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  1. Love is contextual. For some of us doing the dishes (etc) is an act of self love which we strive for before we are able to give of ourselves to others, who are also us, as myriad expressions of the Divine, the source of which is infinite. /takes a drag and passes it on..
  2. I'd like to think my real friends would tell me if my hair was on fire..
  3. One does not concern theirselves with such. Lexxi (they/them)
  4. In a few days I'll be camping with an unforeseen friend at the westernmost tip of mainland Wales for Lammas 🌬️ 🌞 🌊🌿
  5. Slow shoulder-dancing...thinking about someone ❤️
  6. Yes, although not exclusively. On initial reading, this can come across as suggesting that 'identifying as' a gender other than the one assigned at birth is little more than a lifestyle decision or superficial exercise, in which case it would be undermining and making light of transgender experience, especially for those of us who've had painful journies on the way to understanding that we cannot continue living as anything other than our authentic selves. However, maybe in a more accepting and inclusive world people would be able to explore their identities with as much time and
  7. Not hugely. That's not to say it hasn't been a therapeutic part of my journey. I value it and see it as something that's 'there' if I need or can make use of it. A couple of things though.. I think any future social interaction in SL will need to be about mutual reflection of aspects of identity that I need to prioritise, accept and enjoy. So exploring that could be a 'goal' if it converges with my needs at the time. I like SL as a set of design/building tools that are absorbing and enjoyable: there are all sorts of RL 'projects' that will take time to realize physically but could b
  8. Watching this remotely with a girl friend
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