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  1. Bolded section would be brilliant. Especially with each parcel knowing what house its using, and said houses footprint. Could extend the footprint idea to the security orb settings too: e.x. you step onto the property, 20 second warning; you tp into the home, kicked immediately.
  2. 💯 Just as long as you can pass the same region twice several times before you go "OH... this is just a copy."I feel like it is quite a damper when it feels like a procedural. But I feel like they learned that between the old linden homes and now.
  3. I'm always down to be cammed and I cam those nearby occasionally as well. We're a curious bunch. I rarely hide my parcel (hey if you see anything you don't want, 99% of the time its your fault). I'm on a river/lake so I often sit out and watch the boats go by, so it's only fair they can see me too in my eyes. But I agree with the general consensus that the roads and community areas get enough traffic (for now. will depend how the rest of the rollout goes if they remain popular).
  4. I hope they won't copy paste them too-too much. Even if they are the perfect regions, and they move the landscaping around, each region should still be somewhat unique. I think some basic copy-paste might even help somewhat, as far as keeping the road network uniform and making sense. No doubt they'll tweak once they're all in place. i'm not worried.
  5. "you can do whatever" is not permission. It's a given. I just add it because people like to really put words in peoples mouths here. If I clarified less, I'd have double the number of people taking issue.
  6. It's just something to ask yourself when you decide to get a 2nd home. What if everyone had 2 accounts and did the same? You can do whatever. I'm not sure it would stop me from getting a 2nd home if I had 2 premiums. I'm just saying towards the people whos thought process is : "Well, not many people are going to do this, so if I do it it's fine." That's a risky way to go about your thought process.
  7. We all certainly can do whatever we have the ability to do, but then there is the question: what if everyone made the same decision I made? We must behave in a way that if everyone else behaved in the same way, things would still work out. I feel like, unless I'm missing something, many of you are putting words into the OPs mouth. They aren't saying anything bad about those who DID take a second home (bc you have the right to take as many homes and you have premiums. If 100 people had 5 premium accounts each, then they could very well take a good portion of the continent. It's not dictated per person. It's per premium, and that's fair). They're just putting a For Your Consideration that perhaps if you wait on the 2nd home until there isn't sucg a rush to get into the continent, perhaps more who are eager for a place can get it, which I am a bit befuddled how one can not see as a charitable thing to do when there is scarcity, whether you decide to to it or not (which is fully your right and OP never said it wasn't).
  8. You're doing great just by coming here daily, tbh. Most of those complaining never visit the forums. You shouldn't have to visit the forums to know what's up, but visiting here definitely lets you know of what progress is made, and (somewhat) when updates might be coming. Last rollout, things all went in 24-48 hours, so those who checked the forum once a day all had time. You can also follow this thread to receive notifications when the update drops. The SL or LL (forget which, sorry) Twitter, apparently also will Tweet when the new phase comes out, so if that works better, do that. As for choosing the right parcel: it's all random. NOTE THOUGH: you can change your house style through an item (mailbox if house: live preserver if houseboat) , so if you snag a place, don't make the mistake I've seen many make and get a place and abandon it bc you want another style. You can change the style, but not the placement. Changing placement (or switching from a houseboat to house, or vise versa) is done through abandoning your land, which can be done (I think) 5 times per day. But be careful (especially with this rollout which may go fast) and don't be too picky, or else you may be left without a home.
  9. If you click the pickle jars as the pickle place btw, it gives you a pickle on a stick. Just an FYI.
  10. I'm pretty stoked about a decade theme. Much more open to creativity than last years theme (crystals iirc, right?). Lots of good and bad has happened in every decade. It's important we celebrate the good and do not forget the bad. We would not be where we are now (for better or for worse) without either.
  11. I call Wednesday. Ready to be wrong though.
  12. I think (and hope tbh) that it'll be urban themed. There seem to be alleyways in between the lots, and that double road could be a sort of main street.
  13. I usually hate "both sides" arguments, but in his case, I think it works. You offer the argument: what if everyone wanted a skybox? The current experiment has proved that false imo. People have shown that if they have a home plot they will decorate it for the most part.
