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  1. This, however, is a very interesting idea, though I am afraid you just made a typo.
  2. Based on everything we know, I'd be very surprised if we saw any sort of retail on the continent. I'd be open for some fictional mock-ups of stores, though. Who knows what will happen ultimately. It certainly wouldn't feel very urban if there weren't any 'stores' or nightlife or more community areas.
  3. 💯. If the houses were given out through some sort of "lottery" system, there's no guarentee they'd be half as active as they are now. With them being active, though, the Moles get to see how the continent actually gets used, so they can plan ahead (such as finding out just how popular houseboats would be) as they make it. I'm sure they're noting what style houses people favor and whatnot, as well as taking suggestions of what people want to see in the continent. Those sorts of things would be very hard to do if they just waited and released it all at once.
  4. This limited roll out has helped in how the future homes and regions will be developed. They are able to listen to community feedback, and also fine-tune the bugs they had, instead of roll it out to everyone a year from now, and have the bugs happening to 10x the number of people (and taking 10x as long to get to everyone as a result).
  5. Some of us in the Bellisseria Citizens group were speculating that this area might end up being a sort of urban/downtown area. The double streets might be some sort of a mian street, and if you notice, the lots seem to be quite close together with what might be alleyways in between them.
  6. The sky is really striking in this! Do you remember if you used a specific WL setting?
  7. I'm of a couple minds about this actually. I don't take major issue with it, but I am a bit bummed that their living situation just ends up making the continent feel more empty. For me, and I imagine many others, the exciting part of this is the communal feel, and it's a bit of a bummer when it feels like your neighboring houses are just never going to be sold (because spoiler: they already were sold, and are just empty and with no one ever in them). People can do whatever they want, of course; it's their right. You could even make the case that if they were forced to live on the land, they might not make good use of it and the spirit/theme of the continent, and it is also possible that they are just waiting for houses to be released that will suit their needs (be it a beach house, or something more urban, or something more open layout). But I would also be all for there being a more hidden "I just want a skybox and I'll be happy" section for premium users, so everyone gets what they want.
  8. Aren't we all just living in boxes, maaaan? exhales smoke 😛
  9. You know, this thread may have been opened for this reason or that, but I'm honestly curious how many users the first rollout did seat. How many homes + houseboats were in it? It's good trivia if nothing else.
  10. That little cafe is adorable. If I had money and an alt, I'd totally open up a pub... Moles, do you hear me? Don't force us to drink at home!
  11. As far as I know, this is true. I have this checked, and I still hear police sirens at times from (honestly) across the continent at times (I don't mind unless it goes on for over 30 minutes, after that it's like... you just must be a bad police officer, why have you not taken care of this crime?). Also gestures and whatnot. Not sure if those are happening in parcels or public land, but as far as I am aware, this setting is only restricting sounds from your own parcel.
  12. I am actually super happy with the location I landed. I managed to get in relatively early, and with water access but still in the middle of the continent, figured 'okay. this is it. if I reroll, I am not going to get this lucky again.' So I'm settled for now. That said, with more themes coming in the future, I am (very, very, very much) hoping we get some more urban styles/areas, and do expect to reroll over to that area if it happens.
  13. In the content pack, a match for the texture on the skirting would be lovely. Also, perhaps we could get some lower Li versions of the styles of trees used on the continent. I'd ask for the trees themselves.. but some of them are a crazy 22+ Li, and I don't think many would use them in that current version. If there were some that at least fit in (doesn't have to be an exact match) I'm sure they would be greatly appreciated and widely used, and help preserve the look of the continent, instead of people trying (and maybe failing) to find close matches.
  14. You can change the home type from the mailbox...
  15. Some fake stores would be very cute. Imagine a little supermarket, or a bookstore or something.
  16. I'll take 5 photo threads over 20 "hey why can't I get a new Linden home?" threads.
  17. Yes, yes, yes! I want nothing more than an open-floorplan brick loft. Urban areas would be a great alternative to the current suburban theme.
  18. Thank you. I hope people make it this far in the thread so they can see that Patch did indeed say that they are coming "very soon." I don't mean to be a stickler for words or anything, but with how the rollout has been, I've seen people really cherrypicking LL's language and whatnot. Like "soon," "in the near future," ect. A lot of not-exact phrases are thrown around by both parties, so I feel its pretty important to be specific, especially when the "when do i get my home?" crowd is usually understandably frustrated or anguished.
  19. I have seen others say that LL has plans in the future to greatly expand the area/continent. I would totally be down for a section to be planned ahead of time that is seasonal. Could not be done retroactively with the current homes though.
  20. I'm not complaining. I already have my home. But if they want to claim that they will be ready "shortly" they should quote where Patch said they they will be ready "shortly." 🤷‍♂️
  21. Nowhere in that post does it say "shortly" FWIW.
  22. Some more urban-style areas/houses in the future would be nice. Think: open floor-plan brick loft style homes and whatnot.
  23. It has been nearly impossible for me. I have made it, at best, maybe 5 or so regions before crashing. I do see the occasional boat or helicopter go by my home, though, so maybe others are having better luck.
  24. Has anyone found any (preferably cheap and low LI) trees that fit with the theme? I feel my yard looks a bit bare as-is.
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