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  1. Speaking of - it'd be nice if they upped the physical land tri density and (especially) got some proper land painting tools on the go at some point.
  2. Might want to get a hold of them inworld instead!
  3. Feels like you're asking questions you already know the answer to or could go find out yourself - everything depends on how the system in question was made. Problems which result from what you're asking are entirely upto the owner/creator of the system; you'd need to speak to them for the answer but you've obviously somehow exhausted that option - I don't see what you stand to gain from posting it here.
  4. Sorry to hear you're going through a loss, I've also had a family member pass this month and whilst you should absolubtely demand patience, this is a bit of a mean statement of a community based on a select few people.... Especially one who whilst a little short on time didn't exactly seem impolite about it? Regarding the skills you get on something like a 3D trading website- they can range dramatically, especially when working as fast as possible to maximize profit - beware that shiny on the outside, can be notoriously sloppy under the hood. I'm aware of this after having dea
  5. Hi, you can find it at "Ruby Hills" in the gacha section.
  6. Unfortunately, hyper-focusing on the one of two things you required that I said I can't do for you (and the other I could, with proper definition of the projects scope) doesn't typically get us anywhere, especially when you take me basically saying you may find a more suitable option in someone else (to which I could have pointed you at) as something to be offended by. Customer service is knowing your limits, which I did and expressed so - I'm not obliged to do your work. I hope you learn some patience and basic manners when it comes to the longevity of working relationships!
  7. Status: Open for small scale projects (Please see my profile inworld ("zoxin Resident") for much more information regarding my portfolio etc as I cannot use links here). Greetings, To make this somewhat short, here are some of the things I can do for you: Custom meshes requiring their own rigging.* Rigging* Animations Props Buildings Graphics/logos/3D Logos Adult/NSFW gear. *What I cannot do for you: - Rigging to anything I don't have an external file for. - Creation for/Rigging to most human bodies (clothing etc).
  8. Found it a particularly involved ordeal myself. A pointer might be to research and quite possibly avoid gacha buildings - 90% within this theme just seem to end up crumpled messes at 5m. I ended up making a pair of prop packs which were done for use on the sim I work on which focus on exterior decoration, mostly because we were having performance issues with some store-bought items.
  9. My original rez date is 01/01/06, here's a pic of me by someone else on the web over at sandbox island... ah, what a mess it used to be.
  10. InZoxi is a tried and tested name in SL, its owner being a 13-year member and content provider throughout Second Life. Zoxin is both a creator and a user in SL, an important observation as there's a particular etiquette when it comes to creating custom content for users, most of which won't be understood by those with a background outside of SL. Services offered**: Mesh Texturing Rigging Scripting Animation* Animesh* *Animation for commissioned meshes. **Products being resold require 15% profit split on sales.
  11. Having met people with accounts from 06 who don't know how to edit objects, I can very much tell you these people exist - whilst I fully agree with providing unrigged gear, I can see why they wouldn't want to when it comes to the larger, more popular brands, although a customer service really should be present when earning that kind of income anyway. Still, it doesn't equate to a fully sensible excuse. A lot of "creators" (ahem) pretty much just rig stuff because it's a then-buzzword that's simply become the norm... as well as those who have a potential lack of proper content creat
  12. It's really not rare at all, had a bunch of friends through the years who've met their SL partners IRL - some worked some didn't. Everyone has a unique situation, but personally I think you should leap for the chance if you think it's right... we only live so long.
  13. Nothing comes to mind but on the flipside, have you considered live actors who have their own bento characters and such?
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