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  1. I have experienced that a couple of times, though not recently and when on FS, not the LL viewer. I believe now the region sends a different pre-restart message set and prevents an avatar from entering a region (or logging into one) for the last minute prior to restart. All that said, I'd still like to know what was going on last night. When I looked at the world map (which seems to be working well, now) I saw several other regions offline, so I don't think these were self-instigated region restarts.
  2. If these are crashes then my region Woods of Heaven crashed twice tonight (on neither occasion was I on the region though I WAS online) and as is said above it came back very quickly, though restarts are much faster now than they used to be. I don't think such widespread region crashing is very likely unless AWS are having some issues. One way or another it warrants some notice on the GSP, though the silence there (apart from the useless automatic RC roll notice) is not unusual.
  3. D'oh of course! I did know that I'd just had a bit of a brain fart and had forgotten! (It's the vaccine, you know).But it's the other stuff that got my attention really.
  4. This all sounds very nice exept for one thing: if the animation and other things are all client-side this inevitably leads to different renderings of the action - this is a prima facie case of breaking the "Shared Experience" imperative, surely? LL would never allow such a thing, I think?
  5. @Adrian Rowley There are a number of groups of regions all adjacent that are used in a number of RP situations and have been so since the earliest days of SL. One that springs immediately to mind is the Calas Galadhon regions, run by @Tymus Tenk and for Cyber/SF play there is or at least was Insilico. There are a number of others. The principal issue for all of them was the enormous cost of running the multi-region creations and getting sufficient renters and visitors to make small contributions via the tipjars (the visitors tipping I mean). Even with the historic issues with region crossings these conglomerate regions were fairly practical, I believe.
  6. @Naiman BroomeWhat part of "cannot be done in any practicable way" do you not understand?
  7. The issue of larger region dimensions has arisen many times over the years and as @Flea Yatsenkosays now that SL is in the cloud the practical aspects are less obstructive. However I can see one stumbling block. Given LL's current Tier rates for SL land, even a 512x512sqm region would attract a fiendishly high tier and larger sizes boggle my wallet's imagination. Maybe others could bear the high costs but I doubt if they are numerous enough to warrant the effort on LL's part to make it work, given their already long list of broken services which are demanding their attention. Currently there are fewer Lindens to go round as it is and spreading them ever more thinly among the work in progress seems unwise.
  8. For me today all seemed fine in FS support English, I could see moderator chat and users asking questions. Then I typed my question and....BOOM...the group chat died for me, I got the message dropped error and nothing more appeared despite my closing and reopening that group chat multiple times. Other groups also "seemed" to be working but I refrained from further comment and most seemed to run for about 30 minutes until I TPed, when it all went "poof" until I relogged. Put succinctly, SNAFU
  9. Well, @Solar Legion, at least we can say we are officially told that nothing is likely to interrupt our Second Life meanderings! 😉
  10. @hholke Before we can begin to assist you we need your system specification when running a viewer. Open the viewer but don't try to log in. Look in the top left corner of your splash page and you will see "Help". click that and "about" (this is the almost the same whichever viewer you are using so far as I recall). Then copy and paste the top half of what You see down to the Graphics "OpenGL Version" line. That will give us part of what we'll need. Then hopefully someone more techy than I can jump in to help you. 😊 Off the top of my head I would say your firewall or antivirus is not allowing SL to communicate with the viewer in some fashion so the sychronization with SL cannot be completed, but how you fix that I have not a clue.
  11. Just adding a "me three" THANKYOU LL!
  12. No, SL group chat may not have been designed to handle idle conversation but what @Skell Dagger says above is the most important point and it extends to many other service and support groups. The moderators themselves have the same handicaps the we, the great unwashed, do. I've heard many saying, in this and related threads, that support and mentoring on many topics can be handled by other means. For the life of me I cannot imagine how ANY other method could be even close to as effective.
