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  1. I was 7 yo orso when I learned there was a Santa! In The Netherlands we celebrate St NIcholas on 5 december, he does the presents etc. Christmas has never been about presents and Santa was a character from the movies. (still is for me)
  2. As a non-USA resident I really do not mind these blogs. While it is not an election for my country, I do hope every American will vote. Also, the blog links to an Inworld location about voting/elections, so there is the connection with SL and the US elections. I find the whole process of the USA election interesting and I follow it, even the debates (okay, those I watch over breakfast because they are way too late at night for me). The concept of registering to vote is not one I know, overhere (The Netherlands) we get our ballots and info delivered at our known address as registered b
  3. Everything. For one, Van Halen inspired many hairstyles for men in SL. And male appearance in general. For two, welcome to Second Life. Do you blink often, Belinda?
  4. Friday night was the concluding night of the 2020 SUPERNOVA Digital Film Festival, and to see it out a live awards event was held on Zoom. SUPERNOVA is the first film festival Huckleberry Hax ever entered and he was delighted to hear, back in August, that STÖMOL had been selected for the main competition programme. We never expected it to win an award, but last night it took second place in this contest. Wow. https://huckleberryhax.wordpress.com/2020/09/26/stomol-takes-second-place-at-supernova-film-festival/
  5. Same. For me Halloween is something I know from the movies and Second Life. I am impartial to it, I guess. When the actual day comes it is fun to go to SL Halloween parties and dress up and all that, but the whole decorating and stuff that starts at 1 september is a bit too much for me. Two months of Halloween...ugh. Then again, I don't like Christmas decorations before the 15th of december either.
  6. Yeah, I am an elf in SL - looking mostly human with the exception of my ears. There are regions that only allow human avatars, in some cases they tolerate the elf ears and in some cases they don't. If I am in the right mood and really, really want to be somewhere where they ask me to change ears..I might. When I don't feel like changing ears (more often than not) I will just leave. I never make a fuss about it, their land, their rules. Surely this is not real discrimination, I am aware of that, it just means I - like Lilette, cannot go everywhere. It's okay.
  7. You sure did a lot in the two months since you became an SL Resident! I think when I was two months old I finally managed to open a box and actually wear a tattoo on my body instead of on my t-shirt, so well done! edit: it also took me 3 week to get rid of..THE TORCH.
  8. I've not played games in ages...but I loved Crash Bandicoot, many many moons ago. Now I listened to the theme and miss it...
  9. Huckleberry Hax, the maker of Stömol, wrote 4 articles on making making machinima in Second Life you might find useful! https://huckleberryhax.wordpress.com/2020/01/13/hucks-guide-to-making-machinima-in-second-life-part-one-the-tools/ https://huckleberryhax.wordpress.com/2020/01/27/hucks-guide-to-making-machinima-in-second-life-part-two-framing-your-shot/ https://huckleberryhax.wordpress.com/2020/02/09/hucks-guide-to-making-machinima-in-second-life-part-three-camera-movement/ https://huckleberryhax.wordpress.com/2020/03/13/hucks-guide-to-making-machinima-in-second-life-part
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