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  1. So i applied some makeup for Omega, To a MayReal Mesh Head using a Relay HUD. Sometimes it looks fine, Like when i Log in, And a few minutes later without my having done or messed with anything at all, It does stuff like this (Again, On it's own) Please advise! Thank you (This has been an ongoing issue with other Eyeliner Appliers in the past too, It's definitely not just this one)
  2. Hi. I'd like to know if anybody knows what could have happened here... I have a few groups in SL. A friend closed her account almost three months ago and her name was gone from the groups after a while. She had to submit a support case to reactivate the account (which is not basic) and for reasons that don't matter rn I think she's lying. I don't know if she got a reply and reactivated the account and logged in or if it's true that she never got anything and haven't logged in... I know glitches are common and sometimes I see ppl's names on and off and it doesn't mean they did anything. But thing is.. I stopped seeing her name in my groups after a while when she closed her account. Then she said she was going to try and reactivate it and had to submit a support case. Like one or two days after she did that, I suddenly saw her name back in my groups, all of my groups. So I told her that her account was probably reactivated... The next day her name was gone again, from all of my groups, not just one. I know she didn't really want to reactivate the account but had to give something back to me, that's why she was going to do it, so I think it was reactivated but she closed it again because I don't understand how her name was back after three months and then gone again when I told her that I thought her account was reactivated. I also don't know if the name could be gone again that fast. It might be a glitch but her name was back in all of my groups and gone again when I told her... She didn't leave the groups because she has them in her profile. The reason why I think it could be just a -big- glitch is because when I saw her name it showed that the last time she logged in was in July, so I am confused. How long can it take to get an account back after you submit a support case? What do you think? Thank you :)
  3. hello. i've been having this problem on and off for months. it happens with all the mesh avatars i have tried, and it happens in sl viewer and firestorm. i have no idea whats causing this and i dont have another computer to try to see if it's a problem with my graphics card or something. it seems like the shadows and lighting is glitched in some way. i know nothing about 3d modeling and im also fairly new to second life as well.
  4. Hi All. I just started using the BOM feature on my Maitreya Body, but when I place some clothes on I get a glitch under my breasts. The clothes just vanish in that area. These are mesh clothes not system clothes, so I am not sure why they are doing this and how to fix it without also removing the BOM feature which I use to wear old tattoos I have. Anyone have an idea why it is doing this and how to fix it? Thanks all Image Here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/rtaKFCfcicfYo2eE9
  5. hi! i'm trying to make a hair style but it seems it only works at certain angles https://prnt.sc/10r1exe it works from the back, however... as soon as i turn around towards the front or trying to angle towards the front the glitching starts happening 1) https://prnt.sc/10r1fly 2) https://prnt.sc/10r1ghz , https://prnt.sc/10r1h1e this starts happening at the roots when i zoom in The roots stay glitching no matter the angle, besides the back, of course. 3) https://prnt.sc/10r1izr the right side also glitches but it looks correct only at certain angles :/ and i need this strand to stay like this https://prnt.sc/10r1jvo and i did an unrigged version as a tester before i rig and realize i messed it up entirely for why its glitching in the chest a bit any way i could fix this? ^_^
  6. Hello. A new resident still learning SL. I am trying to use all BOM as this appears to be more user friendly to those of us who haven't lived that applier life. I have a Lelutka Lake 2.5 Evolution Head - BOM is on. My skin for head and body are all BOM with a no eyebrow option (Eudora Beauty, I think.) Right now, I'm using the eyebrows in my Lelutka HUD. I use high quality Stealthic and Doux hairs and my eyebrows (and sometimes my lashes, depending on length) cut into my hair. I understand items hair, eyebrows, and lashes use opacity maps and blending that can make one another cancel out or sections disappear. Is there anyway with my BOM system to fix this or do I have to live with it? Perhaps I should buy BOM brows seperately? I have done a forum search but it seems like most questions are applier questions on older heads on non-BOM skins. FYI: I've recently learned my computer is not ideal for every aspect of SL graphics, so I suppose this could be a rendering issue as well? Not sure. Pretty ignorant so far. Please see the image below. Any clarification would be helpful. Thanks so much - C 🦊
  7. Thank you @Penny Patton the issue was a conflicting hair/brow base. Changed it out and all is well now. To start, I have changed nothing in either viewers or my pc, no driver updates, etc. Everything was working fine last night but now there is a glitch with any alpha'd hair being worn and enabling ALM . LL EEP viewer: https://i.gyazo.com/16f5a977337eb424824268c7b9d7d0a5.mp4 and the FIrestorm EEP viewer: https://gyazo.com/f035e02881ff2fe7f4e89f20712932a8 So is this something going on server side or no? Added: It's happening to all alpha'd hair, not just the one being worn in the clips.
