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Found 21 results

  1. Hiya. I've recently bought some stuff for my Lelutka Head (Fleur) but every time I try to add a hairbase, it removes the head skin, leaving just a white head behind (the body skin I have doesn't include the head). What can I do? UPDATE: I managed to fix it. Turns out I'd been double-clicking to add the BOM instead of clicking 'Add'
  2. Hi folks, I took the plunge and got the single available HDPro for dudes. Nevertheless, I'm finding there are some issues that I was not equipped to deal with. So, I am coming to you good folks to see if you can lead me down the path to enlightenment. 😉 (...enter the trolls). 1. My first issue is hair / hairbase. I've downloaded the HDPro BOM M but when I apply the tattoo it jacks up my head. So, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but I cannot find out what. 2. I cannot find any functional and/or good looking hair for Black men that are Catwa HDPro compatible and fit this head. So, if anyone knows a store that the algorithm is not showing me, I'd appreciate it. The same goes for facial hair. 3. Animations! What the hell is my mouth doing? On the HUD I've chosen a static pose, then selected options form the animation HUD. I think I figured it out, but to say the least it is nowhere near perfect. So, I'm wondering, if I'm doing the right thing? I look forward to your feedback as I would really like this L$6k investment to go my way. 😅
  3. I've been having the genus head for a while now, but now all of a sudden it's showing a faint line. Does anyone possibly know the issue? https://gyazo.com/678e81f38127d4deaeacbb5ba82d1ed2 without hairbase https://gyazo.com/234301531b1557c4a3ccd71e1d50daad with hairbase https://gyazo.com/65c204cc35b0d458bc71282d689ba528 another example with hairbase It's a line going straight through the middle of the head and one right across the forehead.
  4. hey so everytime i put on a hair base there are lines going through it i only been on second life for 2 weeks so i don’t know much about it i really need help! it doesn’t matter which one i use it’s like these lines are there i don’t really know what i’m doing so please help!!
  5. For some reason I can’t take off, bom skins, hairbases, alphas or anything that has to do with textures. I’ve tried logging into other viewers to see if it was just a firestorm problem but it’s not it’s only my account doing this. My other accounts let me take hairbases and etc off. I’ve done everything, i cleared my inventory cache and cache and even reinstalled my firestorm viewer multiple times. I also tried rebaking textures, that doesn’t work as well. Can someone help please, I really want to be able to change my hairbases and stuff again.
  6. Been to several shops and have not been unable to find this anywhere. Any ideas? I have been to the following stores REVOUL STUDIO Exposure TWIG$ !Shego, Just Magnetized ,SINTIKLIA no match PINK HUSTLER Olive EscalateD [NYNE] Analog Dog, babe cosmetics BESOM Beusy Foxy ,iconic KUNI ,L'Etre and DOUX. Lamb Made In Tokyo Navy and Copper O P A L E Punklist Fabrixquare Glamocracy Stealthic VANITY HAIR and Wasabi. SMH, I now long list this is why I figured I would reach out and see if anyone can help. My head is a spinning and I really want this h airbase for pictures. Thanks all for any help provided Maxi
  7. For some reason when i apply the genus baby face mocap a grey hair base pops up on the head that i cant get off at all, i tried the refresh texture button but that didn't work i've even tried to put hair over it and that still doesnt work should i just re buy it or what should i do ? Because even when i delete the item and restore it back it doesn't help and it seems like no one else is having the problem when i try to search it
  8. I'm looking for a free or cheap hairbase tattoo that has a middle part in it, but no "baby hairs". By "hairbase" I just mean a tattoo on the head that is hair. I have only been able to find hairbases with a middle part but that also have baby hairs. Any pointers? I might even take a pointer to a texture file for me to make my own, if that is the best solution. Or pointers on how to make a system hairbase with a middle part (it has sliders for a "part" but I have not succeeded in getting it to work).
  9. So I bought a couple of hairbases for my Genus head. For some reason when I click on it nothing shows, I tried messing with the layers in the Genus HUD but it still wont show. The hairbase has the tattoo icon so I even tried messing with the tattoo layer but still nothing else shows.
  10. Hello, I need help with this Omega applier hairbase not displaying correctly on my Genus head. (Picture A) There is a tattoo layer included in its package, and although it displays flawlessly, there's an unpleasant black outline appearing on my neck. (Picture B) So I wear the applier instead, which for me is 'the lesser evil'. Is this because i'm wearing a man hair on a female mesh head? Thanks. I appreciate any input.
  11. There is a visible black outline of my neck bone whenever I wear a tattoo layer hairbase. How do I get rid of it? Thank you.
  12. hi new here. having trouble with my hair base. I got the nuri lelutka evolution head. Once i apply my desired skin then i try to add the head base the skin immediately comes off. Am i missing something?
