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  1. Best thing is go in world and visit some venues. One of the oldest venues in world, called Merry Pranksters, has an open mic event on Sunday evenings. Some performers are more then happy to help others.
  2. I have found some new music in SL, but we're not really into the streaming radio service and prefer our old-school approach. We get some tunes from the CD Pool (We're licensed for public performance and stream use), and have bought inventories from a few closed record/CD stores. In fact one shop that closed we and some craft lady did a bid battle to get the inventory as she would have "destroyed" the records making silly clocks out of them and other things. Through those purchases we have discovered a lot of music we never heard of and our daughter loves to rip them to the music server.
  3. Sometimes rogue DJs will scan many groups such as some music groups and spam people in the group list. I actually PMed one of the DJs who did that and told him it wasn't cool. He just told me something that is not suitable for posting here on the board. I simply lodged an AR on him.
  4. That reminds me of the IRC chats! The Social Dilemma hits the nail on the head regarding the social networks. I Believe if Zuck dude has his way, he would want you to do EVERYTHING through his platform. There are like 14 of us that avoid FB like the C19 and probably same amount who don't have smart phones either. One of my nieces I told about that Netflix movie said she wouldn't bother watching it since she's heavy in to FB --- including as far as live streaming a diaper change.亢 Anyhoo I have a feeling that if this thread goes to far on the political stuff I see a Moderator secur
  5. The 2 worst things in the world to talk about --- politics and religion. There is a close therd, the proper way to hang your toilet roll! 不 As for the new ownership team, hopefully they'll post their plans or ideas soon.
  6. My man tried one for about 6 months called Rappelz. Claimed millions of users --- but when logged in he only saw a few. He had an issue with something and their customer support was laughable at best. They did not do anything.
  7. And probably could use a few more mboard moderators too.
  8. One word: Meow. And the shack reminds me of the B-52's song Love Shack! 不
  9. My man who used to DJ in world was booted from a club that only allowed Mesh avatars. It was mentioned to him and after he started the owner said "what, system avi --- you're out of here buddy" and quickly banned him. Was a popular club too sadly. BDO --- I so love that game! LL should take some tips on how to market SL from them. I also in training to be a GM for them too!
  10. Don't believe in the 3 or 5 second rule. If the sucka hits the ground, it's history! 不
  11. I did the long lunch or gift card that few times I lodged tickets. Didn't see a selection for "Retirement with full benefits!" 不 Not sure if the staff on the back end, like with servers, programming, etc get anything as they might be assigned the help desk. I should ask my friend that.
  12. I'd like to toss the Kardashians into the deep sea! As for the price it would be a consideration if it was priced L$ Buck 3.98. 不
  13. Here's the link to the help desk: https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/
  14. Noticed that. We also need avatars to go "splut" if they fall off a building! 不
  15. I think up to 18 to 21 depending where you're at. A former neighbour who split with her man also has an autistic child who at the time was 26 and worked out a non-court ordered plan to take care of her.
  16. <-- Sneaks into AWS and unplugs the "cloud" servers holding SL! 不
  17. Visitors to your house that gawk at your ancient appliances and say "How you can live with those? You can't even control them from your phone." Umm I like the ancient stuff. This was before C19.
  18. Sam4 was one, Mixxx is another. Sam was great until some company bought it and decided to make it a cash cow for them. When we last DJed in world, used AudioVault, which is on our system at our RL bar, which is shuttered atm except for take-away.
  19. Always been a peeve thread on the mboard. But need to keep them civil and not derail faster then the Union Pacific steam engine 4014 plowing into a bus full of old folks (like me).
  20. Ditto --- although a Mod gave a couple of warnings before securing that thread. Peeve: Going through a drive-thru and they only take phone payments, to be "contact less." Heck your food was in contact with them!
  21. Peeve on the toilet rolls hording too. Those are not anywhere to be found and the stores are limiting hours and access. A lot of food is out too like many canned items and they said they have no clue when more is coming in.
  22. I haven't worn heals since my teenage years eons ago. I'm a dress and boots lady!
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