  13. Well, your definition of utterly is not mine. As far as I am concerned if I cannot see moderator chat or be sure that all that is sent to a group is actually being seen by either the mods or other users, it is useless. That applies to all my groups without exception. Indeed some do appear to work better than others and it does not seem to be dependant on the number in each group, rather whether or not that particular group is having its resources sucked away by another more numerous group. In short if I cannot be sure of a group working, for me, that group is useless. While chat-lag and order scrambling did occasionally occur back in 2010, it was never remotely as bad as it is now.
  14. Whatever the issue, and whatever the history of group chat, the fact is that it USED to work...not well but at least partially. Now it is utterly useless and recent attempts by LL to reduce the server-load have proven less than useful. The current situation is a woeful indictment of LL's present lack of engineering and coding abilities. ETA: It cannot have escaped LL's attention that the recent issues wih group chat have apparently resulted in a +5% reduction in online numbers. This issue is hitting you in the wallet LL and the fees hike is not going to help. Fix your product, LL or the atrophy will become a torrent.
  15. Interesting. So the premise that one may well be offered a bigger pack but that does not guarantee that the pack even contains anything remains. That concept may not trouble the US mentality used to snake oil merchants and various interpretations of "freedom", but it does NOT translate well for the rest of us. What "New and exciting changes" do Linden Lab have for us this week? Go look at the "Featured News" blog. Increased fees for Linden Dollar purchases. so, when you go to buy Linden Dollars to pay your tier or rent each month Linden Lab will take a little more of your hard-earned. Oh, and don't bother to chat about it inworld, your group chat is almost certainly not working. Happy Days.
  16. For what this is worth I am sick and tired of this "Dialogue of the Deaf" between @CaithLynnSayesand @Solar Legion. It gets us precisely nowhere. LL know what needs doing. The real question is whether or not they have the means to do it.
  17. @Theresa Tennyson Nope! Admit it, you'd miss me! 😁
  18. Further to the above: thankyou LL support for getting my region rolled nearly one hour after the official end of today's roll, I suspect Woods was not alone in "slipping through the net" Your net needs to be repaired before more of your catch slips out. Sadly Woods does not seem to have benefitted from the script-run improvements I have seen elsewhere, goodness knows why not. The group chat failure was awkwardly timed to coincide with regions sometimes being offline for up to an hour. Several of the groups I belong to had to resort to notices updating members of offline clubhouses etc since group chat had failed. If SL had to pass the equivalent of a UK MoT test, it would fail.
  19. It is indeed so bad it is not even worth haranguing Lindens any more. The ones remaining really are not up to the job of renovating the partly broken SL systems that have become so obviously in need of work since thw uplift to AWS. I think Oz can count his lucky stars that he retired when he did. I suspect the road back to a fully functional SL will be a long and bumpy one.
  20. Well that went Sooo well, didn't it! Currently I am awaiting my region's return, the restart having been initiated 45 minutes after LL claimed the Roll was complete on the GSP. SNAFU.
  21. @Maestro Linden Well those "internal tweaks" seem to have done the trick with script run. I have been seeing % figures on RC channel regions running that code that I have not seen in three years! And it seems to be genuine, my scripted HUDs are responding faster than usual on those regions.
  22. I don't know if anyone has been seeing this, but as I have wandered into some RC channels regions in this past week I have seen that ALL are showing huge improvements in % script run. Several with next to no spare time and 15-18 ms script time are showing upwards of 90% script run, some less heavily loaded are in the 98% range. One heavily loaded region that struggled to exceed 20% is now comfortably above 50% and scripted attachment reponse is noticeably sharper. If there are no downsides (and there have been no comments on it that I have seen), the promotion of this sofware version (557694) will be eagerly awaited tomorrow on Main Server.
  23. @Coffee Pancake while I share many of your thoughts, I can't see support groups like Maitreya Friends dying any time soon unless some other way can be engineered to support such a popular yet complex product.
  24. It may be a misconception on my part and while I do see the point that such as @dayz Short make: so far as I know SL group IM was never intended to work like a chatroom, nor is it set up with similar resources. @Kyrah Abattoir makes an important point above.
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