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  1. All the above convinces me of one thing in particular. That the move by LL to remove from the viewer all references to individual servers within SL is causing nothing but confusion to residents, me included. While it is a very convincing likelihood that the Thursday stated in the top post by Caleb was a simple typo, the fact that it was not corrected bothers me. None of the above comment and guesswork detracts from the fact that Tuesday's Main Server roll was listed as closed in error. I reported it from the GSP and the support Rep confirmed that THEY had received no such confirmation. That is classic internal miscommunication. That the Wednesday Roll was incorrectly reported cannot be denied, but as to what importance that has is debatable. It seems that we must now rely on another resident's reports of the Server User Group (which only appears AFTER the meeting on a Wednesday) in order to glean any information of late changes to Roll strategy is highly unsatisfactory.
  2. I'm baffled...I really am. At the top of this thread is an official post suggesting that there will be an RC channel roll today. Now that MAY have been an error since the Grid Status Page announced that the RC channel Roll would be yesterday. That roll was unusually short and badly delayed (by 4 hours), yet there was not a peep about that on this thread. Miller Thor wrote in here that his RC channel region had NOT been restarted, but since he has not reposted that it WAS eventually rolled, my assumption is that it never was! We must, I think, presume that Miller's region was one of that group listed as getting No Roll this week. In this we are clueless since the individual RC Channels are no longer visible to us and may no longer exist as such. We must just rely on the information we see in this forum thread. It is therefore all the more reason that it be correct and if indeed it is in error that error should be corrected in a timely manner. Now today is with us and there is no announcement of a further Roll on the Grid Status page. So my question is this. Just what on Earth is going on this week Linden Lab? Do you really think that keeping tight-lipped about this chaotic performance you will lure folk back to SL? I have heard several creators who use marketplace complain about the doubling of listing charges, and in the end it is us, the regular users that will end up paying, since the creators are very likely to pass on the increased costs to us. I am a die-hard long-term user of Second Life but the recent behaviour of Linden Lab does NOT give me ANY faith in its longevity, or in the Lindens' competence.
  3. @Miller Thor: From your post it looks rather like the chaotic Roll we had on Tuesday; late starting and the finished notice going out prematurely, followed by an "additional" roll. I promptly contacted Live Chat when the first "Roll finished" announcement went out, since my home (which I knew to be Main Server) had not rolled either by that point. I don't want to point fingers here but the Support guy said that he had not received a "Roll Complete" message and he was a little surprised at the GSP post! That the "additional Roll" started shortly after (and my region was, at last, Rolled) is suggestive of some internal communication to the effect that the original message was "premature"! It may well be that your home is part of the tranche of regions due to get the new code, but as you say the GSP post is as clear as mud again today. I think we are ALL due some explanation for this week's chaos.
  4. Taking a guess I'd say RC rolls will return to Wednesday this week, last week's Rolls on Thursday were something of an emergency event since QA had taken longer than usual to clear the code for deploy, it contained (I believe) a fix for some script-function borkage in the original code proposed. No doubt official word will come soon. ETA 10th Dec. 7am PST: It is clear from the Grid Status Page that the RC Channel roll will be Wednesday this week, I guess no-one felt the need to amplify that in here.
  5. @Jaylinbridges: Yes, I use the BMI monitor which has proven reliable in our low-lag homestead and also on a lagfest Adult Mainland region. But yours does give slightly more info; I'll have to check it out. Not quite clear what the Min/Max refers to mind you!
  6. I couldn't access my account or profile, in world or out last UK night (tried between 9pm and 1am GMT which is 1-5pm PST), but today all seems sorted. Unscheduled Secondlife.com Maintenance Resolved - This incident has been resolved. Dec 2, 18:36 PST Investigating - We are currently investigating an issue with Secondlife.com. This web-page may be unavailable during this time. Please check this blog for updates. Dec 2, 17:20 PST Unscheduled Maintenance with Profiles Resolved - This incident has been resolved. Dec 2, 13:53 PST Investigating - We are aware of a current issue of profiles being down. We apologize for the inconvenience, and are investigating the issue. Please keep an eye on this blog post for any updates. Dec 2, 12:51 PST
  7. Yes...well... 1) All Main Server regions were (or SHOULD have been) restarted last Tuesday Mine was. (I CAN read) Why ANY Main Server restarts then? If there is no new code being deployed the GSP does not issue any notice for any of the "maintenance" restarts. 2)The Restart sequence is 6 hours or more, recently MUCH more due to the operational changes LL made to the process. Today:... "Dec 3, 2019 Rolling Restarts for Second Life Main Channel Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed. Dec 3, 06:00 PST In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary. Dec 3, 03:00 PST Scheduled - We will be performing rolling restarts for regions on the main Second Life Server channel on Tuesday, December 3rd. Please refrain from rezzing no copy objects and remember to save all builds. Please check this blog for updates." ...just over three hours! So no reason for a restart anywhere (unless they knew something we don't). So whether this was an exercise in "i" dotting or a miscommunication, we don't really need to know, I guess. Not trying to find fault here, just curious! PS @Jaylinbridges: If your region was restarted 6 days ago (Wednesday) it is very likely on a RC channel not the Main one; it is not as apparent now since LL have stopped showing the channel ID in the viewer.