  8. This doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes I'll be somewhere and textures won't load properly, be it on items or avatars. I tried clearing cache and updating my graphics drivers but I can still occasionally see this. Is there another fix? I use Firestorm 6.3.9 https://gyazo.com/791e44da9fd3fafe603fc0f4974fb115
  9. i have a hair that keeps showing black strands i looked everywhere and cant seem to find a fix the hair im using is called F.Q. West Wig Blonde I tried everything and nothing seems to work
  10. I'm not sure where to even begin with this. So basically I spent a total of 5600 Lindens in-world for a particular item. The lindens were taken yet no item was received. There was no menu confirming if I wanted to pay, nothing. I have proof in my transaction history that my money was taken. I've done my research and this "glitch" has been occurring for seemingly as long as 2011-2015. Perhaps longer. Isn't that about eight or nine years? Users of Second Life have brought up this issue time and time again. How has it NOT been fixed after all this time? We are talking about literal currency that is being tossed around. I get it. No system is perfect and mistakes happen. But this is actual money Linden Labs is playing with here. I mean I hate to point fingers, but if it's your client--code--or what have you--then yes you have some sort of obligation. You can't just let an issue with your system go rouge and expect people with my problem to "take it up with the seller". You made the system. This brings me to my next point. Yes, I've contacted the seller and haven't heard anything back yet. I've seen some people here say (It's up to the seller if they either want to re-deliver your item or give you a refund. Or not. If they don't respond to you, you're out of luck.) No no no, a-thousand-times no. That isn't how it should be. That is an unprofessional and rocky system -if- that's how it actually goes. Every single seller is different and we as buyers shouldn't have to cross our fingers each time we need assistance with a purchase. From what I gather, there is no serious obligation for a seller to "make things right" on Second Life and that worries me. Are we seriously playing Russian roulette with cash each time we make an in-world purchase? Too long didn't read: For the last 8 or 9 years and maybe more, there has been a problem where in-world transactions fail. Money is taken from the user and no item is received. This can't be allowed to happen as often as it does. Is it THAT frequent? Who knows, but this is real money we're talking about so it happens more than enough.
  11. Hi, whenever i open SL Market (internally to SL) i am logged out, eveytime i close the window and come back i'm logged out again. I clicked the box that says "remember me" on the login page but it still happens. When i was reading reviews on an item every page of reviews 1, 2, 3 and so on was logging me out again for each page. Can you help please, thanks for your time
  12. When I turn advanced lighting off it looks fine. It seems to have started after I applied a 3rd party skin to it. Any ideas how I can get the skin to work with advanced lighting?
  13. I have attached a photo of a random resident, some people (Not all) started looking like this about a week or two ago and i don't know why. I've been one SL for about a year and never seen this (I am using Firestorm Viewer) I asked a friend and he said he sees it too, advised me to turn up all the sliders in my graphics setting but it didn't fix anything and made SL laggy so i changed it back. Please let me know if there's anything else i can do, thanks
  14. Hello, I apologize if this isn't the right subject, but so far I have not found the root of the problem yet, so I'm thinking it's the Firestorm viewer for now. Encountered an occurring issue with my AO. For some reason everytime I log in, travel etc. my AO glitches, meaning it won't activate. Instead of the walk I put in my firestorm AO, I'm frozen and "skating" over the grounds looking like a mannequin. I've tried several things such as avatar health - stop avatar animations, undeform avatar, no gestures activated, clearing cache and reinstalling firestorm viewer itself. Also I've tried removing things I recently purchased to see if that had anything to do with it, but nothing has worked. I need help, it's getting super frustrating. Thank you ♥
  15. I seem to be stuck, I can't walk and if I tp to another sim I turn upside down and can't move. At home I can sit on a chair but when I stand I pop back to my home location. I've removed all attachments and still nothing. I've checked the land for anything suspicious, nothing. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks!
