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  1. I want back and checked the application and there is no email field or I missed it twice. So wondering how they will be contacting people. Also June 1st is cutting it a bit close.-- SL18B opens on June 17. I recall there being more build, check & fix time for previous SLB's.
  2. Hola Moles! Was wondering when and how those of us who applied for an exhibitors space at SL18B will be notified if our application has been accepted and what the schedule will be. Thank you.
  3. Hmmmmm... Here's a reply on May 5th, 2021 from LL on a Jira request I made in April - the same request that has been made in other Jira's since 2018 on creating separate head and body appearance shapers options. "Thanks! We have this proposal already in our queue for possible future work. Would be useful but not super simple to implement, so I can't say anything about how soon we might be able to work on it." You know what was not super simple to implement? Building an entire new VR platform called Sansar no one wanted to use. Imagine if time, talent, resources and the milli
  4. I'm at the Shop N Hop and I've been experiencing "Cannot create requested inventory" for over an hour.
  5. Hi Lindens and Moles: Could you please define this so everyone knows the correct information: What is the actual conversion rate of a SL meter to RL feet/inches and vice versa? I have looked for this info but have never found the specific and accurate definitive answer - just guesstimates. Having these conversion rates officially defined by LL will be helpful in scaling buildings, avatars, etc. Maybe you could create an official LL/SL scaling grid texture to put on various meter sizes of prims (1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 64) which would be tres cool tool and immensel
  6. Thank you PROFAITCHIKENZ! That worked! Yay! And thanks for the explanation, Wulfie. I kind of thought that might be related to the problem because of the prim parameters being called on but still weird that it affected another script. Really appreciate your help! I''m leaving the full script here if anyone wants to use it or tinker with it. // Set the blink time here. 2.0 = It blinks now every 2 seconds float blinkrate = 2.0; // Under this line there is no need to change anything integer isBright; default { state_entry() {
  7. Hello: Need a little help. I have two scripts in a a mesh text that rotates around an object. One script is for the rotation. The other script is to blink the bright texture on/off. This script has llresetscripr in it. For some reason, the reset script in this blinker script is resetting the rotation script and causing the rotation to reset to it's starting point per the blinker script timer. Why is it doing this as these are two totes different scripts? If I // the llsleep & llresetscrip the blinker script does one off/on timer cycle, stops and stays on bri
  8. Howdy: This started happening with the AK mesh head HUD, then various other HUDs and just now with Genus mesh head HUD. I attach a brand new HUD and it is in bright mode which is supposed to be the default setting built into the viewer per the jira from 2012 here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SH-2646 However, when I edit the HUD to reposition it on my screen, the bright turns off. It seems to respond to the sim light source but never gets bright making HUDs difficult to see on the screen. This recently happened with another HUD, however, I could edit textures on
  9. Wanted to update: I figured this out via modifying an old script I had, Thank you for your help and suggestions.
  10. Hellooo Need a little help. I can't figure out the error message I keep getting re: what is not defined in scope. This is my version of a simple blinker script: I have versions with a timer but wanted to adjust the prim point light values and didn't want to use a timer. default { state_entry() { llSetLinkPrimitiveParams (LINK_SET, [ PRIM_FULLBRIGHT, ALL_SIDES, FALSE, PRIM_POINT_LIGHT, FALSE, ZERO_VECTOR, 1.0, 3.0, 0.6]); llSleep (2.0);
  11. Hello: Looking for some script help. So here's what I would like to do. I have a HUD with three buttons that will control the transparency of three different worn objects each comprised of a linked set of prime. HUD Button ONE: Makes OBJECT-1 opaque/visible and OBJECT-2 and OBJECT-3 TRANSPARENT HUD Button TWO: Makes OBJECT-2 opaque/visible and OBJECT-1 and OBJECT-3 TRANSPARENT HUD Button THREE: Makes OBJECT-3 opaque/visible and OBJECT-1 and OBJECT-2 TRANSPARENT So the HUD script in each button is a simple channel chat script tha
  12. Okies... >>>> Got it to work, reattached HUD. Picked up the Swaginator HUD, added/attached, got the clue on the HID and in local chat + SLURL for the first gift, TP'd over, picked it up and the clue for the 2nd gift appeared on the HUD but not in chat with the location SLURL. So how does this work? Thanks.
  13. https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2573-meet-the-lindens-moles-this-week-in-second-life/
  14. If Linden Lab doesn't include a hoe with every home, that would be a travesty. 😀
  15. One last time. Nowhere in the the promotion and info re Premium Membership and free Linden homes does it say the homes are "subject to availability." It also does not explain the limited roll out of the new Linden homes nor does it explain premium members must compete for these homes and if they don't secure their free home they are entitled to as noted in the Premium Membership benefits, they will have to wait for another roll out of Linden homes and go through the competitive process again. By intentionally leaving this info out at every turn, LL is misleading Premium
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