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  1. Ayoni played, recorded and mixed this at home with just a mic and her computer:
  2. ( and for @RowanMinx) Pass The Dutchie was an adaptation of a song called Pass The Kouchie recorded by reggae group The Mighty Diamonds. "Kouchie" was Jamaican slang for a "pot in which marijuana is kept" and "Dutchie" was a "Dutch stewing pot" in the same "patois"
  3. aww, what a blast from the past! I loved this as a kid I just looked up the meaning, and it means what I thought it meant, but the derivation of the patois isn't what i expected
  4. "My world crumbles when you are not near"
  5. Post your faves! I just heard Macy Gray on the radio: "I try to say goodbye and I choke I try to walk away and I stumble Though I try to hide it, it's clear I wear goggles when you are not here.."
  6. Not really, but I have come across a few RL Queer/trans friends who used to have accounts in the past. They tend to be people who found SL helpful to explore their identities at the time but have since been able to move that into RL fulfillment.
  7. One I return to every now and then, sometimes to wallow, sometimes to rid myself of debris, like autumn leaves or cobwebs.
  8. Have you tried different washing up detergent? Mine smells of Bluebell Woods
  9. Or if they don't get to experience, learn and express love in the ways they need to, because of trauma.
  10. I agree. We learn ways to express or give love through our life experiences and different stages of self awareness or realization...as parents, as friends, as lovers, as neighbours, as teachers...and the forms can be verbal, through actions, or sensual..and the wisdom to know how or what the other person needs or what will give them the space to figure that out comes with that. It forms, and is informed by, our intuitive understanding of how our presence, including our bodies or understanding of another's physical intuition and communication can serve others.
  11. Who had the smoke last? Do I need to roll another?
  12. I think we understand each other I also think I once told you of the healing, cleansing and sparking sensations of feeling the *****les and scratches of having a besom swept gently and lovingly over my skin...and that time spent in ancient woodland or near the movement of the sea has much the same effect.
  13. I'd offer that it's in these mundane tasks where there is only our quiet self, that we find we can generate Love, for ourselves, that we can choose to feel it as gently or intensely as our wounds require, any time we need to, and it only increases our ability to Love others in the ways that they need.
  14. You don't want to be the Case Study for the thread? Fortunately, topics like this give others a chance to express their thoughts and feelings on the subject, and appreciate or learn from other perspectives, so I doubt you'd be alone
  15. You just do it as a hobby? I'm sure you've heard of oxytocin, dopamine and seratonin? See? Hug needed..
  16. Thanks Orwar. What are some more meaningful ways to contribute to society? What do you do in your spare time? Do you need a hug? The OP predicted this 😮
  17. Love is also a cheeky lion, but I think you all know that.
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