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Found 23 results

  1. Using Firestorm RLV and a Marine Kelly Deluxe blindfold. When Opaque is selected, I am totally blind with a black screen. However, I learned that I can click the Camera button (for SL photo taking) down in the bottom tray to the left of the inventory button, and effectively see myself and the surroundings. It sort of makes the blindfold use almost worthless. Is there an RLV function to disable the photo camera (not talking about the viewer camera restriction), the camera used for taking photos in SL
  2. Hi I have been trying to move my camera to the position of a separate drone I created and to move with the drone. It's largely based on a script someone gave in this forum, slightly modified for my own case. It works after a fashion but there are a couple of serious problems with it and I wonder if anyone can see the wood for the trees here? First problem: I need it to work from a HUD and to toggle the remote view on and off on repeated clicking. In a HUD, this script doesn't work at all. In a nearby prim, rezzed on the ground nearby, it works as it should (meaning on, then off). However, even as a script in a rezzed prim, it stops working after one round of off and on. After that you need to reset it to get it going again. So - can this be made to work in a HUD and repeatedly so without having to reset/remove and re-add the HUD after each remote viewing? Second problem: no matter how I tweak the parameters relating to where the camera IS and where the camera is POINTING, it's always essentially looking AT the drone. I want the camera to adopt a position as if it was the drone's camera - on the front and looking forward. Why am I never getting that view here? Here's the code I have so far. Note, a separate script messages the drone and it replies with it's UUID - that's picked up by this script and so works as intended. Additional note; I added some lines relating to rotation in vein attempts to modify the default rotation into something I wanted. key uuid = ""; integer listen_handle; default { on_rez(integer param) { llResetScript();//By resetting the script on rez forces the listen to re-register. } state_entry() { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_CONTROL_CAMERA); listen_handle = llListen(166, "", "llGetOwner()", ""); llRegionSay(166, "UUIDRequest"); } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { llSetTimerEvent(0.022); } timer() { // Get the remote object's position and rotation. list data = llGetObjectDetails(uuid, [OBJECT_POS, OBJECT_ROT]); vector pos = llList2Vector(data, 0); rotation rot = llList2Rot(data, 1); rotation rot90Z = llEuler2Rot(<0, 90, -270>*DEG_TO_RAD); rot = rot * rot90Z; llSetCameraParams([ // Begin controlling the camera and prevent it from being moved. // (Alt-cam will still override this.) CAMERA_ACTIVE, TRUE, CAMERA_FOCUS_LOCKED, TRUE, CAMERA_POSITION_LOCKED, TRUE, CAMERA_FOCUS, pos, // The position the camera will LOOK at. CAMERA_POSITION, pos + (< -1.0, 0.1, -0.1> * rot) // The position the camera will BE at. ]); } touch_start(integer n) { llClearCameraParams(); llSetTimerEvent(0); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string msg) // Listens to and services all menu buttons. { if (channel == 166 && msg == "UUIDRequest-Back") { uuid = (key)id; llOwnerSay("Receiving UUID = " + (string)msg); } } } So - is it even possible to have camera controls in a HUD, and if so, how can I get them to behave as intended? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi Hi, Iv'e been testing diffrent ways of setting camera parms for vehicles. Keep getting script errors stateing: "Camera control currently only supported for attachments and objects on which you are sitting." Searched wiki and other sites, not much info can be found. With the Root Prim containting the scripts to run the vehicle, Get Premissions Code, and setting Camera Parms. I want to know is the avi 'required' to sit on the root prim to stop such errors or is it ok for them to sit on a child prim? Most of my testing has been done with the avatar sitting on a child prim containing a script that link_message the avi's UUID to the root. I can cross 80 regions then get the error while others can sometimes cross a single region and get the error. One thing I've narrowed it down to is the simulator having to play catchup with the perms which can sometimes cause this issue. Done wacked code to play with the region crossings and delaying the perms and even using llGetTime() for things... That said, I decided to script the avatar to sit directly on the root and call camera perms, it seems to be working minus crossing on a cornor region and the issue happened again. This time it seemed to be region lag. Maybe im doing something wrong I dont know. Never had these issues untill LL updated their server side stuff months ago and people started complaining about it for awhile. Not blaming LL any info I may or may not know about this issue will be helpful. I have tried the changed(integer change) > if((change & CHANGED_REGION), putting llSetCameraParams() on a timer, also using llRequestPermissions(agent, PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION | PERMISSION_CONTROL_CAMERA); to call the camera among other ways people in the BB Group have said.
