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  1. We have invaded their natural habitat.. they're escaping the hell out of there! Run Moles Run!!
  2. There going to be Battle Royales over these! LL must immediately spread Linden police along Bellisseria's east border to secure the coasts... roads are already getting blocked by trucks and mad squads and waterways getting filled with sinking meshes and pixels.. 😲 start gathering all the equipment and materials you need! and making allies seems like a wise choice The storm of lag is going to surround and push everyone to the squishy pickle bar... ITS GOING TO BE BLAGGY EPIC! *flees to the nearest high ground* BREAKING NEWS: a cavemen-like hungry resident and few others were just spotted camping at the Echo Cove's lighthouse for days
  3. I would love a panoramic view of that extra beauty.
  4. Awww! cheer up @Pimxi it's Soon Now I realized that the "Free Hugs <3" topic was important during this time.
  5. Yep, I meant 64x16. It was a typo. 😀 Sorry if that caused you trouble, LOL And yes there are also 32x32m Houseboats.
  6. While it would be cool to have commercial areas.. This looks like the first stage of building Traditional Homes but in various parcel shapes like the houseboats - 64x16m & 32x32m. The colored spaces are temporarily placed for measuring and zoning. What makes it DIFFERENT?!
  7. Its obvious that the second batch (whats called the houseboats atoll area) was urgently built to satisfy the high demand on houseboats and it seems to be a sudden addition to the new Linden Homes which wasn't planned before as they had added a totally new area and made a new terrain AFTER the release of the first batch. So they would want to deliver that as soon as possible separated from the main plan of developing more homes on the original continent that they had designed before the release of the first batch. My guess is that the new release probably going to be THIS WEEK, most likely on Thursday, May 16th or could be sooner!
  9. Soon might be upgraded to Very Soon!
  10. Its good to have a tease now and then.
  11. TODAY ?? 😀😮😱😡
  12. Its a decent suggestion.
  13. They're designing a unique custom-made environment and actually copying stuff and placing them on their spots, carefully. Copying sims is surely possible.. they can copy hundreds of sims in no time but then what? make identical repeated batches next to each other like a stack of Lego?! its a complete continent that has different terrain levels and various areas, not everywhere is the same.
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