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  1. Going on RIGHT NOW at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds! JULYFEST! Come on down, check out the rides, listen to Duran, the Tribute Band! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bellisseria Fairgrounds/151/121/23
  2. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vacuul/20/77/29 Perfect for a skybox or a small work area.
  3. Those are "Happy Fun Time Rainbow" griefer objects. I found one yesterday when investigating the anomalies. Another person from "The Walmart" group when I checked the owner.
  4. The first few original posts had statements like no groups should be allowed Bellisseria in their names, along with shady remarks about clique groups and being forced into them. Along with this being the about same 3 or 4 people that are always quick to jump on how groups as large as Bellisseria Citizens should be only Linden ran and the perpetual petty comments about how they're forced to join groups for info , it's not that hard to piece together. Deleted comments and edits do change the outlook.
  5. Sure, as if much of this thread wasn't thinly veiled swipes at the Citizens group in general and every other Bellisseria centric group out there.
  6. We're an open group. We have around 4500 members. We don't force anyone to join. What we do: We do encourage people to read the covenant and we do encourage people to either message their neighbors in a polite manner if they feel they want to discuss an issue they have or to just file an AR and let the Lindens sort it out, the same as the Lindens have suggested multiple times here. We have a headquarters where we offer free gifts to EVERYONE that are made by residents within Bellisseria. We have a calendar where we have gathered with permission, any group calendars of events so that residents have an easier time of finding fun things to do. We offer building classes. We offer tips. We do movie nights. We sometimes host events for EVERYONE at the fairgrounds. We enjoy throwing parties for Everyone. We work alongside MULTIPLE other groups to host events and parties. We do our best to help people before referring them on to LL if it's an issue we cannot help them solve. We are inclusive of all SL walks of life. We all chat. We shop. We live. We're just a chat group. What we don't do: We don't get involved in personal issues. We don't police homes. We don't police decor. We don't tell anyone that we have any sort of control over anything outside of our own chat group rules. We don't support bashing of the Lindens or Moles. We don't let people call each other names. We don't allow trolling of ANYONE. We don't accuse people of being "cliques" simply because we have nothing better to do.
  7. No. I'm not. I get it, not everyone wants to be part of the Bellisseria Citizens group, we're not forcing anyone to join. We're also not preventing anyone from creating their own group. There is room enough in Bellisseria for all the groups.
  8. The only power groups have is over themselves. It's why we are quick to remind folks we arent Lindens and help them to find the resources they need to put in a ticket or fix an issue themselves. We're neighbors.
  9. Dearest Moles and Lindens, hope your Tuesday is tacoful and that you meet every 5 o'clock somewhere with a glass in hand of your favorite beverage. Thank you all so much for the amazing world you've built us.
  10. We watched Mr Moons: "Ticket to Hell" tonight. A SL movie/documentary/comedy. It was so much fun. And Violet Durn dressed up as Mr. Moon. Also had her way with my pixels while I was too busy watching the movie! lol
  11. Lol thank you! Happy to help! The trees are Wild Mountain Pine from Heart. The grass are Wild Grasses from HPMD, and the pathway is Dirt Path from | Roots |
  12. He is welcome to come jog by my house in Banmis Highlands, I'll bring him some ice water for his jog.
  13. We had a guy like that in my hometown! He wore itty bitty booty shorts and knee high socks with sneakers. He would prance around town like that all the day long.
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