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  1. Someone made a troll account, posted something ridiculous, never made a second comment, and people still devolved into arguing for nine pages?
  2. I know this runs until July 2nd (from what I hear), but I do think this could be a bit better organized. It is damn-near impossible to get into some of the sims, which is understandable, but I think that there could be a couple things they could do/could have done to maybe make this a bit less of a headache. This could have been a bit more spread out, with 6 or so sims instead of 4. I also talked in-world with a lot of people who thought that there should be a system that kicks people out if they've been afk for an extended period, which makes since because there are a lot of people that are just camping. Also, I totally agree that there isn't enough stuff for guys at all. Yeah, I get that SL is mostly women, but I think that the stores that offer stuff for men in this event are not even close to being representative of how many men are actually on SL. It's a bit disappointing.
  3. I'm jealous of yall who were able to make it in to some of these places. My friend said at her sim people were literally at the edge trying to walk into the sim to make it in.
  4. How long does this go on for? I've tried getting into it a couple times but it absolutely kills my computer.
  5. Ooh, this thread is right up my alley! Currently renting an apartment with a friend, and we decided to go for a sort-of modern/industrial look. We would have done much more with it, but with a small space we only have so many prims to work with. I skipped taking a pic of the bathroom because that's boring. One of our favorite parts about the apartment is that we managed to make a nice-looking queen bunkbed with 2 beds, 2 pipes, and a ladder. I think it sort of becomes a focal point of the living/bedroom and everything kind of falls nicely into place around it.
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