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  1. @Beq JanusSince you seem to be the fount of a great deal of techy knowledge on FS can you explain this phenomenon I am seeing with the current Firestorm? I have always had to lower my settings at crowded events such as clubs and I used to set max non-impostor avs low-ish (12-15). Now I find that the more non-impostor avs in a scene the slower and more jerky my viewer gets (Yes I whitelist everything): if I increase non-impostors until most, if not all the avs are moving normally (say c20), my FPS only drops fractionally, if at all and the jerkiness disappears. That is counter-intuitive to me, so what is happening? My CPU is a Ryzen 9 3900 and my GPU an Nvidia GTX1660Ti, I have everything on SSDs and 32GB RAM. oh and please tell me how to type better, you would NOT believe the number of corrections I needed on this text!
  2. Yes well...I reread Mazidox's post and now I understand what it means and of course it WAS correct (though I still don't know what the changes mean, I guess I am not expected to). Mea Culpa.
  3. @Mazidox Linden Reread your post Mazidox, paragraph 2 is wrong. Or, if it is not wrong please don't be so shy of explaining why.
  4. Rude, rough, disorganised...I don't much care what you call it. NOT. GOOD. ENOUGH.
  5. It's not as if we don't know what's coming or when, it's just common courtesy to post the thread LL. The roll is already happening yet there is nothing posted again. It's just rude, LL.
  6. Just my two pennorth: for me this version of FS is approximately 10-25% better FPS at any given setting,though the gains seem more noticeable at high/ultra graphics settings. As to loading, it seemed no differnt to me on first startup and I would expect slow loading of textures at first as Pantera notes above. AV whitelisting was as per all previous versions. The addition of an asset cache may make a difference once I am running mature caches, I must wait and see. One change that puzzles me (mere curiosity on my part) is that during the viewer start up after "detecting hardware" I see "Loading Firestorm" rather than the "initializing VFS"...I wonder what that indicates? The final "initialising cache" message is unchanged.
  7. @Mazidox Linden:Have a care Mazidox, you'll be having us believe you guys are human next. 😁
  8. @Frigga Freidman What Malware Bytes is identifying is the media stream, that can also be blocked within the viewer (Firestorm) by enabling the media filter in preferences. You will then be asked each time a media or music stream is available whether you wish to play or block the stream. There is no need to deny yourself many of the good and safe streams that are available in SL.
  9. @Mazidox LindenTsk! This is another fine Mesh you have gotten us into!
  10. @Marianne LittleI read you have 9400 items in your received items folder. My first question would be WHY? It will most assuredly not assist. The Received items folder is simply a "holding space" for things you receive from Marketplace and you should move a received item immediately from there and put it in an appropriate folder elsewhere in your inventory. Creating custom folders additional to the system folders has no noticeable impact but any single folder with a large number of items will slow down loading. As an aside have you "whitelisted" your inventory cache as part of the general whitelisting of your viewer? I did and it helped. The Firestorm wiki has a lot of information on whitelisting in AVs and if you are not familiar with it I suggest you read it at your earliest convenience.
  11. @Marianne McCann: Yes I was referring to Maxidox' statement that Main Server regions with more than 10 days' updatime were due to be restarted. This was, I has assumed a statement that the ten-day restart were to be continued. Maybe I was mistaken. As it happens I have not seen any performance degradation from the first day after restart yet so it is not a critical issue.
  12. @Mena RikiosYou state that you are using WiFi. That is the source of your problems, though I'll be honest and say I don't know the reason other than it has to do with the pulsed nature of WiFi data transfer (that is all I have been told, sorry). That's not really going to be much use to you since you state that you cannot used a wired connection, though you might try restarting the router/modem and perhaps use the other frequency that is available to most routers. Also I assume you are using the bandwidth setting of a maximum of 500Kbps that is recommended for WiFi connections (though with most data using http delivery why this matters is less clear to me). I hope that someone with a better knowledge and understanding of WiFi can give you more assistance.
  13. And I can also confirm that LL never did restart Woods.
  14. This, while it ought to surprise me, does not. I accessed SL via Virgin Media for many years (2008 to 2016) and suffered a number of performance issues. Strangely texture delivery was not the worst. In 2016 I moved and was obliged to change ISPs, to BT in fact, since Virgin did not supply my new location. I was surprised to find that despite a substantial bandwidth loss, I had much better delivery and lower ping to SL. Once we became reliant on http texture delivery, I noticed a distinct slowing of texture loading after an initial rapid resolving of textures (presumably those already cached) which I attribute to poor CDN performance, since my modem is one of the best available performers on texture data delivery. All that I read here points to aspects of data delivery that Linden Lab and their partners are both unaware of and unable ( I hesitate to say incompetent) to control.
  15. @Ardy Lay D'oh I had calculated wrong as you suggest. Now it is early afternoon PDT and nothing has changed.
  16. Well what a surprise, my region (Woods of Heaven, homestead on Main Server) has not been restarted so far today. I am aware that on the West Coast USA is still late afternoon, but when my region is restarted by LL it has always been between 4 and 7 am PST. At the last check the region had been running for 14 days since the last LL initiated rolling Restart on Main Server so I had assumed it would be likely to be restarted. Seems I was wrong.
  17. Well from the point of view of a non techy Main Server region owner, that post is as clear as mud, Mazidox.
  18. Soon ... yes we've heard that before.
  19. One of the actions that have been known to cause this is the use of default attachment points by creators of mesh clothing and the like. I have been astonished at just how many items simply attach to the right hand. With rigged mesh, if an item is attached pretty much anywhwere on the avatar it will appear as intended. My solution has been to check when a new item attaches the first time, be it clothing or adornment: I detatch it if it defaults to the right hand and manually attach it somewhere else. Once attached again the item "remembers" that attachment point and always subsequently goes there when added or worn. If many items are defaulting to that point (ie right Hand) then once more than 5 items are attached there, further attachments most assuredly will cause detatchment issues upon teleporting but also I have observed items already at the point being "knocked off" when a further item is added. The issue is, I suspect, inherent to the file-association protocols used with SL avatars, but a little foresight and care at least reduces to issue. A little effort on the part of creators would go a long way in mitigating this issue.
  20. Well, 24 hours later and the issue was identified as being a software update on Teegle's own server (though systems using the same type of communication to SL are likely to have been affected to some degree as well). The fault was identified and currently a patch has been executed so the issue is at least temporarily fixed. Any ex or current IT technicians have probably seen such things more often than they like!
  21. There are many reports within the Teegle SL horse community of rezzed horses being unable to communicate with an external server which are thought to be due to some issue pertaining to SL servers. I do not know whether or not this is so (this simulator-server part) but this looks very much like the http out communication issue that precipitated the roll back of an RC channel update recently. Perhaps we will find out soon? Looking back, similar issues were observed following the RC channel roll on 23rd June. The problem server software was 560618, which was replaced by 560819 which is now running Grid wide and since the version has been on the RC channel for over a week now, it seems unlikely to me to be an issue emenating from the Server software.
  22. Hmm, that is not what I was told and since I only use it for SL MP, I will take the info under advisement. Nevertheless thankyou Coffee.
  23. @Coffee PancakeSeems I was hampled by my use of the inworld browser. Once I cleared my inworld browser cache (which cleared out my cookies, I assume) all was returned to normal. So thankyou Coffee.
  24. Slightly off Topic maybe but concerning Marketplace...as of today it has started logging me out after EVERY use. I cannot stay logged in now and it's a right royal PITA. Is there a way around this?
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