  8. Um...so what IS being rolled, 'cos the GSP says the Main Server regions are being rolled right now?
  9. My first conclusion to this issue was "Child agents" on neighbouring sims. These WERE known to cause considerable simulation-time drag on a sim if such avatars were visible from the region experiencing the problem. I don't mean being within draw distance, just "able to see or be seen" from that region. If they are "seeable" the region simulator must use resources to create them. But there is much more to this issue than that. A few months ago I questioned whether regions could cause "cross-talk" on other regions on the same server. That would not need the region causing the issue to be actually neighbouring the region being troubled. I've been told that can't happen, so I have nothing more to offer by way of explanation. I would hope someone at LL could explain this phenomenon, but I have yet to see any Linden showing willing there.
  10. Yes Cam but when I created the thread there was nothing, neither on the GSP nor in this forum. Now there is both, as you noted on the GSP and Johngalt has posted WHAT will roll in here.
  11. In mid TP crash that'd be shutdown I guess? Now that really would get me across the event horizon!
  12. Thanks Johngalt, good links this week too!
  13. Singularity? That's a viewer, yes? Not a Black Hole? There are times when I sit watching a black screen waiting.....waiting..."ting".
  14. In my opinion sim crossings and the like HAD been much better until recently. They are now nearly all dreadful (from incomplete crossings, ie partial unsits or loss of control to full on vehicle script-breakage), at least in my experience and I wonder if some of the cause is the changes to script scheduling that has been introduced in recent server software updates, together with changes to how empty region simulators start up. I know the instances are largely anecdotal and are highly subjective, dependant on connection strength and avatar script level but I am hearing more folk mention TP crashes, some saying "It's odd because I NEVER crash". I wonder what the cause is? I confess I have given up flying/gliding in SL after numerous trips have ended in out-of-control careering across a couple of sims and either a log-out/crash or a messy uncontrolled landing/crash. Or on one notable occasion being unceremoniously dropped out of my glider only to watch it sail serenely out of the region and vanish. It never did return to my Lost n Found folder! However I have found that teleports, as well as more conventional region crossings have become less reliable of late, independent of avatar script count. I have tested on myself at script counts from less than 70 up to over 150 and there is no appreciable difference. Some days I have no crashes, some days (such as today) I crash two or three times in maybe a dozen or so TPs. Expecting a reasoned response from LL is a waste of time since there are SO many factors that can be at least partially responsible. Despite that, I suspect a fair amount of Linden hair is being pulled out over this. One has only to look at current concurrency numbers and compare them to a year ago and two years ago to see that SL is slowly declining in population. I don't see anything that LL is doing that will halt this.
  15. @Liffento Eldritch: Yes, Johngalt's post still has errors and that is the most glaring. Second Life Server (Main Server to us mortals) is indeed running 2019-11-01T18:02:37.532376, and not as seems to be apparent from the post 2019-11-08T19:37:19.532553. Johngalt is apparently new to this particular turkey-shoot and seems to have had trouble getting his links right! To be clear: SLS (Main Server) sims are running 2019-11-01T18:02:37.532376 RC channel sims are running: 2019-11-08T19:37:19.532553. The links above do find 553, but you can access the notes for 376 from there should you need to do so!
  16. What on Earth is this topic doing in the Server thread?? It wasn't here earlier today. How is that even possible?
  17. No, but if you get to the ...553 notes and click on the appropriate server version (ie ...376) you CAN get to its release notes! 'ee innit good this! This new improved system is really easy to use, even Lindens can use it....probably. (*heavy sarcasm) Y'know, you really couldn't make this up.
  18. Yes but now there are NO links to the release Notes!! Take a deep breath, count to ten and start over!
  19. erm Johngalt, the links are yours not general ones! An email address @lindenlab.com is not for the likes of us!
  20. Over eight hours into the restart, my region is currently restarting, but nary a peep from LL as to the schedule for this week. Please can we have the new Thread?
  21. @Annahperv: it DOES seem as though TP disconnects have returned with recent server software changes, I am seeing more than I used to, at least one per day in SL. That said there are many other important factors that can affect your ability to TP successfully, not least the strength of your internet connection to SL and the script count and complexity of your avatar. Assuming that there are no changes to your connection or your avatar, the hand-off process from simulator to simulator is a fickle process and recent changes to script run scheduling MAY have inadvertently negatively impacted that function. I will leave it to wiser heads than mine to give chapter and verse on this.
  22. @KarraSue: 1) Having your internet working and having it working well enough to do routine tasks and even access the LL website are not the same as having a connection working well enough to stay online in SL That has been shown far too many time for me to count. It's not enough for the data pipeline to be connected, it has to be flowing fast enough! 2) If your partner is in Maine, the speedtest is still in no way adequate. She must test to the Tucson datahub.as listed on the FS wiki. 3) Drake's suggestion that she try, just for completeness' sake, the LL default/official viewer is important. Support will almost certainly ask her if she has and if not will tell her to go away and try it, before they will act. The reasoning is sound. LL techs know their own viewer and its foibles better than any other client(viewer).
  23. @KarraSue: 1) That ping is not to SL (unless she actually lives in Tucson), she needs to use the FS speedtest server location: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_speedtest 2) I have not noticed any bugs relating to login issues with the recent Firestorm, though nothing's impossible. Your partner's issue sounds very much ISP related, but Whirly made some very valid observations which she would be advised to follow up via LL support if the speedtest result looks normal.
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