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  1. İSYAN MANİFESTOSU (REBELLION MANIFESTO) Love is a time machine A gift from me to myself Listen dear myself, listen What you hear is the voice of rebellion Rebel, rebel to each and every one of ‘em To the ones that turn us against each other To the ones that sink the ships To the ones that haunt the dreams They don’t get to play us All right now yallah! Let us be and mess around eyvallah You think, you’ll have fun as I shed tears? You think, you’ll boss about, around here? I’m asking no one All r
  2. If Trump has any grace or integrity he'll choose not to waste everyone's time on litigation.
  3. I was going to find a film to watch but the radio took me back here..
  4. language, and it's uses to express the diversity of love where it is needed
  5. Consent culture, as a means to negotiate loving connection with others, according to mutual needs 💕
  6. Online communities (in my case Trans and Queer Twitter)
  7. I'm not a US citizen but I don't mind. The most important thing is that this will be last chance America gets to vote in an election unless trump is removed, and the ramifications of this are global.
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