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  1. For what it is worth I frequently use first person view and while the head is definitely attached to ths skull pont I see elements of my head that are not separate attachments, ie teeth. This is in Firestorm 6.4.21and has been the same for the recent past. Some I can hide but the mouth and throat are still clearly visible to me (sorry no picture at this point) and cannot be hidden by the Catwa Master HUD, so if this IS a FS bug I wish they'd get round to fixing it!
  2. FS 6.4.21 is by far a better viewer than many, it is far superior to 6.4.12 and 6.4.13, thanks to render pathway improvements, in a large part thanks to LL. Perhaps the caching improvements that LL are pushing will find their way into the next FS and things will improve still further. The biggest performance hit that EVERYONE has suffered is due to the new render pathway that LL pushed us down in creating EEP. Eventually that Edsel will perform, but right now every EEP viewer is a bag of nails compared to its Windlight predecessor.
  3. @Mazidox LindenSo this will, I assume, be why my region, Woods of Heaven, never did get a restart today despite the GSP stating that the roll is complete a few minutes ago? Frankly the excuses reasons for these "unexpected" failures are beginning to wear thin.
  4. But...but...wider buses won't fit on British roads so what am I to do?
  5. @Mazidox Linden that's haha for the first paragraph and the release notes comment and thanks for the whole thing!
  6. GSP says they are "investigating". I wonder if the support portal is down for them as well 'cos it sure is down for the rest of us. The server has fallen over completely. @Free Xue the maintenance that refers to was phone support, which is a whole other set of systems. ETA: Support is also completely down (ALL aspects of it) to those inworld. This is something they will fix pronto I'm sure! I wonder when the cleaners work at the weekend? 😁
  7. I've watched this debate with fascination, since about 8 years ago, I migrated my whole PC to SSD operations and so far (touch wood) I have had only one failure, an old HDD on my older PC, not used for SL. Back in 2009, I did have an SSD fail on me, but that was largely due to non-SL operations. To date for me, SSDs and latterly PCI-e SSDs have operated smoothly and rapidly in SL for me. I never worked out how to create and operate a RAMdisk but that has not been relevant in recent years. Perhaps I have been fortunate not to have failures but I rather suspect that such failures as are mentioned above are things of the past. One thing that is certain is that the "old" spinning-platter HDD is no longer very relevant in such applications and I see pretty much all laptops being sold today with fully solid-state internals. Oh, I should add that the use of SSDs for SL has improved the experience vastly.
  8. Interesting. So the consensus appears to be issues with some aspects of the internet, seemingly related to AWS Oregon, though there are no issues reported currently. The number of accounts affected must be below the threshold where LL would issue a notice on the GSP. Perhaps a few tickets about the issue might awaken them (not that there would be much they could do, other than as a client of AWS they might have some traction). Looks like this is one we will just have to wait out.
  9. Yesterday I experienced more teleport disconnects and login issues in one day than I experienced over the past year. I did all the checks possible on my ISP and found no issues ( ping, speed, packet loss etc.) yet after a disconnect I found FS would hang for up to 30 seconds at "requesting region capabilities" . Testing on LL's viewer ( current release) showed no issues of that type and once in-world on FS I experienced no issues typical of poor connection. Restarting the region eliminated the issue for several hours until another TP disconnect occurred whereupon the symptoms returned. Is my experience being noted by anyone else? I did not post this in either the viewer or general tech forums since I got the impression that this was a server issue. Having seen numerous reports in the FS support chat of similar issues and reports of nebulous "connectivity" issues, I wondered if any further light could be shed on the issue?
  10. Well, Woods of Heaven is >10days uptime and the GPB has not visited us yet. SNAFU.
  11. Y'know, Niran, sometimes we do need to give the LL technicians a bit of credit for the hard work they do! From what I gathered, this certificate issue was quite unexpected and to expect them to understand the effect on TPVs when they had not even been aware of what it was that had changed, is asking a bit much. Whether or not you blame them for the issue or not THEY fixed it PDQ, it did not fix itself. Oh, and for the record I am a long-term FS user and no LL fanboi.
  12. Not to mention you have some significant certificate-related issues to deal with!
  13. @Mazidox LindenMay I assume that after today's emergency restarts the server version showing is 564394? I am a little disorientated at present since my region (Woods of Heaven) has been on and off like a light-switch today. This is not me being narked, I am thankful that such swift action was taken (though I am not really surprised since SL's economy was being badly impacted by the certificate issue).
  14. @Rris Greenfield, as a JIRA. Ll support needs to see that, though they appear to be rolling out a fix which might address the issue. The link is in Rowan's post below.
  15. One issue that folk have periodically experienced over the years is offline messages going to your email are wrongly sent to your isps junk mail folder and never arrive at your computer's email handler. It's worth checking both in your local email junk/spam folders and alsoin the equivalent folders at your ISP's email server. It's not guaranteed but it helps some.
  16. Yep both my mains on both FS and the official viewer. Seems that the tech "have identified the problem and are implementing a band aid fix. So we wait. It wasn't a long wait either. The failure was spotted quickly and the fix implemented equally quickly. WTG LL for once!
  17. So many folks wax lyrical about how much Somafm streams meant in their Second Lives..The CEO of Somafm vouchsafed this to me: "People buy and sell parcels and virtual goods in SL all the time, so if someone could come up with a way for use to successfully monetize the use of our streams in SL, we'd be open to that. But as it stands now, no one wants to pay and instead say "think of all the exposure you get". But you can die from exposure too. And when you take away something people have considered as free (or start charging for it), they get very upset. We actually tried creating a subscription music service specifically for Second Life many years ago, but there was no interest in it and we canned the project." Oh and he said to me that I was the only one who had donated from SL who had contacted him. Makes ya fink, dunnit. Might I suggest that if you are even remotely serious that you email dj@somafm.com
  18. I'd laugh at that, Mazidox, were it not for the implications of that. It seems to show quite vividly that the present generation of Lindens really do not comprehend the behemoth that is SL. PS I am very glad that you DID catch it though!
  19. That is sad, also it is not correct, or what I mean is, Linden Lab could help. If random items are returning then they still exist in the Linden copy of your inventory, probably many other items do as well, it is just hard to recover corrupted inventory flie items, not impossible. Linden Lab have had to face up to the fact that there are far more inventory faults and glitches than they like to admit and most (not all) are recoverable. They are now a lot more cooperative when it comes to inventory faults, for which we should be grateful, since by their own ToS they have no obligation to recover lost items of inventory.
  20. Wow! I opened a real can of worms here. I hope Linden Lab don't tell Somafm where I live!
  21. @Mazidox LindenSince Rolling Restarts for Main Server have been scheduled for Tuesday next, is there any chance that the release notes to whatever is being rolled there (I am presuming it will be that which you pushed to the RCs this past Wednesday) will be operational? Henri pointed out the failure of the page on Thursday and yet no corrective action has been taken.
  22. News just in: Somafm have told me rather bluntly that they are not, apparently, trying to get LL to pay royalties. The are simply blocking our streaming since thay cannot, they say , recoup losses they are incurring in providing the streams. Reading between the lines here , I'd say that Somafm are about to go bust and this is just one of the symptoms. As an aside they just refunded a series of donations to them that I made over the last few months. I did not ask for this and to me that epitomises their economic model. They are bonkers. ps: They claim to be attempting to block the use of the streams via our MOAP (goodness knows how they expect to do that) and claim NOT to be blocking FMOD specifically(!)
  23. This thread was "supposed" to be in the General Second Life technical forum but I accidentally double posted and there seens to have been a lot more interest and worthwhile suggestions in here!
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