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  1. Now all you need to do is make homes to go with the security system!!
  2. Probably the most intelligent comment I have heard to date.
  3. right so wondering what is about me that is intriguing you so?
  4. as i said, if you can see that, then you are looking way too closley.. if you would like to see that in person, which apparently you do,, then just ask me lol
  5. Fair would be allowing someone who pays premium fees to LL to be able to get a home, Fair would be knowing how many premium members you, which LL should know, and build accordingly,, if you have 100,000 premium members and you produce 50 homes a week, well, isnt that a bit ridiculous (no idea about these numbers just trying to show a ridiculous scenario). I just think that this whole thing was handled incorrectly, from a standpoint of just business and custom satisfaction. How does one check the availability every day for 3 months and everyday nothing is available, and someone else, according to an above post, has been able to get homes repeatedly with no problems whatsoever. you are saying thats fair? Im just in the wrong place at the wrong time for 3 months? How is that doing it right? Oh and BTW, if someone is looking that closely at my profile picture, close enough to see something that is not there and saying that my profile picture is x rated because it shows skin, well, someone has bigger problems than me and these houses... so Ill yield the conversation to the psycho.
  6. If i post to 31000 other posts i wont get noticed,, Im trying to make a point... maybe LL will see, like they have seen all others,, Im sure they are not reading 31000 posts either. If you think this rollout is going well, then, you have a home.. for the other 31000 paying premium members,, we are frustrated and it should not be this way. I dont really need positive encouragement,, Linden Labs,, create the homes and create a fair method for us to get them,, thats all im saying.
  7. I check every day for a new home and everyday its the same thing, none available. You cant refresh anymore.. so that is the technique to get a home? I dont understand, they say they are building them and releasing them but i have never seen a home released in at least 3 months. They say on Mon, Wed and Fri? right? Well i check those days and never is one available. not ever.
  8. If so, how many and how long did it take for them to be scooped up?
  9. Seems crazy to me though,, there must be 1000s of second life members looking for these homes.. maybe not 1000s, but 100s at least,, to release 20 homes that get picked up in a matter of seconds just makes the effort of checking the linden homes availability daily a futile effort. Are there people who just live on the webpage waiting for homes to become available? I dont get any announcements saying when homes will be available and if they are being released on monday wednesday and fridays,, when? what time? Is it possible to know this? But even if we did know it,, if 20 homes are being released and being picked up in 5 seconds,, whats the point? Unfortunately, i just dont know how to play this "get a new linden home" game. I have a real life and i cant sit on a webpage 24/7 waiting for releases. Would seem to me the better option would be to get your name on a waiting list and rather then "release" houses on a 1st come 1st serve basis,, build the house, assign it to the first one on the list, notify them, and continue to the next, it does seem to be the most fair option.
  10. I guess its been 2 or 3 months now that i check for Linden Homes release but nothing yet. I quit trying to refresh because that was just a waste of time. I heard about a new release cadence on Monday but silence since then and as far as I know, no new releases. Would be nice to have a target date for the next release. is this such an inexact science that putting a delivery date is impossible? Im curious.
  11. Over the past 3 days I have been clicking to refresh the page to no avail. 3 times it came up with a houseboat available and 3 times I clicked it only to get the message that some combination was wrong or something, then it was no longer available. I have no idea what the message was trying to tell me, i assumed that by the time I clicked to accept it, someone else had beat me to it. For the past 24 hours when pressing refresh, no houseboats or new houses.. I feel so stupid, I dont even see the point in what im doing.. I guess its like I feel like Im paying for something but not getting it.. Ill just wait, its not really a big deal, maybe once all the newness wears off in a few months there will be places available, i dont know.. but for now, its not worth it clicking refresh time and time again like some idiot.
  12. Beth, i have no idea who in these forums are "official" and who is not.. let me see if I can find the quote.. one sec
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