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  1. Abuse report directly against the landowner and right click to blacklisted it. This is the only way you can do. It is the matter of neighbour quality. There are lot happen old linden house as well.
  2. If any girl lived long enough in SL, they may already has Belleza, TMP beta, Slink, Maitreya. There has no strong reason to buy this new TMP as old TMP beta shape but can shape change for wearing other mesh body's fitted mesh clothes. However, shopping is always the act of impulse. And we always dream of new product give us more satisfactory and excitement (at least to me). In some countries, new TMP price is just a price for a fair meal. So I don't judge anyone to buy it. Angry and happy make us feeling alive even by shopping :)
  3. I have 2 deluxe from them few years before. Even the bento update recently, the body is still defective on tattoo layer. I will not deal with this shop again. And I already blacklisted every single object in their shop. I was talking about the human nature in SL.
  4. Why not? We come to sl mostly time are wasting money.
  5. some shop already make skin applier for it. it seem there is no necessary to wear their head with the new TMP body. I don't think their head giving out deformer again :P
  6. No. I just jump to rent island. I need more space. So I will drop house at the date of one premium account expired. There is no other house closed to it. Half are open sea. Nice location. Good luck
  7. I am sure they won't. What they did on bento hand, you can predict.
  8. I will stop my premium and abandon mime next month. everyone has one more chance.
  9. Sure, designers never tested it with those deformers. Once other body updated, deformers may become obsoleted and needed a urgent update too. But will they update those deformers? When? How long?
  10. Take it easy, you will get one eventually. It will be nothing special when you got one after a while.
  11. Sure, TMP mighty were powerful enough to generate so much angry
  12. Interesting. There is no one needed to have acceptance or recognition by other for whatever they did, except offensive to other. Forums are always full of bias and subjective. It is a place for expression freely. I still remember when I made bad comment about Warcraft in their forum, I got 40 men raid to chop me into pieces there.
  13. you can try some enhancer for yourself. It can enlighten you. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/186228
  14. I guess that need waiting for another 5 years for TMP beta tattoo layers work properly.
  15. If that is the case, they have over confident. It is, in fact, the contradiction act by LL. If the new home attract move premium account, it is already a gain. They don't need to rise the fees. Or they rise the fees after all old and new premium settle down in the new Linden Home.
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