  4. It's something that's been bothering me for a while, sometimes when i'm looking around with the Camera it changes mode or something and becomes very hard to move having to drag the mouse more, everything looks kind of flatter also the camera wont pass through walls and objects in this mode it's zooms into them instead, like it gets stuck on them. I don't know how to describe it or what to type into a search for a solution, so i included a short video where i tried to capture the effect (Switching between the two modes) I'm using Firestorm Viewer in case that's important, please let me know if there's a way to disable this mode, thank you (Edit: Sorry about the poor image quality but the max file size allowed on here is really small, i had to keep shortening and compressing the video and convert it to Gif too. But i do think it's necessary because this is a visual problem)
  5. I must have fiddled with some settings because now when I click on my avi it moves my camera around. If I click and hold it acts as the 'object view' setting does. I would like my camera to stay where it is when I click my avatar, what setting is this?
  6. anytime i anchor mycamera (ALT+left click) if I try to rotate around what I'm looking at, it just zooms hundreds of meters out instead. I've tried it with the basic viewer, and with firestorm, both have the same results. is there some setting I'm missing?
  7. I figured I'd create a new thread so I wouldn't "necro" an old one. Here goes. I see some gorgeous pictures throughout. (especially in How Does Your Avatar Look Today,) and I saw the part in that forum where lighting was explained. Anyway, I thought I would show you this picture, then tell how I did it. Zero post-editing work, 100% SL viewer and no "photo tools" or any filter-trickery, (not even so much as cropping). This can be done in the Official LL viewer. Here is the finished picture: Here is how I did it: First, I've created a "Photo Lights" attachment I can attach to my chin anywhere. It uses the standard three-light set-up: Main, Fill, Backlight. If anyone wants this attachment, IM me here or in-world: I'll give it to you (or you can make your own): (Yus! My typo: in the third image, the light to the lower-front of me is the *FILL* light - so much for my attempt at a perfect post) ~Groans~ After I select a pose, I edit the lights and turn on EDIT LINKED - I position them how I want them to be. In the properties I usually change the color, I think I have the intensity, fall-off, and that stuff set about right. Then I may play with changing the colors of each light, in my finish example I set the Main to blue and the Back to red, and left the fill as white. Once my lights are set, I turn off EDIT LINKED then just set the texture to transparent. Now I deal with camera angle and *Field of View*. FOV is what we always call "zoom" and people don't understand what it does. So I'll tell you: It removes (or adds) *lens distortion*. It's easier to show you: This is the "default" camera view. Looks normal, right? Now look at 8x "Zoom" (hold CTRL and tap 0 eight times) The differences are in the legs and head: no distortion; this is my true shape. And if we go the opposite: (CTRL+8 three times from default) FYI: CTRL+9 always sets your camera back to default view. So now that I have my camera angle the way I like it (foreground, background, lighting, etc.) - I turn on my "Focal Length" - a.k.a. "Defocussing Background" (It's not called Bokeh, by the way - Bokeh is the Japanese word to describe defocussed dust and other particles in the foreground; FYI) The problem with the way this works is that you have to ALT+[CLICK] to focus something, everything else gets defocussed. This creates the dreaded "Bullseye" framing. So the way to move your camera to position your subject off-center (such as the "rule-of-thirds," etc.) is to use the key commands: ALT+arrow: move forward/back and left/right around ALT+CTRL+arrow: - Rotate up/down and left/right around ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+arrow: raise/lower and crab left/right without changing the camera angle. In this case, I did ALT+CTRL+SHIFT and tapped the left arrow a couple times. This is how I put my subject off-center: For my final image (above) I also selected the "Auto-Contrast" filter built into the snapshot tool. Also, I left all lights white so you can see their effect directly. So there you go. That's how to do great "photography" in SL without relying on expensive HUDs or viewer tools like FS Phototools. These pictures, including the final one, are 100% viewer-created, no post work in any off-line apps or anything. ANYWAY: What tips or tricks do YOU have to share? Include pictures (and it's okay if you use Phototools or whatever else and even post-editing in your offline app) - but explain to us how you did it! (No need for step-by-steps or anything, just tell us what you did )
  8. Long time graphic designer, and photographer in SL here. I'm wondering if those who have the capability to 'roll' the camera in their viewer without a joystick, could shed some light on HOW? I'm aware theres things such as Flycam (which, from what I've found on these forums, and online, is outdated and/or has little in the way of saying how to download it and set it up). And I know that Black Dragon has this built into it's camera controls. But I've also seen that people have mentioned their friends have always been able todo it with their viewers without ever having to set up anything special? Note: I'm aware that one could simply take a picture zoomed out slightly—and at a higher resolution to compensate for quality loss—but I'd like to know if thats the only option, outside of having a joystick-esque device todo this. Any help/feedback would be much appreciated!
  9. I've always used Singularity but for one reason or another, I've changed to Firestorm. I'd expected ctrl + left click and move to move my camera view with my avi as the main focus. However, it is just unhinging my whole window and moving it around the screen leaving its contents the same. I can't think of a situation where I'd want to do this but either way, what is the mouse and keyboard control for exploring a sim using the camera only. nb. I've found crtl+shift +alt and mouse but this always faces the same direction and doesn't feel intuitive. any thoughts?
  10. Hello! I need to add a dynamic camera to the vehicle script. How to do it? When I just add the parameters I get an error Script trying to set camera parameters but PERMISSION_CONTROL_CAMERA permission not set! Thats the vehicle camera i have: llSetCameraEyeOffset(<-10.0, 1.0, 3.0>); llSetCameraAtOffset(<0, 1.0, 0>); (Do I need to keep it?). I need to make it: llSetCameraParams([CAMERA_ACTIVE, TRUE, CAMERA_BEHINDNESS_ANGLE, 24.00, CAMERA_BEHINDNESS_LAG, 0.10, CAMERA_DISTANCE, 5.00, CAMERA_PITCH, 18.00, CAMERA_POSITION_LAG, 0.00, CAMERA_POSITION_THRESHOLD, 0.00, CAMERA_POSITION_LOCKED, FALSE, CAMERA_FOCUS_LAG, 0.00, CAMERA_FOCUS_THRESHOLD, 0.00, CAMERA_FOCUS_LOCKED, FALSE, CAMERA_FOCUS_OFFSET, <0.0, 0.0, 0.0> ]); What did i missed?
  11. xBaeBeex

    camera controls

    some help please, i don't know how but my camera keeps zooming just in above my head..and i try to use my mouse wheel to zoom back a bit (i like to see from behind my avatar when i walk and not like 1st person view) .. and when i stop it zooms on the head again, like its struggling against my attempts to zoom back.. halp pleasee..??
  12. Hello everyone. My name is Silvana. I have catwa head and mesh hair. I love to play in mouselook but there is a problem with some poses and animations. Sometimes I see my mesh hair, eyelashes and teeth while I play in mouselook and that looks so creepy. I'm not able to see and it totally ruins my view. I'm using firestorm viewer. Is there any way to hide head and hair but not whole body? I would like to hide it while I play in mouselook but also wish other people to see it. This is my first time here and I hope that I'll fix my problem with mouselook. Thank you for reading kisses ???