  16. i have noticed a issue comming up with a few of my friends there being forced sit and cannot stand back up as soon they try there instantly being sat back down i am aware rlv exists disabling does fix it but where's the fun in that the issue starts when teleporting into a random sim no matter what your wearing even without a relay using the rlv debug menu / show debug messages does not show a script or command is saying to force sit the person the weirdest part is even tho the person cant stand and move others can still bump and push him around https://gyazo.com/2a49d9fef8a1a09bbb2139ea8f26f521 fixing it are. reloging and sitting on a actual object multiple times before it stops But it can trigger again by just a random teleport unknowing when it starts again my question is are there more who have this issue ? and did anyone find out whats causing this and or having a solution for it that does not require you to disable your RLV all friends who have this issue have firestorm viewer edit: rlv is not the cause of it since i have noticed it can still happen when even when RLVa is disabled
  17. So, i usually take snapshots and they end up just fine but after last update there's this glitch that make some of the shadows have very ugly harsh lines. Info that might help: The shadows are perfect while ingame, the lines only appear on the saved snapshots. It happens when i'm with advanced lighting model on. I never had this problem before. I use Firestorm Viewer and NVIDIA Graphics Card. The lines are more noticeable in high contrast of lights and shadows, so i presume it has something to do with it, but i don't know. Heeelp.
  18. WHAT in the HECK are these eye bugs? On the left, this is what it looks like if you get around to the side of it, which is a little tricky. On the right, this is what you see from the front— it blocks part of the eyebrow and the transparencies move with the eye, I think. This is driving me crazy, and I know I'm not the only one experiencing this. I have tried everything, like removing all layers and getting new copies of the Catwa Bento head, basically starting from scratch. The glitch doesn't seem to crop up until doing something with the eyes. I don't know if it's when I remove Catwa's eyelashes or what. It's just maddening! Have you seen this?? Help!
  19. Hi everyone, I need help fixing the eye lash Alphas on the Catwa head because they keep obscuring the custom eye brows behind them, and occasionally the eye shadow too, it seems I've tried everything but if someone found a work around I'd love to hear what you came up with.
  20. Hello! I want to try to create a particle system script with a glitch effect that appears and distorts colors behind it. I saw it several times inworld, and on the market. Does anyone know how this works and how to do it?
  21. Please help! Every time I completely change my avatar using "Replace Current Outfit" my Elements number begins a countdown. At LEAST 2 items each second seem to be disappearing but I have no idea which ones! I just want this to stop! What's happening!? I am using Firestorm-Releasex64 Here is the video preview of what it looks like right after I hit "Replace Current Outfit". I have cleared inventory cache, and all other caches. If I have to do a clean-reinstall, I will. https://i.gyazo.com/23e552815988d516e730db248b676d29.mp4
  22. This happened a couple of days ago. I was basically going through my closet, and both refining and dumping certain outfits. I'd noticed previously that this particular woollen jumper had developed an "oily sheen", as if it had been dipped in an oil bath, but I'd thought no more about it. It's red, but was reflecting shiny black. So I eventually got to this outfit as part of my clearout, and found that I could no longer change outfits or remove this one. I tried to relog and Firestorm froze, as its been doing with the tp issue (which seems to be resolved now Hurrah!). So I tried the SL viewer, which let me in. I also logged on my alts on Firestorm, and it worked fine. So I figured (after shouting for help) that it was a corrupt item in that outfit, and the most likely culprit was my jumper. So using the SL viewer I changed outfits and deleted that outfit. But I still couldn't log on,,,,,,so then I reasoned that there was something in the saved cache (from when I logged out originally in that outfit), which Firestorm didn't like...….. So I did a clean re-install, and that has fixed it. Since then I've had a redelivery of the jumper and so far......all is well. I also have the same jumper in white, pink and orange, and no problems with any of these...….just the red one.
  23. Logged in - all seemed normal - went to another screen for a couple of minutes and when I turned back again, my avi was - from head to toe - 'the boy next door'. Literally. Definitely a moment of surprise. Went to the 'now wearing' tab and discovered every part of me that was my avi (shape, bento everything, clothing, hair, eyes - the lot) had been replaced with a boy next door beginner's avi; the only thing of mine that remained was the AO, which - believe me - really doesn't suit a 'boy next door' type at all. Anyone know what caused this? (no, I've not been drinking). It's occurred once before, though - but a long time ago.
  24. I detached the thing the guy sent me (I didn't realize this was going to happen when I attached it) and even turned RLA off, but my avatar is still pregnant. In yellow, it even still says "pregnant by (name)," no matter what I do. I've tried adding the hud again and disabling it, but all it gives me are options for what the baby will look like. And no, there are no other things he sent me. I've rechecked my outfit a thousand times to be sure. Please, help!
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