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  1. I have done everything possible...relogged..cleared inventory cache..relogged at water sim...collapsed and expanded the inventory, changed tags....changed clothes....what is going on. i know i am not the only one with this issue right now.
  2. That's exactly what happened. While i never got an email, i figured it out. Someone i know was hacked. HIs entire sl account was drained ( about 500,000L ) and was used to buy bloodlines blood. At the time I was a bloodlines liaison and i put him into contact with the creator of Bloodlines. The creators of bloodlines were able to refund his money and to thank me he gave me a VERY generous tip a few thousand linden. At this point though, he has also reported the hacking to linden labs. the same day i got suspended, Linden Labs sent this poor guy an email saying his account was to be permenantly closed. THANK GOD people in the fashion world (he is an sl designer) made a HUGE stink over it, contacting lindens on his behalf and his account was reinstated.
  3. Oh I did just ride it out, my concern is more why i was suspended. and i did check spam and email. still nada. I just don't want this counting against me in anyway. Three years in sl and this is the first time it has happened.
  4. I was logged out of sl by an administrator. I thought hmm i wonder if this has anything to do with me downgrading my account from premium to basic. I called up billing. they said no but i had been suspended for an hour and that an email went out to me. Um...no it did not. I am not a seller or reseller on sl. I do not grief, i don't not use homophobic or racial slurs, i do not share private information. what the heck can i do.
  5. I myself go to places that are educational facilities, and not meant as pick up places. if you happen to meet someone there, great, but that is not the main purpose of these SIMS and they will not hesitate to eject you if they feel the only reason you are there is to troll for a submissive. I am sure there are a lot of groups out there that cater to Daddy Doms and Babygirls. I would recommends you also join ACES (Adult Community Educational Socity) in world. I would also recommend Solace of Submission and Dominus (Dominus is more geared towards M/s while SoS is more geared towards D/s)
  6. I am not a land/rental agent in SL but I am a Bloodlines Liaison and I get a lot of friend requests from people I do not know. I just plainly tell them that I do not accept friend requests from people I do not know, but that my profile is searchable and they are free to email me at any time.
  7. Jeremy Have you thought about seeking a submissive at one of the many D/s and BDSM sims on SL. They are also fonts of knowledge and places where those who are interested in or who are in the lifestyle can meet and talk. Since you are apparently not just looking for someone who is into the kink aspect of D/s I would recommend you try that.
  8. Actually I do not agree with you at all. and nowhere did i say that. In fact most griefers on SL are not in the Bloodlines community, but are outside of it. Kinda like spammers.
  9. Actually, it doesn't equate vamps with griefers, it equates griefers with griefers.
  10. I have so many amazing stories since joining Bloodlines back on September 4th, 2009. My first month of SL I was completely anti bloodlines! And I am so glad I changed my mind. I have met the most amazing people because of Bloodlines. The people I consider my family here, they have no only been there for me in SL but also for my RL as well. I am a syndicated fashion blogger in SL and i love what I do, and honestly, I wouldn't have started it if it wasn't for the connections in the SL Fashion industry i made because of the people I met through Bloodlines (Waves to Pily Whitesong and Elize Enzo) LOL. Through Bloodlines and the clan I started with, I found a true sense of community that was not just about Bloodlines. We encouraged each other with what we wanted to achieve in SL and in RL. People who 2 short years ago were complete strangers, are now some of my dearest friends, not only in SL but in RL as well. I have seen two people meet in their Bloodlines Clan, Fall in love on SL and then take it to RL. I personally know of five couples, one of which just celebrated the birth of their RL baby boy....and they met because of Bloodlines. Me personally, I have learned many things having risen through the ranks of my clan that I now implement in my RL. Diplomacy, dealing with people of different cultures, being patient when their is a language barrier, conflict resolution. Heck i have seen 0 day old noobs on sl join a bloodlines clan and because of the help and support they get from their new family, by day five can dress themselves, edit objects, open a box, know how to teleport, create nc's folders, search their inventory, check their mute lists, send ims, send friend requests, learn how to navigate their dashboard on the main secondlife website and basically function like a person who has been on sl for MONTHS. I don't know many places outside of Bloodlines that do that. I have people say to me if it wasn't for the people they met in Bloodlines they would have left SL, cause until they joined a Bloodlines clan, either as a vampire, lycan or human, they were bored silly on sl with no one to talk to. You can always spin something bad, and the detractors are usually the ones with the loudests mouths. Yes, I am well aware that there are some people who have not had a great experience in Bloodlines, but I can tell you from personal experience, that is an extremely tiny number and not the experience of the majority. PS - For over 2 years now, Bloodlines Players have not been able to bite any avatar under 14 days old who first does not put on the Bloodlines HUD. So the biting 0 day old avi's has been gone, for a very very very very long time. Most people in Bloodlines do not send out random bites, in fact, most people in Bloodlines discourage it. To judge a thriving, creative, active community based on the actions of a true minority is really quite narrow minded. I know how Bloodlines has enriched my SL experience and that is all i can speak of.
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