  13. Hello! For many, many years I am to today still enjoying the many interesting things Second Life can bring us. One of which is travelling through the many places that allow you to travel with vehicles. Driving, flying, sailing, swimming, surfing, cycling... you name it, you possibly have done it as well! In the beginning, vehicles were rather limited to capabilities, throughout the years a lot has changed, textured vehicles became sculpted, sculpted vehicles evaluated to mesh-made content. Not only did the way of vehicles and how they were/are made change, as well as what they can do. From simplistic WASD/Arrow key control to complex simulative controls. But... Something is missing! I'm sure that I can't be the only one whom may agree or disagree with how some things still are in the current state of Second Life, yet right now I'm talking about Mouselook camera. Or in gamer-talk, the first person perspective. With in greater detailing, the positioning of this. How come this never was an adjustable feature? For many years I tried to figure out why the mouselook camera is always off-set to the left eye, and ''mounted'' on the forehead as if it is a ''Go-Pro'' camera. I've had this discussion with several friends whom I've travelled SL with for many times, but no-one really had an idea. We tried to see if this could be affected with scripts but no luck on that font. Thus here is the boiling question: Can we have the ability to adjust the mouselook camera position, rotation and be able to alter this? With this in mind I've personally already had made a little list of ideas of how and where this may be able to be set. Since avatars have their own shapes and complex style of bone-structure. My suggestion was to implement this feature under the shape-edit configuration. With the idea behind it that people whom create, say, animal avatars or avatars that have a different camera position than a say 'humanoid' avatar, they could create custom mouselook-camera positions bound to that shape. Benefits of this summed up: Ability to customize mouselook-camera to shape Allowing content creators to fix complex shapes for non-humanoid shapes Allowing camera position to change to desired location. (for those that love driving in mouselook, but just can't see those indicator lights ;P) Giving more personalization to your own experiences. Possibility to grow and allow more research in to VR*. * - As VR is an uncertain 'road' whilst I'm writing this, I do not know where or how far the technology goes within Second Life to the ability of VR. Please keep in mind that this may or may-not be WIP. To round it up. With this idea, that I've been wandering around SL for, I've been eager to hear everyone's opinions about. Suggestions to this or perhaps people like to add anything to it. Maybe i missed something or if you've been wanting the same. Please don't hesitate to comment. To the Lindens. I am not that much of a tech-person, so knowing that this may or may not be very complex to implement in to Second Life is beyond me. Of course I would love to be able to get a reply. As I think this would make things a lot easier, create paths for future ideas and allow residents/creators to come up with steps further from this. Kind regards, Saga Virtanen, (Combine Clary)
  14. Hi all! Ok so I'm trying to figure this out and have been going in circles for ages now, searching all of the forums and the interwebs to no avail. Basic outline of my script: I scan a region, detect an avatar, grab their UUID and use that to get their details and location. Then I want to use that info to move MY camera to the detected avi so I can see where they are (possibly even track them if they move would be the better outcome of this). But this script I've made so far does all of that, gets the correct vector location (I also use llMapDestination to open the map to show me the detected avi, and the coordinates are right), but when the camera tries to find them, it just moves backwards from my av and then kinda springs back and gets stuck in a weird position and I can't reset it to default without removing the item from with the the script in it. Camera scripting is new to me so I'm not too sure what is going wrong. Any help would be grand! PS, I know the list building a vector thing looks weird (and maybe pointless) considering i get the same result from targetPos variable. I just did that to make sure it was all returning the same thing. //data = an avatars UUID within the same region as myself //detectedKey = owners