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  1. I have the date marked for my avi's anniversary date on a card. A week before the date I plan to go in and demote it to Basic.
  2. Peeve --- when a thread starts to derail and risking getting secured by a mod/admin. Another one: When you're at a red light with a "No Turn On Red" sign and the car behind you honks like crazy, to the point of driving over the sidewalk to get past you. Happened the other day.
  3. I hate those pushers. Some clubs use those too. I usually fly off of those as soon I land!
  4. I remember one store that had demos lasting 30 minutes. A friend with me one time who's a great at scripting figured how to PK the timer, but I wasn't interested since the timed stuff I tried didn't have the word "DEMO" all over them.
  5. I'm pretty much a mboard junkie! Been surfing through these for some time although I'm pretty much retired from inworld. I'm also on a few other boards including some I help admin/moderate.
  6. Adding one that I'm running more into recently is websites with lack of navigation. Hit one the other day for a take-away restaurant and was no links --- only some words like tap and swipe. I realise many view on their mobiles, but there are some of us still on the old desktop/laptops.
  7. I had a few of those myself. Like hosting in the club I ran in world for a bit. Recently I had one where I hit a club owner on the head with a prize board, like a frying pan.
  8. I'd like to see bitcoin go away. It's used too much fund the crooks. Think ransomwear. Hope they can find a work around...
  9. From running a bar and my old mboard long ago, religion and politics are the 2 worst subjects that can come up.
  10. Another one --- due to the Covid. Where my daughter lives there's a shopping centre that backs to the neighborhood and a health club reopened recently with some equipment outdoors and loud music, which was flooding her neighborhood. Calling the place up got no where and the PD was called, only for the music to be turned back up after they left and even playing the Cop's theme, like the instructor was taunting the residents. The club said they have permits for outdoor workouts but the residents will keep bugging the city.
  11. I do remember a couple years back when LL rolled out a new server code and broke many shoutcast boards. The makes had to update their scripts to handle the new server code.
  12. One thing I can think could be worse? This was mentioned to me recently --- if Disney was acquiring LL. Their main thing is to monetize everything. If it don't make money, shut it down. What they did to the WBS chat back in the late 90s. Was a cool platform and after they bought it, it was gone a year later. Disney is also very protective of their intellectual property. In our bar there was a WW II poster with Mickey holding a beer that's been up since the early 60s when the place opened and last year one of their legal team had us take it down. Although the poster was over 70 years old, it was probably made by someone other then Disney himself.
  13. What board are you using --- Did you contact the board maker?
  14. I think if any changes are done --- most likely it would be involving Tilia, getting that payment platform offered to more publishers. I can imagine some Free-to-play games that use micro-transactions such as PlayPark, Webzen (Flyff, MU), Jagex (RuneScape) and many others adding Tilia as an option for their payment options.
  15. Still have a good 'ol flip phone. Works for the job it was designed for --- talking!
  16. Best thing for BTC is go the way of the dodo bird. Funny though if your comp doesn't have a camera on it.
  17. Best thing is to lodge a support ticket at the help desk and explain the issue in the ticket. The link to the help desk is to the right of the mboard's welcome page or go here: https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/
  18. Now you did it! My man walked by and started singing "A horse is a horse, of course, of course, And no one can talk to a horse of course. That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mr. Ed."🤣
  19. Most of the younger ones want something they can do on their phone. I don't know how many times when my man used to DJ in world from our bar and he would mention "We're also in SL, go to secondlife.com and sign up." At that point he would see a sea of phones come up. Then he would say "This is for your desktop, not your phone."
  20. Like a family member got a new comp and loaded Chrome on it. It had her info on it already. Told her to nuke Chrome and use Firefox. I trust Chrome as far I can throw a classic Fender Bassman amp and a Linden.
  21. I saw that in the wiki. Probably Linden Street in San Francisco was named after the trees.
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