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  1. I go on to clarify exactly what I mean, but fine, reply just to my main sentence with no explanation.
  2. Honestly, I think you all expect this to be much bigger than it would be. All this person is saying is would SL's chat support the more recent versions of unicode which support emoji. It's unlikely more people would use emojis, since the only emoji support would either be: a. someone uses SL from their phone, or b. someone uses sl from their computer but copy and pastes emojis. No one is asking for a LL emoji hud or anything. I would much rather have silent emojis over some of the more obnoxious and repetitive gestures I have to hear.
  3. I understand your concern, but im not sure this new continent aims to become a quaint community. I have helicopters by at least once per hour, not to mention the boats and whatnot. I've also seen pilots offering flights over the continent now, since the route is now open. I think that LL could perhaps put a small-medium airport in the right spot to add traffic without impacting the continent, such as adding a small island to the left of the current water route that connects islands. Something that would help inevitable travel, but would not encourage travel over lived-in regions. Like, you know those regions in the far-left on the current continent that have some sailors complaining? Perhaps you could add an airport island there. Who knows.
  4. There will be an in-between period, but over time, OG linden home owners will be urged to move over, with the end result being the OG linden homes not existing. So you should probably plan ahead to be living in the new linden homes, unless you plan to live on mainland or whatnot.
  5. Wow! That is incredibly impressive! What do you use for the garage building and whatnot?
  6. An airport would be great for the continent! Maybe some more connectivity too, apart from the roads. An automated train maybe? Or even for the roads, an automated bus?
  7. Occasional cafes would be great. Maybe they could set up the kiosks for premium gifts there? Cafes seem like something that'd go for, since there are sitting areas and the occasional park and whatnot.
  8. Mine is like this as well. It's odd. You'd think the backyard would face the ocean and the front yard would face inward, but they have the sidewalk wrap all the way around the house instead.
  9. Yeah, this seems the best possible option if your goal is to be neighbors. Get homes at the exact same time.
  10. Yes please this! 🙌🙌🙌🙌
  11. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:New_Linden_Homes_2019#Requesting_terraforming_of_adjoining_land Omg I was right?! Seems you won't have to do some crazy workarounds if you want an in-ground pool.
  12. Also handy if any guests accidentally walk off the deck. Linden Labs really thought of everything.
  13. Honestly, just aesthetically. If LL is about to terraform for us, I'd rather have than the ene "let's make a hill for the in-ground pool" compromise. Not saying the latter doesn't work, just that it's less ideal, and this thread is for possible perks people might want for premium membership. Also, fully agree with the reply that we need the textures used in the new continent, though I expect we'll get those.
  14. I understand and empathize with your frustrations. We all just want our SL experience to be the best it can be.
  15. I might be reaching for the moon, or even underestimating the number of people who have premium and would have such requests, but I don't think it would be too insane if there was some sort of ticket-system during office hours that catered to people who were online that you could only use every so often. Would likely be tedious, but it's something. LL might also consider making a lot option that already has an in-ground pool, since that seems to be something many are trying to create. This is just a thread for ideas.
  16. Oh, it's definitely going to be all up to the resident, as far as interaction goes, but I do feel this continent looks to be at least set up to facilitate more interaction between residents, with its sidewalks and roads and being connected to much of the grid. I do agree on some of the additions, if we have the same thing in mind. Since this thread is for what we want in premium memberships: perhaps there could be staff members who have the ability to terraform on the new land, if we want simple things like in-ground pools? I understand not giving us that ability, but perhaps it wouldn't be too much to have staff teleport in and do simple terraform if we want something easy like an in-ground pool that requires terraforming.
  17. I'm actually pretty ready to go premium once the new Linden continent is done. I hope my expectations for it are not too high though. It seems they are going for a very community feel, which I like. Plus, it seems to be relatively uniform and beautiful - no usual mainland anarchy. Since it's connected, I assume you'll be able to go sailing from it. Since there are roads, I assume you can easily drive all around it in you're feeling like it. It seems it'll have walkable sidewalks. Beautiful scenery. All things that will, ideally get people out and about, and not just using their Linden home as someplace to camp and unpack clothes. I hope there are some parks, and maybe the occasional cafe on the continent. I know SL is what you make of it, but I hope this new continent is community focused to the point where it further connects members of the community, instead of just being a place where people go to unbox things.
  18. Are these 5 regions connecting the two new? Had to zoom in to see them. Glad it spans wider distance.
  19. If you search the most popular water vehicles, most are relatively new and under 5l. SL marketplace is odd and fickle. But goddamn, if you're just wanting something to get you from A to B you're usually able to find yourself a great freebie.
  20. Was reading the other thread on this, and ditto on the I hope there are some parks and communal areas. Might get some people who park at home at least down two blocks lol.Give it the chance of feeling more like a community. I know I'd check the parks out at least.
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