which they shouldn't have been anyway* no more family friendly nude beaches which never should have been a thing Question for those that are scared, nervous, afraid of getting banned, etc. IF they totally got rid of the modesty layers being required would that change anything for you? Because if they got rid of the back and sides for the layers then all you have is a bit covering the breast area and underwear. Are you really going to leave because of that? Laws and rules aren't made because the majority are following them. They are made because the minority isn't. I SO wish I could give RL examples that would mirror this but I can't so I won't. It would cause too much of a BANG.
  11. You really are not getting it are you? When it hits you let us know.
  12. Well this is their own fault. Yes, LL issued a general alert to everyone. It's called "read the new TOS and agree to it." Also there are 3 blog articles on the main dashboard. What else would you like them to do. Also the TOS is not a boilerplate. It's VERY specific regarding the new Child Avatar portion of the TOS.
  13. perhaps I don't need to explain anything to you. Ask LL if you are concerned and/or make yourself taller.
  14. hmm, I have never seen it. I was part of Beyou for 2 years and everyone there was nice, as far as I could tell. I honestly do get wanting to play a child avatar. It was always fun to interact with them, at least the ones I came across. There is a child avatar that has multiple child alts that frequently comes to the club I go to. She plays a child anywhere from a very young toddler to a teenager as well as a dolly. The only time that she is not allowed in the club is if it is doing an event that allows us to be topless which really is only the Woodstock theme set. Everyone treats her with respect and caring.
  15. There are some people that really need to go back and read the TOS and comprehend it.
  16. BUT the TOS changes have nothing to do with contempt for child avatars. ***play isn't a kink, sexualized situations with children is not a kink. I've never seen so much pushback from a company trying to do the right thing. It's really rather mindboggling.
  17. I'd put money on that people are actually not logging in because they died or they ended up in the hospital rather than being upset with a sensible TOS. It hasn't even been a month. Come post this in a a year and we'll see if the number logged in changes much from today till then. I doubt it.
  18. What if SL shut down tomorrow? You'd be losing ALL the real life dollars you put into it. We all know it could happen any day.
  19. Ok, so I get maybe being a bit nervous to commit to a subscription until this all pans out and we see what the implications really are but why leave? What does leaving do but affect the person leaving. I mean if you get banned you essentially aren't here either so I don't get it. I think the people that say they are leaving are just not logging in maybe for now. The real question would be "how many people have left AND deleted their account" Even that doesn't say a whole lot as you can always get your account back.
  20. As it should be. I'll vote for that. Might be hard to prove though. I mean it's not like people are admitting on the actual SL forum that they didn't report a TOS violation. That would just be stupid right?
  21. Actually this is wrong. Bans should need evidence but an AR doesn't. You are reporting the situation/avatar based on your perception. If you think something is going on better to AR it than ignore it. LL can do their investigating and if they don't find anything nothing will come of it. But one should not assume they need concreate evidence to submit an AR.
  22. Peeve: When people say they block you and then keep responding and reacting to your posts. Geez, you can't even trust blocks around here now.
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