UUID /* --- SNIP [other code here etc] --- */ list detPos = llGetObjectDetails(data, ([OBJECT_NAME, OBJECT_DESC, OBJECT_POS, OBJECT_ROT, OBJECT_VELOCITY, OBJECT_OWNER, OBJECT_GROUP, OBJECT_CREATOR])); vector currentPos = llGetPos(); vector lookAt = ZERO_VECTOR; list getDistance = [llRound(llVecDist(currentPos, llList2Vector(llGetObjectDetails(data, [OBJECT_POS]), 0))),data]; targetPos = llList2Vector(detPos, 2); targetRot = llList2Vector(detPos, 3); llRequestPermissions(detectedKey, PERMISSION_CONTROL_CAMERA); run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if ( perm & PERMISSION_CONTROL_CAMERA ) { vector lookAtPos = llGetPos() + (targetPos * llGetRot()); string x; string y; string z; list xyz = llCSV2List((string)targetPos); string xvector = llList2String(xyz,0); x = llGetSubString(xvector,1,3); y = llGetSubString(xvector,12,14); z = llGetSubString(xvector,22,24); integer x_fin = llFloor((integer)x); integer y_fin = llFloor((integer)y); integer z_fin = llFloor((integer)z); vector newVec = <x_fin,y_fin,z_fin>; llClearCameraParams(); // reset camera to default llSetCameraParams([ CAMERA_ACTIVE, TRUE, // (TRUE or FALSE) CAMERA_FOCUS, newVec, // region relative position CAMERA_FOCUS_LOCKED, FALSE, // (TRUE or FALSE) CAMERA_POSITION, lookAtPos, // region relative position CAMERA_POSITION_LOCKED, FALSE // (TRUE or FALSE) ]); } }
  15. Friends, my camera is strange ... could anyone help me with the best settings for a closer view and a little lower than the default? Thanks.
  16. When I ask how to camera roll, I'm asking how to take a side-ways picture/snapshot. How can you Roll/Tumble/Rotate the camera so you can view the world upside-down? I have found little-to-no info on this. And it's surprising how difficult it is to setup. Here's what i've found out with firestorm: --1st-- You must turn off Auto Leveling (which prevents camera roll). That can be found in the phototools. --2nd-- By enabling 3D mouse it is possible to do a camera roll (using a 3d mouse or xbox controller), but you might have issues with the camera moving in other directions too. So controlling it properly can be iffy. --3rd-- Some people can do a camera roll by holding ALT and using the scroll-wheel or click-dragging.. Which is what I want, but I haven't been able to make it work. I have two friends that say it worked for them by default. And I found 1 image online that showed that same keyboard shortcut, but again it's NEVER worked for me. So does anyone know how to setup camera rolling/tumbling with a mouse and keyboard??
  17. I am in the process of creating a teleporter for local use on a sim. I have a 10 year old commercial product (the creator left the grid so I can't ask him) which works perfectly but does not have access control. So I decided to make one myself. Anyway, this is how the original product (and my current work) works: Avatar touches a prim (can be linked with other object, like building). Script in prim checks if avatar is authorized and then rezzes a prim to sit on (the beamer). The beamer transports avatar to destination and then self destructs. So far, so good. All this works nicely. I am using a modified version of "warppos" to do the actual teleporting. And here is my problem: If I have a camera hud running, I must hit ESC before sitting on the teleporter. Otherwise the camera will simply not follow the avatar to the teleport destination. Without running a camera hud, everything works fine right away. I did vehicle scripts in the past and never had a problem taking over the camera. My vehicles use llSetCameraParams to setup the camera. I did the same in my teleport script. And yet, for the teleporter I must hit ESC (release the camera to default) before using the teleporter (otherwise my camera settings in the teleporter script are not applied). So the question is: what is the difference between a (non physical) teleporter and a (physical) vehicle? Does the physics allow me to take over the camera (even if user did not hit ESC)? The only difference I can see in my scripts is the fact that the teleporter is non physical and the vehicle is physical. I never thought about it in the past but how does a vehicle script enforce its own camera settings even if the current settings at the time of sitting on the vehicle (from lsl wiki: " Scripted camera parameters will not set for the agent if the last controls they used were their camera controls. Manual camera control will override set parameters too.") are not the defaults? Thanks for any hints on this matter, Wolfe.
