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  1. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: We had status. Now it's not found. http://status.secondlifegrid.net/category/slgridstatus/ But we still have status. http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ I did not get the memo. I got the memo. And the new page is better, now you can subscribe for email notifications.
  2. It looks like the Red Sunset Katana or the Dragon Katana by Archanox Underthorn, they are no longer available in SL - they were popular in from 2006 -2010 for C:si fighting (it is a scripted katana for battles), but that is all gone.
  3. Will there be a Sansar-based Online Community, where Sansar-residents can gather and share their experiences and tips, without have to resort to the common social media platforms that are not exclusively for Sansar/LL (and often require too much rl details? Something interactive, for Sansar perhaps combined with SL Avatars, as to keep everone connected and create social networks - including the official communication from LL?
  4. Thank you!!!
  5. Haha, yeah I was in the zone......thank you !!!!
  6. SirLeighBastard wrote: Yet another excellent reason not to make any friends. ***Call me, and you will get my answerphone I don't need to be friends with you, to know what you are up to......
  7. Darrius Gothly wrote: Alwin Alcott wrote: you also can see your location form the website, no need to log inworld Wait . what? You can? Where? When did they add that? (That'll teach me to focus on in-world stuff and not study the web pages more, eh?) That has always been the case...or at least 6 years orso. In your dashboard, when logged in, you see your online friends - the ones that light up in green have the location on map open for you, and when you hover over their name you will see on what sim they are and you can TP to them - it will open the viewer.
  8. Thank you ! :matte-motes-big-grin:
  9. Oh thank you!! )
  10. Ohhh..thank you so much! /me sneezes....
  11. Oh it has losers...
  12. Cool, love this idea, and here is mine And my blogpost on how I did it: http://caitlintobias.com/2015/06/17/what-second-life-means-to-me/
  13. .

    Perrie Juran wrote: You are correct, this is not "hacking" but "phishing." Around Xmas 2012 it was hot and heavy in SL but it's been a while since I'd heard of any major incidents. Long discussion in this thread and what to watch out for: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Phishing-Scheme-Dont-Click-The-Link/td-p/1750713 Actually, Perry, just last night I got three links in 3 groupchats with an the obvious fake MP url. In all 3 cases the 'resident' was the same known person to me, as they are in three small groups (land and friend groups with no more than 5 members). I guessed the person spamming the link, aka the account wasnt even aware this was happening with their account. By now their account is on hold. The same old trick: you click on the MP link you think a friend sends you, you log in..and next thing you know your account is taken over and used to spam some more to your groups and friends, who all think they know you enough to click it. Maybe it has a revival, I don't know. The only thing I know is that I see these links and recognise it as not being a legit MP URL (last nights case had the 'altvista.org.whatnot' as extra to SecondLife and so on) . Also I usually do not just click on links anyway AND in the rare case I would:...I don't login. It's not a one-click scam. And it is not hacking.
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    This not 'hacking' but you being not careful enough with what you click and where you fill in your password. No matter how many new accounts you create, the moment you do this again.,.,and again.,.your account will be taken over. Not hacked, you simply hand it over, on a silver plate. Just like that.
  15. Basilique is perfect! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Our%20Island/110/123/25