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  1. Alright! Thank you.... Nothing is working so.....
  2. Ok. Time, DATE is correct.... What does that Refer to? Also, If I'm not a premium member am I therefore screwed?
  3. I am Trying to log in and keep getting this error: My clock is fine. I've never had problems using this computer before with SL but recently had to reinstall it. (I had removed it since my young son was using this comp.) I have no programs that would block SL. Help?
  4. So.... 1) Once I apply a texture and I hate it and want to go back to just a blank wall -how do I do that? Can I? 2) How can I get textures to stretch over a wall? How can I get them to repeat instead? 3) How do I choose just one wall or just the trim work to apply a texture?
  5. Everything is solved and you are awesome. Thank you and I apologize for the REALLY late reply!
  6. I swear....I paid $3600 and thought it was 'bento' -face palms- I tried all of them on! lol Thanks ya'll.
  7. Perhaps I should add that I also bought the CATWA Bento Jessica head.... and it's this head that they seem to be stuck to.
  8. and now a demo skin I was trying won't go away, what the heck??
  9. Many times and with 3 different browsers
  10. Right, but I've tried replacing it with other tattoo hair bases and it won't go away.
  11. o m g So....I bought rezology Lalalala hair. It came with a "null base" ....I put it on, it was dark brown with really dark eyebrows. I wear red hair and I didn't like this one so I took it all off. However, the base won't come off. It doesn't show up in my worn items but it shows up no matter what outfit or hair I put on and no matter what viewer I use. I have tried teleporting back and forth, ,I've tried clearing cache. Nothing has worked. Suggestions PLEASE?
  12. You guys want to recommend where to go for these things? I have a Maitreya Lara body....
  13. Bitsy you rock. That is exactly what I needed and Marianne, Alwin---Thank you! <3
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