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  1. You don't like Belliserria. It's not for you. We get it. Have you made any sort of suggestions in any of the suggestion threads to the moles/lindens in what you would like to see? We're sorry you're not happy that things are changing. We're sorry you're unhappy that so many of us are happy in our little suburban digital life. You're worried about your income. We get that too. Designers go through the same angst every time there is some new mesh, BOM, body, etc etc that we have to learn pretty much from scratch to compete. It's hard but if you want to stay and make some money in a video game where only your imagination limits you, that's what you do, you change along with it. There have been many of us for some time (me especially) that have been begging for someone to build a community like this. We don't want to just rent a parcel where there is the minimum covenant, each parcel separated by the smallest "river" of water and have our home. Sure, that was fine when there was nothing else but for many of us, the digital suburban life is exactly what we wanted. I've had more fun dancing those "identical dances" and shopping with my new friends, admiring their identical homes that they've each taken the time and heart to decorate to make their own. You know what? No. I'm not sorry you're unhappy. That is all on you. Make some creative suggestions to the lindens/moles about the next theme you'd like to see that you would enjoy but don't go pooping on everyone else's fun and enjoyment of Bellisseria just because it's not your thing.
  2. Wonder if we can get another soon-o-meter set up for the trailers at the Queens Head Pub
  3. Unless you're the original creator of everything in your home, this is kind of a pointless argument. And even then, lets be real, there are a goodly portion of creators whose inspiration comes from someone else or something else. Just be happy. Go live your best SL.
  4. Those are so fantastically lovely. It would be really neat to see an island done up like that or an archipelago done up like that.
  5. They did the slower larger releases and folks weren't happy. Now they're doing the smaller quicker releases and people aren't happy. I know you are really ready to have your home but it might go faster if folks weren't making their work conditions less than stellar. Everyone will have a home eventually. It's just going to take time and patience. In the mean time, explore Bellisseria, check out the many parties and events. Get a cup of coffee at one of the coffee shops. Hop in a tube and float around the island or take a day to hang at the many public pools or beaches. They are working as fast as they can. Please be kind and patient with them.
  6. Before that idea gets in heads. None of our organizers were paid, we were all volunteer. No donations. We wouldn't ask for them. We planned this event before the fairgrounds were even made aware to us. We planned it because people in the group asked for it back in May. Everything you saw was either created buy us or bought buy us. North and bebe made the turtle race and stage. I made the main stage. Mirah has a load of games. Everything else was purchased or dug out of our inventory. I paid for the entertainment because I hired them for us all to enjoy. We enjoyed doing this and look forward to the opportunity to do it again.
  7. Is there anything you need for the Animal Sanctuary? Happy to help if I can in any way.
  8. I second this. Bay City Fairground performers have been allowed the use of tip jars. That is a Governor Linden owned area. I was told by Missy that the performers had the ability to rez out tip jars. I didn't even think to question that. We went with what we were told. I'm hoping she's not getting a lot of flack after this. She was a huge help and we will always be eternally grateful for her help. As to "someone" telling lies. I said maybe the message got dropped from one organizer to the next, but I didn't know. I also said maybe policy changed or maybe we worked with different people which seems we did since you guys spoke with Guy Linden and we didn't. The Lindens and Moles sometimes don't always have the same message one to the next, that happens in every company or group. It's not a knock on them. We are after all playing a big game of "telephone" here. One person gets told something and in the mix and bustle of planning that message gets lost. It's not a blame game. It's not a slur. Stuff just happens like that. Goodness knows that happened to us now and again in planning this. It's why we try our best to write everything down in our discord channel so that messages don't get lost and even then... they do. It happens. We all do our best and we move on to the next event having learned from the previous ones. Either way we wish everyone a very happy Slife and many many awesome events to be planned in the future.
  9. Rose Raccoon approves of the kitty dance.
  10. I paid all my DJs and Singers. I work in SL. I think folks who work, put their time and effort into a job deserve to be paid.
  11. That would probably be because this is all new and only the second event. I'm not sure which mole or linden helped set up the first event. Maybe they forgot to mention it? I'm upset at the reference to special treatment. That is just part of the whole issue with folks trying to start rumors and trouble where there shouldn't be any. The moles and lindens work hard to provide an awesome place for us all. And they're super busy. I can assure you, that the little contact we had, was just talking about who needed group invites, what dates we could set up and then just chit chatting at the party, helping us with last minute invites and bumping up the avatar allowance when we over flowed. They were awesome and I'm eternally grateful for their help but I do not want it construed that they would treat any of us differently. That's not fair to them.
  12. I encourage all of you who would like to host an event to do so. You do not need to belong to Group A or Group B or even Group C to be allowed to host an event at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. It is open for everyone. It belongs to no one but the Lindens for community use.
  13. There are no special favors. The fairgrounds are open to ANYONE to host an event. You can petition the moles or lindens to be approved for dates. I was told, and so was the Bellisseria Community group, as we were brought there together by Patch Linden, that there would be a calendar coming soon that folks could sign up for dates to throw events. It was even spoken about in one of the live interviews with Patch Linden.
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