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  1. Listening to fierce rain on my roof and this on the radio:
  2. This the "should we tolerate the intolerant?" question. Julia Serano wrote about it in 2017 so might be interesting seeing a 'then' perspective compared to what's happening now with more people saying "enough is enough".
  3. They gatekeep womanhood in much the way white people gatekept personhood from PoC, and still do. They don't represent 'Women' as a whole, just the kind they approve of.
  4. This article is a pretty good summation of its origins and context. It exploded as a meme this year because of a tweet by notorious UK transmisogynist Julie Bindel that went viral after the Black and intersectional feminist Twitter communities schooled her in response to her question "Does anyone else think the ‘Karen’ slur is woman hating and based on class prejudice?". Well worth a read..
  5. It originates with black women service workers who came to recognise consistent behaviours from white, middle-class women who rejected the help and credibility of people they considered 'beneath' them and would often resort to demanding to speak to 'the manager' who was most likely to be a white middle-class man who would appease them. It's racist, misogynistic and classist behaviour by the privileged who hide behind a mask of 'white female fragility' to bully marginalised people and uphold patriarchy.
  6. Without our Pagan ancestors, no matter how distant in the past, and the means by which they survived and learnt and conceptualised Nature and Divinity, none of us would be here living and breathing now, or typing on the internet, for that matter. I shall have to wish you good night, Prokofy, I have a lot to think, or dream, about tonight 🦋
  7. I know I've posted this song before. I guess I really mean it. With Polly's video this time 🦋
  8. I've had good 'teachers'. Seeing as I've been called 'dudette' by my friend Beth's daughter, yes that would be perfectly acceptable. Thank you.
  9. Honestly, you could have just written that instead. This is like comparing apples with oranges. The concept of Free Will, and the consequences of the decisions we make at the cusp of every moment where our lifepaths might diverge, whether calculated or intuited, with or without guidance or experience, is a central element of every religion or philosophy with which we as a species have sought to understand ourselves in relation to our environment (Nature), social structures, and the Divine, without exception. Anyone who has looked their concept of 'God' in the eye, or has been de
  10. I always knew, deep down, that Jesus loved lesbians. He had me worried for a while there though, cheeky bugger.
  11. That bit in the Xian bible about not laying with both a mother and her daughter (age appropriate, felt the need to add that)...has anyone here tested it? Does it matter if it's between women?
  12. Not a great pic, but getting out and feeling connected to the land, sea and sky was the best thing I did today 💜
  13. Hi @syrup37c Another nonbinary person here I'm also in the UK so our time zones might make it difficult to meet in real time, but I'd be very happy to chat and share resources or ideas with you by message (inworld or on here). Same for any other nonbinary folx* - I'd love to get a discussion going about good inworld nonbinary and intersectional spaces that aren't just about dating. *Feel free to send me a FR too
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