  14. That is my thing though: yes, they have options, but this is Linden controlled. No doubt, many just want it all done for them. We are allowed skyboxes here: ok cool. You should be allowed to have a skybox and a Linden home. But I think if we gave the option: many would say: no I JUST want a skybox, do whatever with the extra prims the house would have given. If a small community committed on that, it would allow the moles much more freedom.
  15. I still maintain there could be an option that (so far) is neither Traditional or Houseboat. There will be many people who opt for a skybox no matter what options are available. That is totally fine, and their right as a premium member. In my opinion, though, that even gives Moles more freedom: the homes are, what, 160, 200 prims a piece? Imagine them being able to use those on the ground. And just to clear up a couple arguments: But shouldn't someone be able to have a house and skybox? Yeah totally. They paid for their parcel. Who cares how they use it? They should be able to use their parcel however. But, if they want to purely have a skybox and want to take advantage of the double prims without decorating at all on the ground which they never plan to use (do any of you think they should be obligated to decorate a house they never plan to use, or feel a vacant house is better than a mole decorated ground?) they should be able to. I want to move the convo a bit away from entitlement, which we are currently at. Yes, sure, many feel cheated that some with alts have two homes, while they wait. That'll go away. But, eventually everyone with a linden home will be forced to move. Surely, no matter what the Lindens and Moles do, many will not be satisfied, and/or will just want a sky place to change clothes. In my opinion, if we want the continent/ground to maintain a sense of community/consistency, we should offer those people some sort of option. It could perhaps even be quicker if the moles were able to just make an option and only allow skyboxes in it. I'm fully down for the community experiment: but surely there are those who aren't interested. Give them an option, imo.
  16. Oh, I get that. This is just the only place I've seen on the continent as I've explored that you cannot get from A to B because things are not finished yet. Felt it might have been overlooked.
  17. I do thing sometimes the road system seems counter-intuitive, but I feel like things will be more connected and it will be easier to get from A to B. One thing has kind of bothered me lately though. As far as I know, if I want to go north (and remain on the road) I would have to completely go the entire other way around the continent. I have to go off-road with the orange bit. I'm not sure if a road was meant to be added or what, but it seems like the rest off the continent you can get from A to B semi-easily once you figure out the layout.
  18. Maybe I am wild, but I am sure there has to be at least a 5% minority that is "I just want a linden home as a place to open boxes" and whatnot. Those people should not be forced to get a traditional home or houseboat or whatnot. We are eventually going to force every old linden home user over to the new continent. Surely a certain percentage just wants a rez spot. And yes, of course, they are just as deserving of a linden home. They pay. However, if they are fully open thay they just want a skybox, and have no intention of being a part of the community, would it be awful to just give them a skybox?
  19. I actually ended up there as well. Something screwy is going on. I tried to go on multiple drives from my home, got to a certain point, ended up sitting in the air, and when I stood up... SSPE164. Each time from the same spot. Went on drives in other areas just fine, though.
  20. I recommend visiting what is out of the continent so far, and really paying attention to the landscaping and whatnot. What they have done and are doing is very impressive, and not at all cut-and-paste. Each region is unique and tailored and very detailed. Be patient, and be on the lookout for when things drop. Things will get faster the more used they get to this project, but it's still important none of it be rushed.
  21. I would like to see some more community areas that allow temp rezzing (perhaps, a time limit after the rezzer leaves the area? would cut down on spamming significantly, and as long as we keep the rule that "must be in theme" it would keep these areas from becoming sandboxes). I think it could be very beneficial to have a place that is not a home where community members can congregate and mingle, but still allow rezzing, be it for community events, or taking a photo, or things in those families. I think room could be made going forward, for these types of areas too, since there seems to be pretty wild differences between the number of lots of each region (can go as low as 3 if its coastal, and the max seems to be 26 parcels per region). Not fool-proof, of course, but I do think it would be neat if, for example, community members could all congregate at a small park and throw a cookout or whatnot.
  22. My favorite part was when, out of nowhere, it links to to make your own thread, for whatever reason.
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