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  1. as long as its not someone like google, facebook or disney
  2. my concern is after reading one of the investors bio and seeing how he started several companies only to move them on to some giant corporation like Pepsi etc is this is like flipping houses, buy a company invest in a new coat of paint , rugs etc, sell it to a bigger company for a profit. a fixer upper company in a good neighborhood
  3. Hello, Looking for some advice and potential fixes on a couple issues me and my partner are currently experiencing and some suggestions on options We both currently own a Bento WH draft horse, Belgium and Clydesdale and have recently been looking into getting an animesh horse, either Teegle or WH. A few of our issues and concerns and part of the debate are that WH doesn't currently have a draft horse version and we both prefer the larger horse partially due to our height and partially role playing with larger non human avatars. but some time ago we both noticed and issue with the ben
  4. thank you Angelina and Marianne, i will check them out.
  5. thank you, havent had time to do this yet but this info seems very helpful
  6. maybe someone can answer this for me, i am a self admitted newbie to this but can you see what editor you used on a picture if you inspect and view source and if so where might i look?
  7. thank you Sandi, it wasnt that one but we may need t learn a new one possibly
  8. does anyone have any suggestions, due to a recent formatting we lost the one we had and cant recall the name. i know it wasn't a trial and had a decent amount of effect filters. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated
  9. ok we are trying this, if it was this simple it will be so cool and i really appreciate the help cindy and litteme
  10. and whats really strange she has a nvidia card that shows up on her computers device manager, but isn't listing it on that viewer info
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