  13. So, I think I know why this happens. It is that blasted Alpha sorting issue. But why is it visible only in advanced lightning? Will all who has on advanced lightning see this? I tried to find an alpha masking button on the Genus head, I could not find it. I tried BOM hairbase. And that looks sort of all right, but the whole decorative twisted hair is still missing. The hairbase only cover the skin, it does not fix the alpha issue. And I bought the hair because of this pretty front. I am trying to ask in group too.
  14. Hello Guys, Im trying to do hairbases with my own texture, but the SL map has 2 parts at botton and one part at upper side. How can I to join the upper part of the textures with the botton parts? Thank you in advance, Jumo ♥
  15. Well folks, I have had this problem for a while (and I believe it’s not just me). When I apply hairbases to my avatar and zoom out a certain distance, there are some lines from the "sessions" division of the mesh head that are well highlighted. If I zoom in, it doesn't happen. This is very misshapen and I really hate this. Is there any way to resolve this? The recently launched heads are coming with this kind of problem? Note: My head is the Catwa Justin. Thanks in advice.
  16. I recently went from wearing medium length hair to only hairbase tattoo+hairontopofhead When my avatar bends her head down, there was a small bit of black "hair" sticking out the back of her head! I removed everything I could to see if it was a weird object glitch but it was still there! The problem ONLY shows up when my head is bent down. I narrowed the problem down to the "Eyebrowshaper". Also I hat that Eyebrowshaper is "System Hair" so I sometimes refer to it as "hair" but it's not. I set the texture to transparent which helps but does not eliminate the problem. Is there any slider on the Eyebrowshaper that will fix this? I only messed around with Style -> Taper Back. I cannot see it at all when I am in my usual pose stand, which holds the head upright. I only see it when avatar is moving head/neck around. OR if I sit on furniture that bends the head down. I removed hair tattoo to see the problem better, edited Eyebrowshaper -> Style -> Taper Back to 0 and then to 100 but still there is some sticking out no matter what I set it to. With just system avatar it is harder to see but still shows up. With mesh head ARGH a hole appears in the head. Any setting in Eyebrowshaper that would remove this issue? Or am I stuck with the occasional invisible bit/line on head? Here is invisible Eyebrowshaper with taper back = 0. Pointy "invisible" bit is attached to me, not the window. Eyebrowshaper not invisible, taperback = 100 Eyebrowshaper not invisible, taperback = 0 Here I am with my short haircut and BOM mesh head (shows hole in head!) Here is a nicer picture because ARGH all the pictures above. I'm ready for my massage, don't mind the hole in the back of my head!
  17. Very difficult to show in a photo because both the further away and the closer the camera, the more the lines vanish (so fickle!), but are most visible without looking through the lens: What isn't showing in the image are the two bold black stripes down the front of the neck (not just on the sides, which appear to be very small and faint in the image - trust me, they're not). I did take one creator's very kind suggestion to go into the HUD settings and hit Repair Transparency and Repair Materials, but they remain. I also tried rerouting, thinking that applying them to one of the other available tattoo layers would make them vanish; they remain as visible as ever. Not sure what's causing it or how to fix the problem. There's some great tattoo layer hairbases, but I can't use them. I can, however, use normal tintable hairbases without a problem, so not all is lost. This is only something that happens with tattoo layer bases and something that's bugging the living heck out of me. Anyone else noticing/experiencing same problem or is it - as usual - just me the technical gremlins enjoy driving insane? Just in case it's suggested - I've already done three re-deliveries, so I don't think it's that. It's got to be something I'm doing wrong but I can't - for the pixel life of me - figure out what.
  18. does anyone know how to tint the neck part of a hair base? my hair base has like baby hairs on the back of the neck & i tried messing around with the neck tattoo tab on my hud, but the hairbase on my neck is still white instead of the color i'm trying to change it to.
  19. o m g So....I bought rezology Lalalala hair. It came with a "null base" ....I put it on, it was dark brown with really dark eyebrows. I wear red hair and I didn't like this one so I took it all off. However, the base won't come off. It doesn't show up in my worn items but it shows up no matter what outfit or hair I put on and no matter what viewer I use. I have tried teleporting back and forth, ,I've tried clearing cache. Nothing has worked. Suggestions PLEASE?
  20. Ok so this is probably pretty simple and i could figure it out myself, but I am not able to get on SL at the moment, and I can get on here, and people here can be so helpful. I recently upgraded to a mesh head, I am using the Mayreal Bento head, and had been using it with a demo eyeshadow, and a lipstick that took way to long to load on my viewer. So i decided to ditch them both and start over. Because I wasn't sure how to remove the appliers for them I just removed the head and added a new one and then reapplied the skin. All that worked fine, except now I have this white place on my head where a hair base should be, Before I didn't have that my whole head was the color of my skin. Problem is this white space shows as a white border around my hair. My hair looked fine before, but now looks pretty lame, I assume I had done something to get my head to be uniformly the skin color, but I have no clue. So I was hoping someone might know right away what I need to do, so I don't have to spend the first 30 minutes of my time online in the morning playing with it. Thanks
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