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  1. Sneak preview clip from STÖMOL, Huckleberry Hax' upcoming feature length science fiction machinima - completely filmed in Second Life, premiere in July 2020! More info: https://huckleberryhax.wordpress.com/2020/05/21/stomol-preview-clip/ https://www.facebook.com/StomolTheMovie/ https://stomol.wordpress.com/
  2. My first MP purchase was on 16 september 2010 : NanoGunk Wet Tee Shirt, for 250LS. My first ever real purchase was inworld, the month after I rezzed in 2007: a tattoo. I remember I was extremely disappointed when it turned out to be a box, that got stuck on my head. I felt scammed! A few weeks later I learned I had to unpack said box.
  3. I don't mind, I don't have an orb or any type of security. In all those years it has happened perhaps 10 times someone walked in. One time I logged into my home and found a couple 'playing house'.. They were cooking and having dinner in my kitchen, it was so cute that I left to a party and let them play.
  4. On the day of the event, be sure to first login to Second Life and then use this link to teleport to the venue. The venue opens early at 3:30 p.m. (SLT/Pacific), so get there early as seating is extremely limited! Can’t get into the event? No problem! If you miss the first live streaming event, then try again for repeat showings hourly through 9 p.m. (SLT/Pacific). That's all way after midnight for me, so too bad as I was interested. I will have to read the reviews I guess. Oh well.
  5. 'can you repair my iPad, someone has deleted the internet'
  6. I'll be to the gym for some proper workout. I would love to go see my dad, but I doubt it will be safe enough by then already.
  7. It depends on your own search history I suppose. I search for Second Life and #Secondlife daily on Twitter and while I do see the occasional 'adult' furry, most of the tweets I get to see are posts from fashion bloggers, destinations and stores. I just did a search to check using your link, and I had to scroll 4 screens to get a furry - in both the 'top' and 'latest' filter.
  8. Trailer for Stömol, a feature-length sci-fi machinima filmed in Second Life® by Huckleberry Hax. Stömol will be released in Summer 2020!
  9. Most companies won't allow you to install games on company hardware, and Second Life will be considered a game (at least it was in my job). It is an IT departments nightmare. I work from home all days and do meetings and contacts with clients via Skype and Whatsapp and while I love Second Life, I would not consider using it for professional use at all.
  10. Plurk is still a thing, I use it mainly for getting updates on events and blogs. Flickr is a large one, and besides Facebook and Twitter there is also Instagram.
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