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  1. Ahhh! - I just discovered an unexpected "group Liability" payout - that I didn't spot before. I have now queried it with the group owner. Will wait for the response. Thanks for your help everyone! Feel a bit silly now, for not noticing the listings in the Trans History! Ooppps! Thanks again!
  2. I don't really get what's gone on - but I had just under L$100 in my account... and my boss paid me, and has been paying me - I have lots of lines in IMs saying XYZ paid you XYZ amount... and I had a couple of Tips too.... and yet... my account remains as L$-189 ... how can this be? I didn't know you could be in the minus with Linden labs. I'm only on a free basic account, so I don't know if there is anyone I can contact, as something is clearly amiss..... Any ideas whats happened, and how I can sort this out?
  3. Thank you for this information. Not being tech savvy, I was just assuming that LL weren't bothering to attempt to resolve bigger residential issues. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I just want to make it clear that I see this vermin's words and within 2 lines to me, or upon realisation it's him, he's blocked and muted by me. I haven't personally responded to him (beyond one line "hi", maybe 8 months ago) in 5years+ myself, because he's not at all versitile in his grammar structure, so is easily spotted, and yet he continues to IM me. He obviously thinks I'm gonna give in one day. lol. Sadly, others don't do this and he continues to plague them with more and more vile comments. They have shown me their convos and he clearly gets his jollies from upsetting people with vile language, perverted suggestions of sexual acts, and sending pictures of areas of himself, that probably need medical attention, rather than public inspection.
  5. Hi Kristen, Thank you for your response. We have all done all you suggest several times (apart from the RL stuff as he hasn't found us there, yet), but he keeps coming back in alts. Its ok to just mute and block offenders, but when the opening lines are pretty much from the off, abusive, and instantly sending private anatomy pictures of himself and in some cased that he has uploaded to the internet - so sending links too - after a few years of this, even without response from myself, it gets tiresome to say the least - especially when you know it's not just you enduring this idiot. I think I am more saddened that his conduct stopped this other person from enjoying SL just because as soon as they come online - he would contact them again, with yet another Alt. It just seems dreadfully unfair, that this one person can blight so many users lives for years, and just be allowed to continue, where as a good friend, who I know well in both lives, was sent an email saying he had been banned for *****, when he could be accounted for at all times, and actually - it bugs me that he barely says boo to a goose, because he is dreadfully insecure in both lives, and yet without warning, or chance to appeal, or defend himself, he was just banned. He sent an email in, and some people sent supporting emails, and nothing happened. He remains banned. And the addition of that news, alongside this stalker, all really has dented my faith in LL as a company. I fill continue to file AR's and just keep hoping that one day hope, LL will boot this guy from the Grid forever. Thanks for the reply anyway.. It is very much appreciated.
  6. We do block and mute and he get's sim banned, but he just creates an Alt every time. The Sim owner has at least 12, if not more, of his Alts Sim Banned now. All have ben AR-ed multiple times, by multiple people. It's really surprising that he just keeps appearing.
  7. For about 6 years, a chap has been surfacing, and been rather vile in his conversation, with people I know and me, and is abusive. The Sim owner has banned at least 12 Alts of his, if not more, over the years - and all involved have reporting them all. We mute him too, but he simply creates another Alt, and he turns up again.... and so it goes on. Recently, I made a new friend - met just out on the Grid, and it turns out that they too, and other people that they know, have been harassed personally for years by this chap, and have reported him more times than they can remember, and muted him, etc, but he just keeps on coming back. The abuse in the convos I've seen - where the person politely also repeats requests that he leave them alone - is disgusting, and now he has also resorted to sending close up pictures of his er... well...use your imagine!.... It's not even nice looking - slightly deformed even - certainly not something you'd put on display... unless it's to a medical professional! Lol. But, honestly, this is a serious issue, that actually led to this new person in my sl life, leaving SL for a while, and honestly I wish this creep's IP would be banned, to remove this blight on SL's grid. Linden Labs have had many AR's about this person - and nothing has ever happened, at least there has never been any response.... and it's getting to the point of ridiculousness...it has literally been years. Enough is enough. So - when AR's fail..... what is the next step? I really want to help my Staff member a lot, and to stop him causing upset in my club. I and my new friend both have free accounts, if that makes any difference.
