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  1. Ok thanks now i have an idea what to say to him, he is upset with me that my people are landing in another part of the sim then my place, which i don't really like either, but i had no idea how to even start talking to him about it.
  2. So anyway, In case anyone cares, I met this really nice bear.
  3. You can add me, but I must warn you I tend to be very busy in SL. It's kinda ironic really, someone who goofs off on the computer by playing a workaholic.
  4. By family you mean like a sister, cause I am to young to be Mommy to an adult. I have two children not prim babies but other people with child avatars, I am sure they would liek some cousins even if they are to young to play with. I must warn you I would be that sister, the one who made bad choices, (notice I didn't mention the kids Dad, I would introduce you but he might try to steal Celeste).
  5. Help! I recently was given permission to put an art gallery on a sim a friend owns, All we great I got the gallery put together stood in the middle and set a landmark, and then started sharing the landmark with anyone who wouls listen to me talk about my gallery. The problem is that when peopl euse that landmark it puts them, not in my gallery where i was when i set the landmark, but in the center of the sim, neaar other peoples homes, and they are pissed at me about it. Is there somethin gthat can be changed by someone to fix this, so that I can have my customers pop up in my gallery not someones back yard? I don't want to get kicked off the sim, and I don't want a gallery that no one can visit either. I hope someone knows how to fix this. Thanks
  6. I recently went to mesh, I now use Maitreya, I can't speak to any of the others as to whether they are better, I know this one fits me perfect. I jst want to say something about the fear of having to throw out the old wardrobe, I to had that fear, but now that I made the switch I and my new clothes look so much better, that I am like, yeah I need to get rid of this crap. I have found a lot of stuff that came with Maitreya versions when i bought them that I never used. It's easy to find them with a search of the inventory for maitreya ( or whatever body you end up choosing)
  7. Just my humble opinion, but jealosy has no place here at all. At the end of the day we all go back to RL which is ultimately what is imprtant and real, this is all just fun, nothing fun about jealosy. He needs to chill out, grow up, and not take SL so seriously, andmost important let you live your SL the way you want to, isn't that what SL is ultimately about?
  8. A true history on SL art, an excellent idea, I might have to give this some serious thought.
  9. Yeah, I turned down some proposition in the past, and now I am wishing I could find them again.
  10. Wow, you want a lot, I think you were pretty clear about it. I think it is best sometimes to just go with things as they come here rather than coming up with an elaborate plan and trying to find a bunch of people who are willing to fit right into your plan. I have a SL family, it just happened, I didn't sit down one day and say, hey I want to role play as a single Mom of two kids.
  11. Well I have no problem with scratching a few ears and petting a few tails as long as they come with tongues that can do some licking
  12. So SL is where you can do all sorts of things you can,t do in real life for various reasons. I was thinking the other day that I haven't dated much outside of my species. I am human and female, if there are any non humans who might be interested in going out with me for a little fun, send me an IM
  13. So I read this, though tit was interesting but not for me, because my SL family is big enough already, But then thinking more I had a question I just have to ask. You talk about being willing to live together which is obvious, as that is what family do, but are you looking for a Mom who provides a place rent free? Even though you are an adult? I have two kids, both child avis, who live with me rent free, but I think I would expect some help with the rent from an adult child, Either that or get your own place and come by to visit your younger siblings sometime. But anyway I am speaking hypothetically since I don't need a bigger family.
  14. I messaged you, bu thaven't heard anything yet, do you still need test bunnies?
  15. Yeah its a vauge title, because I don't know what if anything I want, I just feel like I need a change to shake SL up,my best friend just partnered up with someone else, and I am like..... I dont even know what to think about that. I am an artist, and an exotic dancer, in SL, Any relationship I have here has to stay here. We would start slow, go dancing, or shopping, or boating or whatever, see what comes of it. I have a ton of friends but none of them are th eone, except of curse for maybe that guy who just found his soulmate in someone else. So if any of this interests you IM me.
  16. what sort of help do you need? I once was with this "girl" had an awsome time, I was ready to give up guys and partner with her. The next time she was on when I was I sent her an IM, said I wanted to see her again and sent her a TP, When she showed up "she" was a ho, and the ugliest he I have ever seen on SL, I guess that explained the chemestry I had with "her". But anyway, you can be anything you want, the only issue is you can't change you name unless you become a girl as an alt, and charles sounds pretty male.
  17. The right person? he is trying to put together a harem. If he said he was looking for that one special girl, then that would be one thing, but he wants muliple wives. I don't think the right person is quite the right terminology. I mean there has to be something offered to the women if they are being asked to give up the chance to be the one, to become one of the many. I have doubts that there are a large number of women on SL who are Mormon and convicted that polygamy is the way to go.
  18. Talligurl

    Hieeee <3

    I talk like a normal person, that is a trick I use to make people think I am normal, I know you don't look at these replied here, but as I write this I have access to the internet and the forums but not SL, and might not be on SL till Tuesday, and so I will probably forget to contact you in world when I do get there. I tend to be a bit skatterbrained, don't let my lack of blonde hair fool you, it's another trick.
  19. I am really thinking of this as more of a museum than as a gallery, where a gallery is a place where a single artist sells his or her work, which as toy say these are plentiful in SL, and a museum being a place where works from many artists are gathered together for display. I would like to have a way for the artists to be able to provide landmarks to galleries, or links to MP stores or web pages, as well as some basic information about the artist, his or her philosophies about art and so forth. I am thinking that I might attempt to get donations so the art could be purchased from the artists themselves. This however might be difficult as a great many pieces are pricy and to aquire a large collection will be expensive. Obviously as with real museums i will have a way to recognize donors. I also would like to focus on art that goes beyond the mere retouched photo that is so common, not that these works are not great, many of them are, but I am intrigued by those artists who create art that appears to be painted or sculpted or otherwise mad by hand, but whic exist only within the SL community. I would like to focus on this sort of art.
  20. Can I put an art gallery on it? I would want to do that.
  21. I am an SL artist, would love to add you, look me up and send me a request, I can show you my galleries.
  22. I love getting new friends look me up.
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