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  1. I said make a living - not make money. They are two very different things.
  2. SECOND. LIFE. WAS. NOT. MEANT. FOR. PEOPLE. TO. MAKE. A. LIVING. ON. that's what people do NOT get. The fact that LL lets people cash OUT of LL is the Luxury.
  3. wanting a couch and getting a rug is not the same thing.
  4. there are tons of items - including avi's - that can make someone look cute af without being a gacha. and gacha's aren't cheap when the person wants one specific item (and not always rare or ultra) and they are dropping sometimes hundred of DOLLARS/EURO'S on linden in order to get the item. Also, the fact that this will stop home and decor stores from releasing items as no copy (cause yeah, one patch of grass is all i need) is brilliant (and i mean they still could in their store but they would be blasted across the universe if they did that). Want to sell things one item at a dang time cheaply so it's more about quantity - join a weekend sales event. People can pick exactly what they want and you're stlil selling it for 75L.
  5. It is hard and VERY draining to put yourself out there. I have been forcing myself to do that. I went to the destination guide last night and I started to sim hop. On one of the sims (I forget the name) the sim owner actually imed me and thanked me for coming to the sim - I ended up having a really lovely conversation with her. Will we become friends? who knows, but as hard and draining as that step was for me to take, i did and I am happy i did. You can always say hi to me in world in you like as well!
  6. thank you!! I wish LL would clean up the MP of merchants who haven't signed in for years.
  7. So not sad to see gacha's go the way of the dinosaur. It was an exploitive business model. I am not sad to see events like Arcade go away either. You want to see a small amount of items for a small price - do some of the wonderful weekend sales events. that way people can CHOSE what they want and not have gamble and have stuff they don't. Gacha was a horrible business model and I have no sympathy for anyone (creators or event coordinators) who exploited this horrible trend.
  8. I have been on SL since 2009. When I first joined (also for a lot of the same reasons the OP did) I had NO idea what SL really was. I just know that I saw a rerun of the Office and I was like --- oh yeah, I wanna try that. I thought SL was a place where you created a secondlife for yourself -- literally. That you could make up an entire persona -- I was going to be a witty British girl named Belladonna (I had no idea SL had voice at the time - I thought it was going to be all text based - and I suppose, it could have been if I had chosen it). But then I met people in SL and I found out I didn't want to be this character in my head - and throughout my time in SL i have learned to be more MYSELF -- and brought things I have learned from SL that I bring to RL. I am not married, I don't have kids and I am currently not working in RL - so, to those I speak to, I am an open book. I don't give up my street address or social - but I'll reveal personal details about myself as the conversation and the relationship grow - naturally. But - I also do this with the knowledge that the person I am telling may not feel the same way about me in regards to personal details. And you have to be ok with that in SL. I have great friends who i don't know anything about in RL except maybe timezone and location; I have other people - like my SL Sisters, who have my real life name, contact number address and I'm even going to be maid of honor in one of my SL sisters real life wedding next year. -- It all depends. (I do expect slightly more RL information if i am in a romantic relationship - if they are not willing to do that, then they are not a person for me in a ROMANTIC sense) Some people do come here to escape - some people come hear because they have no ability (be it physical or mental) to socialize in RL. Some do come here to just be someone else, to be a character - there's no problem with that as long as it's roleplay. the issue (those of us in SL know too well) is when they do it not in RP and fool and hurt people. But that's a chance you take in SL --- just like you do in RL. I always say I have two lives but one heart and one mind - Most people are who they are in rl and sl - some aspects of their personality may be able to come out more here, but I have run into more good than bad. Just respect other people's wishes on how THEY want to live their SL.
  9. Oh please don't worry about that. I laughed. Believe me I did. No need to apologize!!
  10. Wait - when did Erin go EVO X? I have erin and it's just EVO....HALP
  11. The longer I am on SL (and the older I get in general) the less I want to put up with certain behavior from people - but I still want to be friends with fun, creative, non judgmental people who don't take themselves too seriously. Why do I find now that it's harder to make friends on SL the longer I've been here (and don't get me wrong, I have some AMAZING friends on SL - just scheduled change and what not). Anyone else have this trouble - those who have been on SL for years?
  12. that's what I use my favorites landmarks for . i love the fact that fs allows the buttons on the top of the view so i can just click the button and tp to one of my favorite places.
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