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  1. Help! casting wrong shadow!

    I finally got around to asking Google how to do this wholly within Blender : Apparently using Cycles it has to be done in two steps. Step1, Bake out the shadow texture : Step 2, Use the compositing nodes to remove the white background in the baked shadows texture : If you add a Maths node set to Multiply you can vary the darkness of the leaf shadows. See here for more details : Step1 and here for Step 2
  2. Anybody tried this AC3D

    The max. image/texture size that you can upload to SL is 1024 x 1024
  3. Doubt about bake in blender

    As an alternative to what Chic has already suggested : For clothes like your T-shirt mesh, the inside faces will never be seen when the item is worn so why even have them? Instead, to fill in the gap between the shirts openings, (neck,waist and arms) and the avatars body, select the openings edge loop, Extrude and Scale inwards a little. You can get the same effect using the Solidify modifier when only Fill Rim and Only Rim options are checked.
  4. Doubt about bake in blender

    Hi Does your T-shirt have faces also on the inner surface? For example did you use the solidify modifier on it ? with inside faces...... Or could the mesh body underneath be causing the problem?
  5. hi Just wanted to point out something that appears to be wrong in the of the mesh uploader screenshots. The shorts are huge ! Looks like something is not quite right with the scaling in Blender. I have almost no experience of rigging and weight painting so have no idea if this is the cause of your problems or not but would suggest you check that scale has been applied and also that you haven't somehow mixed Imperial and Metric units together. Scaling the uploaders X,Y and Z dimension by 0.3048 (feet to meters) does give a more realistic size for the Bounding box of an Avatars shorts.
  6. Help! casting wrong shadow!

    Hi A simple way to do it in Cycles (maybe) is : 1: In Gimp or PhotoShop convert your leaf texture to a Black mask as in the screenshot below. 2: In Blenders Cycles Node editor swap out your leaf texture for the new mask texture, see screenshot. 3: and insert a Transparent BSDF node between the Image Texture node and the Material Output node. Note : varying the size of the lamp will change the softeness of the shadows ( smaller the lamp the sharper the shadows will be ). If needed you can find the .belnd file here : As you have already mentioned I am sure you can do this in Blender without having to first create the mask in Gimp / PS. Perhaps you could post the link to the Cycles video tutorial that you found showing how this is done.
  7. AO mapping

    Hi I'm guessing this is the thread Chic is thinking of : No lights needed when baking AO's taxtures. And I found another one that survived the change to the new forum format : I'm planning on getting a new PC soon with an up todate graphics card that will be able to handle Cycles, so if you have a few hours Chic ........... some of us will be looking for Cycles AO bake Tutorials
  8. My physics mesh is tiny!

    Hi There are two rules you must comply with when creating a Physics mesh model for your Visual mesh. Rule N°1: Each mesh object has to have its own Physics mesh. Rule N°2 : The bounding box of the Physics model ( X, Y, and Z dimensions ) must equal the bounding box dimensions of the visual model. If it doesn't then the mesh uploader will stretch or squish the Physics model untill it does fit the visual model. Are you sure that you have followed rule N°1 ? In the image below I have created a building. It is a collection of 16 mesh objects. (each coloured differently) The Physics mesh is a single mesh object. I have selected all 16 objects that make up the building and exported as a.dae file. I have exported the Physics mesh again as a .dae file. In the mesh uploader I upload the building and then load up the Physics model. The Uploader only finds a single Physics object and assigns it to one of the visual mesh objcts. Notice how the Physics model has been squished to fit the bounding box size of that particular object. If your preview window looks like this then you have several options. 1: In your 3D modelling programme join all (or some) of those objects together so that they are single mesh object then create a Physics model that fits that single object. Export and upload like that. 2: Create a seperate Physics model for each of the objects that make up your building and upload each object one at a time. 3: Same a 2 but upload all the visual objects and all of the physics models together. To do that you need to follow a strict naming convention. example: Visual mesh objects Physics models Object1 Object1_PHYS Object2 Object2_PHYS Object3 Object3_ PHYS For a building as in the example above I would join all 16 objects into a single mesh object and export like that. Edited to add: I just noticed that you said, " Well I got it to the right size, looks perfect on preview, but still doesn't work properly. I set to prim but there's loads of random bits blocking my path. " Could it be that you are Analyzing a Physics model when it doesn't need to be analyzed ? See this thread from yesterday
  9. Salut ! 1 thing you could try would be load a cube for the Physics model and then hit theAnalyze button. Do you get the same error ( "mav block missing" ) if you replace your tiny jewel with a cube of a similar size?
  10. physical menu problem

    If you really feel you won't be able to stop yourself from hitting that Analyze bouton ( ) then you should design your physics model like the example below:
  11. physical menu problem

    For buildings its usually better (lower Physics costs) not to Analyze the Physic model. A physics model that is designed not to be analyzed should be a simplified version of your visual mesh. It should be made up of as few quads / tris as possible. Just add quads where you really need collision surfaces. The bigger and fewer the number of quads the lower will be the Physics cost. The uploader doesn't like to find small or thin quads/tris in the physics model. The Physics cost will INCREASE if it does find any ! and refuse to acccept it if they are very small. Note also: Each mesh Object has to have its own Physics model. The bounding box size (X, Y, and Z dimensions) of the Physics model should be the same as the bounding box size of the visual mesh. For your building the Physics model only needs to have 16 quads / 32 tris, see image below. In the mesh uploader, load up your visual mesh than in the Physics tab load up your Physics model. Don't touch any of the other buttons found there. When rezzed inworld, you will need to edit your building and under the Features tab change the Physics Shape Type from the default Convex Hull to Prim.
  12. Mesh triangles in LOD

    I tried makeing a similar mesh object ( I was curious how you did it ) smooth shading and UV unwrapped and it Uploaded ok. But if i removed the UV map : So maybe it would be worth giving it a secong go .
  13. Mesh triangles in LOD

    Or it could be caused by, quoting Drongle from this earlier thread " It is certainly only happening when there's no UV map or the map is collapsed to a single point, and only when it's smooth shading. It is also very dependent on the closed "
  14. Blender 2.79 - Tread Carefully :D

    Hi Chic Is there any advantage in installing Blender ? ( .msi download ) I have since . . . . long ago always chosen the stand-alone .zip version to download. I save the zip file to a folder I call Blender Downloads . Then unpack to that same folder. I drag the new blender shortcut from the unzipped file to my taskbar and always open from there. When I want to remove older versions I have nothing to uninstall, simply drag from my Blender Downloads folder to the bin.
  15. Stair Physics and height clearance

    If remember correctly , you often make your Ceilings/floors separate mesh objects? If that is the case and you're using non analized physics, if the thickness is equal or less than 0.5 the hole in the cieling will "disappear". It will look like prim but actually be convexhull.