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  1. OK, this is beyond unreasonable. My region, Woods of Heaven was just restarted, 22 minutes into the Roll and yet NOTHING has been posted in this forum about WHAT is being rolled! LL what do you think you are doing? Are you actively trying to alienate your user-base? For heaven's sake get your act together.
  2. If my experience is in any way typical, Dottie, you must be knee deep in tickets by now.
  3. 's remarkable. The last Linden post on this thread was 11th of this month. Not a peep from them since. Tomorrow (well today my time actually now) we are promised a Main Server Roll by the Grid Status Page (yes I know it is most likely auto-generated) and noth will appear until I am firmly asleep as will be most, if not all, Europeans and those East of the Mediterranean. It's poor service for those who make up a large minority (at least) of Linden Lab's userbase. For once this week it is NOT obvious which of the week before last's two RC channel versions will be promoted. I assume (I have to there is no official information) that one of them was rolled to the majority of RC Channel regions last week and that one will come to Main Server this week, but the obvious does not always happen in SL.
  4. Just to add my experiences over the past 2 or 3 days: Many group chats work until I teleport after which I receive no further messages and the moderators for that/those groups have vanished from the lists. In my case a relog usually (though not always) restores the function. My chat appears to me whether those groups are working or not, but no-one else sees it. One group, of which I am a moderator, seems to work normally most times but TP always kills it.
  5. Working from recent experience, the promotion of either of the test versions rolled to small portions of the RC channel does not qualify for due notice in the Linden Lab operations manual. What rather bothered me this past week is that these revised server versions were indeed rolled to regions hosting several clubs, none of which had ANY advance warning of the rolls, other than the standard 5 minute warning. ETA: Almost as I posted this the notices for the Main Server and RC channel rolls were announced. Looks like someone woke up.
  6. @kalamityjane an answer from a totally non techy user. Dullahan is not Firestorm's child, it is from LL. Is it spyware? Depends on your viewpoint. On balance I'd say yes...but who is spying? Firestorm No...LL perhaps...who truly knows and will say?
  7. Nice. It takes a resident to point us to the release notes. Thanks @Solar Legion. So where is the restart thread? Anyone home @Linden Lab? Knock knock. @Myles Capalini this has happened on my Main Server home twice. Not good. Yes I am aware that Mazidox flagged up that there would be something last week but there has been nothing this forum telling us what was being rolled and to what regions. The fact that LL presumably thought that last week's comment was enough indicates to me how they see how communication with their user-base should be carried out.
  8. Well the RC Roll is over and done and nary a word on this forum from any Linden as to what was rolled and to which of the release Candidate channels. By now I am unsurprised at this. It is probably not active concealment of what was done, rather utterly unconcerned failure to update us, the great unwashed paying public. Sad.
  9. And you wonder why SL is in the state it is when its owners and managers don't know what day it is?
  10. Ah....patience Grasshopper. It will come in time. Have you not wondered what the Second Afterlife will be like?
  11. @Mazidox LindenI'm only going to say this: In Game Purchasing. If Linden Lab's new money-grabbing owners are looking for another way to monetise SL this sounds like the way they'd do it. REPREHENSIBLE.
  12. Yes just this. I was at the Cyberpunk Fair tonight (UK time) and after a certain number of textures had arrived (quite rapidly) the remaining textures (there were a lot) arrived in a slow dribble and it took 30 minutes before nearly all textures were rezzed, and even then there were a few that still had not changed from blank grey rectangles. All the ojects had appeared and what I noticed most was that textures attached to avatars appeared to be among the first to rez.
  13. @Rowan Amoreer...that refers to something that took place on April 29th? Your definition of "just" must be rather different to mine.
  14. This is a simple question, I hope. I have not seen instances of Live Chat Maintenance for a few days. I was used to seeing segments of the daily Live Chat hours when Live Chat was not actually available, presumably during lunch breaks or something similar (the operators are human after all!). Recently there have not been entries on the Grid Status Page about these "down times". Have LL found a way to avoid such down times and improve Live Chat support or are these down times simply not being reported any longer? I hope it is the latter of course but with the absence of any mention of this last Rolling Restart to Main Server, I am a little curious. Have I missed an announcement somewhere? I read the Blogs regularly and have seen nothing in any that I have read.
  15. Just this. Warning. It's just not something we can live with. It looks uncomfortably like incompetence. Not a good look, LL.
  16. Better late than never Maestro. Thanks. But this situation cannot be the "New normal" .
  17. Hah! Over the years this has been offered to Linden Lab by various TPV dev teams...The answer has always been in the past that LL wished to retain control over the way content is displayed in THEIR viewer. To LL, it seemed, the cost saving to them simply did not feature. Now, perhaps, with the recent emphasis on cost-cutting, LL might just be able to eat humble pie and accept the good work done on the client by TPV developers, since it would undoubtedly save them money! What?? I can dream can't I?
  18. @Sayrah Parx 2021-03-31.557694 is going to 2021-04-21.558586. So the RC channel is being rolled back. That does not explain why my region (Main Server) has restarted twice in 12 hours. ETA: OK I didn't mean that but it does mean that restarts should only be happening on part of the RC channels, I think. ah nonsense, Main WAS rolled. ETA 2: OK I'm an idiot. So the second restart to Woods put us on 558586. So that makes sense but why no announcement either in here or on the GSP??
  19. There appear to be random region restarts happening again. My region (Woods of Heaven, a Main Server region) has restarted twice in the past 12 hours. At least on the first restart the server-version was not changed
  20. For the second time in as many weeks my home region has restarted twice in 12 hours, neither of them initiated by myself (I am the sole estate manager for the region) and not a whisper from LL. So I ask: What is going on? Since there has been no announcement of a Rolling Restart schedule for this week, I must assume that the server version rolled to the RC channels last Wednesday is not being promoted. So what is happening to Main Server channel? Has the Grid-poking Bot been on the rampage again? I know (I was told) that a restart to individual regions on a sim-server does not affect the others sharing that host, so this must have been a host restart. Why? ETA 12:20pm PDT: OK so I was wrong...the second restart updated the server version to 558586 so that's correct now.
  21. Unless wiser council can tell me otherwise, what you see is the "alpha-sorting glitch" which has long been the bane of applications using the OpenGL code. There is, as far as I know, nothing you can do about it. It now looks a little different in the "Love Me Render" EEP render code but apart from that it's an old fiend. (That was not, for once, a typo!)
  22. So all of us should languish under "Mushroom Syndrome" because there are a few idiots out there?
  23. @Mazidox Linden all well and good, I understand what you write but I take issue with point 2, "not publicly discussed": That opens so many cans of worms! There are many among us users that would contend that there are several aspects of the running of SL that are not "publicly discussed" by the Lindens that really DO need to be "publicly discussed". The response that SL is Linden Property and therefore we perforce play to Linden Rules (ToS) is facile and unacceptable to some.
  24. @SoniaVilevaI see trouble straight away. The use of high or full rez textures will (as is pointed out in other posts on this thread) cause a massive increase in both video and system memory...this will of necessity slow things down. Secondly why on earth did you remove the scripts from your Maitreya body? It will not function correctly if you do that.
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