  8. I don't know whats happened - but I am on Phoenix Firestorm Viewer, and for the last couple days I can't get inworld. Gutted - especially at this time of year. The loading screen goes through all the motions, but then gets stuck on "Connecting to region". Its happened a lot in the last 6 months, but after shutting down and retrying again, it usually loaded. The last 2 days - nothing. I have a bad internet connection - so I'm wondering if it could be that? Any one got any ideas on what I can do, to get inworld? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi there, We've had a live performer cancel a single booking with us, due to rl issues, so I am now looking for a live Rock artist that can do a set at our club shortly. Can anyone recommend a good Rock performer - preferably one we can see on YouTube first, so we can see how they would fit in with our audience, without putting anyone out. :) Thanks in advance! :)
  10. Real life in Cartoon form (except you can fly and teleport in Second Life)...but faster paced, and more intense, due to the 4hour long days. Always remember... Life is what you make of it... and that goes for both lives.
  11. Hi there, I was just wondering... are you currently the Manager of a club / Hangout in SL?.... and if so... what do you actually do in your job role as Manager, on a daily basis, or while events are on in your place? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks for all your help and replies everyone. Really appreciated. In the end, I followed instructions given, but that didn't seem to work - so I gave the cache another clear, rebooted my Router, and I am back - and I could detach the rock in my chest. Lol. All is well again. Hurrah!!!! Thank you all for your help!
  13. It wouldn't detach anyway. I was going to do that - and then re-create Bridge in Av Health - but it didn't work. The orange sparkles were the equivelent of the white cloud we had in the old days, when your AV wouldn't rezz.
  14. Hi - I don't know if anyone can advise. I am on Phoenix Firestorm. The last 3 days, I had loads of crashes and lag issues, as have people on the sim. Then it was ok, for the others, but not for me..... I have been stuck as an Orange sparkly cloud on my own viewer, and others see me like this: https://gyazo.com/f2f3795d5fc8b7042aae574993327830 - it looks like I have a rock in my middle. At first I thought it was my necklace, but when I clicked on the orange swirling sparkles, I get this in the edit box: Name: #Firestorm LSL Bridge v2.4 - Description: medium, round landscaping rock - if I try and detach it, I get this message: " Could not put on outfit - The outfit folder contains no clothing, body parts, or attachments - CLOSE ". My inventory is largely missing. When I log in, I get this message: [14:20] Creating the bridge. This might take a moment, please wait. [14:20] Second Life: The attachment has requested a nonexistent point on the avatar. It has been attached to the chest instead. If I try and do anything like go to Test Avatar in Avatar Health - I get this message - "Bridge creation in process, cannot start another. Please wait a few minutes before trying again." Any ideas how I can get me back.... without the Rock in my chest! lol Thanks in advance.
  15. I think you should all come and hang out at the Club I manage. Lol. We are now 10 years old, and a "clean hangout club", and have over 100 unique AV landings a rl day, in our club, ..... but most see the place as empty before they've rezzed properly, or been there more than 8 seconds, and then they leave.... and then IM me saying "Why is your club always empty?" We have parties every weekend, and they are mostly themed too. Our main attendance is the magic hour between the USA and Euro time-zones.... between 2pm - 5pm slt every day... and then... I admit - sometimes our attendance falls outside those times - but we are largely a residential sim, so we don't mind that at all, even if it would be nice to welcome people around the clock. We have live events and DJ-ed events - all are well attended... but.... our club can put people off, by it's name.... which really isn't anything bad at all...it's just how the term in the title has been twisted to mean something different to some people. Anyway the point is, that you have to give places a chance - sometimes you simply pass like ships in the night, the other Avs.... but if you ever feel like hanging out at my Club - drop me a message inworld and I will drop you a LM.
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