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  1. Over the past 3 days I have been clicking to refresh the page to no avail. 3 times it came up with a houseboat available and 3 times I clicked it only to get the message that some combination was wrong or something, then it was no longer available. I have no idea what the message was trying to tell me, i assumed that by the time I clicked to accept it, someone else had beat me to it. For the past 24 hours when pressing refresh, no houseboats or new houses.. I feel so stupid, I dont even see the point in what im doing.. I guess its like I feel like Im paying for something but not getting it.. Ill just wait, its not really a big deal, maybe once all the newness wears off in a few months there will be places available, i dont know.. but for now, its not worth it clicking refresh time and time again like some idiot.
  2. Beth, i have no idea who in these forums are "official" and who is not.. let me see if I can find the quote.. one sec
  3. It does not really matter as I dont NEED a house. I have a house and a sim that I pay for along with others. Its more the principal of the thing,, I guess ill just quit worrying about it and maybe in a few months there will be some available.. no big deal.
  4. thats not the point Beth, its not a matter of greed.. its a matter of making availing myself in an effort to get one when they are announced and being told that the first batch went in 48 hours so just stay up to date and when announced you will get one no problem.. all this does is throw crumbs to the starving masses making lots of people frustrated and mad. Better would be to wait and announce when you have a big enough batch to make a dent in the demand.. I just think this is poor management and not very good customer service.
  5. LL is a multi billion dollar industry, its not going anywhere, although by the looks of this announcement, it does appear that maybe LL has some management issues.
  6. so by that count,, the first release must have been quite a few 1000? that took 48 hours before stock ran out,, surely they must have known that 700 would not suffice.
  7. Why put them out in "waves",, make a big batch and put them out,, that would seem to me to be the best way
  8. I have been trying to keep up to date for the past 24 hours,, unfortunatley i drive a truck so I am not 100 percent near my computer all the time. Although I was refreshing using my smart phone from time to time. So I get an update message about the new houseboats. .so I think great, i got to get one, no houseboats.. I cant imagine that they are all sold as i was told that the others went in like 48 hours so I should be good to go by monitoring it.. Well, no, they apparently went fast.. how many did you make?? 10?? Its really sad this is being handled this way.. Why dont you make enough homes to meet the demand and THEN announce they are available?
  9. I come here daily to see if there are any updates, I go to my premium account under the Get My Home tab and check to see if the new continent is listed there.. im not sure if either of those methods are the correct move.. Also, when the parcels are available, how do you go about choosing the right one? or do you just choose "houseboat" and LL assigns you a parcel? I think this info would be good to know for when these become available as it seems like it might be soon.
  10. ok,, i actually thought the premium membership was $20 a month,, not sure where i got that.
  11. ok,, that sounds good,, almost seems like the inland houses are nicer,, and you still have access to the rez a boat at different locations.. is the new continent connected to other continents?
  12. lol couldnt i do that for free though?
  13. Currently I am paying for a premium membership but not realizing any benefits. I gave up my land in favor of having prims available for the new continent. But who knows when that will be available. Maybe what we should do, all that are waiting, is to discontinue our premium membership and then just renew it when the homes become available again. Its unclear to me what I am paying for presently.
  14. EVERYTHING is code.. I dont have to KNOW HOW to code, btw, im pretty sure that the little knowledge I do possess about coding far exceeds your knowledge of coding, to know that every single thing you see in second life IS CODE. To think that there might be 100 houseboats and they have to make every single houseboat from scratch is proving that YOU know about as much about coding as I do.. Maybe you can get a job with LL,, Im sure you would have a lot to offer.
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