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  1. Hey there Flaken, I was wondering if you are comfortable letting us know how much you had to pay for the Grandfathered sim. I'm also pricing around and I'm trying to gauge their current value.
  2. So I'm looking to see if someone can recreate a script that I have used once before. it does two simple things, it rolls a dice depending on the values put into it such as two d 6 and so on as needed. the next thing is the dice reads a note card placed with in the prim. when rolled on a different command it rolls the valued dice then adds a value provided on a line inside of the note card together. such as body is 5 and the dice rolls a 6 out of a 2d6 the dice says the player rolled an 11, but the twist is if the character rolled the same results on a defense roll it would be -2 to the result,
  3. I bought this mesh kit :https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Full-Perm-Mesh-Backpack-with-Animation-and-AO-script-Set-Builders-Kit/3736828 and It came with two versions, pink and blue. Two textures and an unwrapped 'uv' map. Do I save the unwrapped uv map and change its file type to a dea file and use it in photoshop? edit: sorry I was extreamly unclear about my motives on this one, so much for trying to ask things after a jog. what I really need to ask is how do I retexture, the jigsaw bit your talking about is there and its very dificult to retexture on a flat 2d surface. but I think I
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