  18. I have my property lines activated on Firestorm viewer in the preferences [ctrl, alt, shift, P] however they are not showing up? I cannot see them at all. I'm not sure how to fix this or if it will ever be an option to fix on this specific computer.. Also, for some apparent reason my camera view is above my head and far away? Makes it impossible to walk around. I have gone into preferences and edited the view and distance but it is still not right. It does allow me to walk around easier though.. What would be a good solution to these problems?
  19. Camera tilt resets on movement is really annoying, wish there was an option to keep camera tilt to see top-down while moving instead of holding mouse click. Also gamepad controller settings need complete rework to be more easier to setup a controller, and better controls. Flycam is nice to look around but controller settings are too messy. Wish camera controls and character movements were more "WoW-like", if anyone plays that you know what I mean. (left click: turn camera, right click: turn character) Please bump thread if anyone agrees, this would generally improve user experience with better camera and gamepad controls.
  20. In general, my apathy towards all things here has continued to rise but I have a grease monkey script installed in firefox that shows the Marketplace keywords right there on the listing and it's just sad when you see respected merchants utterly spamming their listings with just about anything. Examples for completely different products from the same merchant:- Top: Keywords: sexy,top,sheer,beach,holidays,twisted,satin,folds,lycra,ruched,fun,metals,shiny,soft,lara.body,bust,gorgeous,breast,attractive,glamour,flirt,fashion,style,beautiful,seductive,pretty,erotic,50 shades, Bra: Keywords: sexy,top,sheer,party,holidays,valentines day,satin,,lycra,ruched,fun,metals,shiny,soft,lara.body,bust,gorgeous,breast,attractive,glamour,flirt,fashion,style,beautiful,seductive,pretty,erotic,50 shades Coat: Keywords: sexy,top,sheer,beach,holidays,twisted,satin,folds,lycra,ruched,fun,metals,shiny,soft,lara.body,bust,gorgeous,breast,attractive,glamour,flirt,fashion,style,beautiful,seductive,pretty,erotic,50 shades, Sweater: Keywords: clothes,clubwear,fashion,female,flashy,funky,hot,neon,outfit,block,print,seamless,sexy,stylish,teen,mesh,casual,chic,loose,off shoulder,country,top,sweater,pullover,color block, Shorts: Keywords: sporty,sport,skirt,fabric,zipper,gold,colors.colorful,nice,comfortable,shorts,fabric,jeans,denim Occasionally, they actually get a word in there that matches the product but other than that the rest is just utter spam. Any suggestion that all that has to be done is to flag the item for keyword spam is pointless because for most items, the MP created problem of multiple listings for different colours exists. So, you would have to go through a dozen listings and flag each one, for each product. Anyone got time to go through 1685 listings which is the number in the store? Maybe that's the solution to getting products DE-LISTED for keyword spam, just spam the MP with multiple items (variation in only the texture). I don't even suspect that most merchants do this deliberately, they're genuinely trying to get items returned in search but the above just illustrates how pointless keywords are. Consolidation of related listings should have happened a long time ago, maybe limiting each item to say 4 keywords would require merchants to focus somewhat more?
  21. Hello all, I seem to have this recurring issue where I am unable to click and select items my av is wearing for the sake of editing, resizing, etc. When I click, it turns into the "object view" square magnifying glass icon and moves the camera, however selecting/deselecting the object view doesn't make a difference. Eventually it goes back to normal, but I can't imagine I'm not overlooking some obvious fix here. Anybody have any advice? Or would it simply be a logging issue?
  22. Hello Guys, I have a Macbook Pro laptop and I have been taking photos in ultra until a couple days ago where my laptop starting crashing everytime i take a photo in ultra. I have no idea what is happening or how to resolve it. Please help thank you!.
  23. Hi the rear view camera angle shows me from a strange angle..like I'm on the ground looking up at my avatar.. but when I changed to rear view the angle is ok. I have clicked on the up arrow but as soon as I move the camera angle changes to that weird angle. Does anyone know what's wrong with it? Thanks.
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