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  1. Sowwy. I am bruised and hurt and close to just quitting this hell of a game right now.
  2. As Love said it's likely something weird with the way Americans use English compared to the rest of the world. Off the grid is pretty much you make your own power.
  3. Granted, but those daipers you are wearing chafe and that tall person who makes the funny noises keeps wanting to put her female presenting nipples in your mouth. I wish the USA toddler in chief would allow all the unfortunate furloughed federal workers to return to the jobs so they can pay mortgages and feed their kids.
  4. Granted but your bedroom is now occupied by a million baby octopuses. I wish some of the grumpy-bums on the forum would find a little joy in their life.
  5. Satellite is cheap and ubiquitous here in Australia, as is LTE. I guess Europe is similar.
  6. It's a bit of a spectrum. One can take one's city home off grid if you install solar power and a water tank (although sewage still goes through the pipes and you have internet) As Wikipedia says
  7. Oh, that's another one.... Suspiciously Shaped £
  8. £ continent is going to take ages to build.
  9. Cheesy Classical as I slip, slide, tug and poke vertices all around
  10. Oh, that's just the normal forum chit-chat. Happens on many threads.
  11. Don't you think this (condensed) statement is highly offensive... Being proud is a way for those in a minority to throw off the chains of their oppressors. You might think Gay Pride or Female Pride is a sickness, but it is through this pride that these marginalised groups find each other, find a common voice, and rise above the oppression of the patriarchy. It's not a sickness Qie.
  12. One post OP. Drop the a bombshell then not return. Sure, that's trolling.
  13. I've often wondered it, the best reason I can come up with is that people think this an official way to get support from the lab.
  14. Yes, this is what a block is. It stops the person sending IMs/Text. It also stops notecards and inventory offers. You will see therm turn into a grey shadow. It only affects you. It doesn't stop them seeing you, and it doesn't stop them hearing what you say in local chat.
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