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  1. Then my friend sent me the tight groove I needed to dance to 💃🏻
  2. A student in a chat group just reminded me of something.. (sorry about the blurry video...I kinda like it)
  3. Listening to the whole of Seventh Tree. But have some of this.. 🦋💋
  4. Quakers in the UK have shown zero tolerance for transphobia or other bigotry at key moments in recent years, and I have a feeling that's a consistent and precious quality that might be shared by Quakers in general.
  5. Can confirm. Us White Brits tend to be more two-faced about our bigotry, putting on a show of 'correctness' in public but reverting to lazy, unexamined thinking in private. But I can also confirm that younger generations here are incredible, like a tidal wave of not-even-questioned acceptance that those of us who grew up in more overtly racist times have to make an effort to comprehend, and shift our perspectives accordingly.
  6. I wouldn't go as far as "wide awake", there are still huge problems in UK football culture regarding racism, but can confirm that "KickItOut" is doing great work to combat discrimination of all kinds in football. Here's one of their recent Tweets
  7. This is a text that a friend forwarded to me two weeks ago. And a lot more seems to have happened since then.. The protests in America and across the world have upset and scared a lot of people. Who would choose the middle of a pandemic to fight for human rights? Well it couldn't wait, NOW IS THE MOMENT, if people had pressed pause and politely waited until it was safe to leave the house no one would be listening. Whatever your opinion on the mass gatherings & protests in this time of pandemic I feel it is important to remember that protests over history do bring about social change
  8. Pet peeve...not enough time or spoons to read the whole thread so as to avoid peeve repetition.
  9. You had me at "megachurch". Then it got worse. Also, this place needs a "W.T.F." emoji
  10. That can be true for a lot of people. But some trans/nonbinary people come to SL as a way of managing dysphoria and connecting to people as themselves in ways they might not get to in RL. It's nice that a lot of SLers are pretty chilled about gender presentation, it really is, but sometimes that sense of our genders being irrelevant or unimportant isn't what we come here for.
  11. Handy tip from Twitter: "Netflix has created an entire collection of movies - named Black Lives Matter - for you to learn more about racial injustice and black experiences in America. They are literally making it easy for you to learn, so if you choose to be ignorant still, that speaks volumes."
  12. While we're here, if you're saying #AllLivesMatter , & you really mean it, that means #BlackQueerLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter #BlackDisabledLivesMatter #BlackSurvivorsLivesMatter #BlackAutisticLivesMatter #BlackWomensLivesMatter #BlackMensLivesMatter You get the idea. Do you really mean it?
  13. Another reason it's about time we all started showing up, having the conversations, and thinking about the type of people we want to be in inclusive communities: Janaya Khan (they/them), 2019 "Black Women Have Always Shown Up" #Suffragettes #SojournerTruth #IdaBWells #MarshaPJohnson #BlackLivesMatter #MeToo #IntersectionalFeminism
  14. Then how do you discuss the ways in which issues of race can impact Black and White people differently?
  15. Because when a dominant majority identifies as the 'norm' and rejects the need for descriptors, that automatically 'others' anyone who doesn't fit into the dominant majority. In this instance we are talking about race and systemic oppression, so descriptors are needed to discuss how issues impact different demographics.
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