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  1. Yeah, I am excited! I think it is cool they got Linda and Arnold, aged and all - Linda rocks, girlpower!
  2. Ah yes. We Dutch use a lot of English swearwords. Probably because the Dutch ones are typically made of all kinds of terrible deadly diseases and various illnesses, which are really aweful and ppl tend to to use them less often (in public..). So the English ones 'feel' less bad and we are used to them. Also, it's what we hear on TV and in songs, so it's not uncommon.
  3. I am always in favour of using royalty free music etc. . so err yes, that I covered in my article explaining the pros and cons. including links.
  4. Tonight I logged in after an 8 days hiatus. I had to take some time offline due to a back-injury making it impossible to sit comfy for more than 30 mins and those 30 mins sitting in front of my pc/laptop I had, I needed for rl work. Simple choice, after all...my rl work pays for my SL fun. Anyway, I logged in and found some messages that had not reached my email - don't know why - and it made me happy. SL friends asking where I was, telling me they missed my inworld presence and hoping I was doing well. I read those notecards while my avatar didnt load, I was a pair of eyes and hair floating about and my home would not rezz, except for the floor and the bath tub. But oh well, I didn't mind. I was too busy answering friends and their questions and pfff, as if they cared to only see my shoes? Things inworld go as they do, I cannot be bothered to log into a partially rezzed home and only see my eyes, while getting friendly greetings and lovely messages from friends. Moments of happiness of returning and finding out ppl have actually noticed your absence. <3. Oh and the rest of me will rezz soon. Or not. I do not care as long as I have friends out there to talk to.
  5. In 2015 I wrote an article for SL Blogger Support, about why the use of machinima/video/blogs would be good for getting their stuff known. Including some tips on the use of music in your videos. The reason I post it here is, I see many SL Machinima, using popular tunes. That is not a problem, you are not stealing music if you do, but be aware you are limiting your audience. Videos using copy-righted music will not play on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and are in some countries completely unavailable. My article is still valid and if you think you can't make videos in SL, you are wrong :P. Even though I am talking to bloggers in the blogpost, it is information for everyone who loves to document their SL! You don't need to be a blogger or Vlogger to create awesome machinima! Do it! https://slbloggersupport.com/2015/06/21/machinima-how-about-adding-some-life-to-your-blog/ Also, this:
  6. A video I made while having a blast during the Fantasy Faire 2017, one of the best parties: impromptu Gangnam Style !
  7. It looks like a photoshopped version of Tableau Vivant hair - Ive never seen hair inworld that falls so nicely on a shoulder as in OP's post. I could be this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Tableau-Vivant-Vlodovic-hair-Equinox-male/5558673
  8. So, ok, this does not make sense.
  9. Chuck is the most handsome Jack Russell Terrier ever! And no way I am trading this 7 kilo of pure testosteron dominant dude in for anything!
  10. The other week I was informed of the passing of an old SL friend, Sir Ian Undercroft. His partner Keira invited me over to his sim, for as long as it will be online, to take pictures in memory of this gentleman. While I did take pics, I also made a short video. I've lost SL friends over the years and it is never easy to deal with, but it is how it goes. I am better for having known them. Rest in peace Sir Ian
  11. Every year the Fantasy Faire has a final party, to celebrate the Faire and have the Fairefolk unwind and relax. This year it 'did not happen'. There was NO party. Nope. Nada. And even if it seemed it happened, it did not.
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