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  1. Ethan Paslong

    Linden Homes Preview

    most of us call that mainland .. no structures, decor and limits would totally add nothing to the concept of Linden Homes. It always been a goal to get people to mainland as soon the Linden Home didn't fit the user's needs anymore. And imagine the mess when it would be free as you want... total failure of the project.
  2. go to your account page/ account/delete account
  3. Ethan Paslong

    Linden Homes Preview

    yes but there is a limit of 5 times in a 24h span.
  4. Ethan Paslong

    Skin or Shape - where does your face come from?

    simple: wear the alpha to hide your system bodyparts Mesh can be complicated at start, take your time, make a fresh copy of all and put it in a folder, after that play with the hud and body and see what it does. You'll have a fresh copy waiting if you make things worse than you started
  5. Ethan Paslong

    Linden Homes Preview

    the post says: Note that house styles are presented with boundary walls / hedgerows / both for privacy so i take that as a yes it's included i seriously doubt this.. i guess it will be more like the current system. You pick the theme, but you get a house assigned. ( as Fiona already mentioned ) ... and if after a few times still not have the one location you want... sorry wait til tomorrow ( if it would be on me i'd disable this system for the first weeks, pick your home and deal with it for a while, give others also a chance to get a nice home location)
  6. Ethan Paslong

    Progeny Vampire System

    o.o... we're only at page 27... i'm sure some more will follow on this...
  7. Ethan Paslong

    Unique Shops Available to Rent in Chicago

    we moved again we'r in the full regions now...
  8. Ethan Paslong

    Does the setup fee include my first month's rent?

    can't find it at the moment, but i'm pretty sure the first month maintenance was included in the LL purchase price in the past, perhaps that changed with lowering the costs in some stage.
  9. Ethan Paslong

    Conversation wtih Dance.

    please don't generalize... and don't assume the one head is bigger than the other... volume is no measurement for wisdom
  10. Ethan Paslong

    Unique Shops Available to Rent in Chicago

    you posted this originally in the merchants forum, that is not a place for advertising rentals shops (= a service) or any other promotion. For parcels there are the land forums, for individual shop places there is no section, those have to be done inworld. The purpose of the section as stated in the description: Merchants Discussion area for inworld and Marketplace merchants to exchange business and marketing ideas. no sign of promoting/offering rentals or shops.
  11. Ethan Paslong

    Unique Shops Available to Rent in Chicago

    however i don't need to give any clarification to you, this post was in another section first, the merchants forum, that it's now in the homesteads is even weirder. I can't help it there's no mentioning of a post being moved.
  12. Ethan Paslong

    Unique Shops Available to Rent in Chicago

    thats a long time, hope for many more, but could have done some reading in that time too... advertising shop rentals isn't allowed here.
  13. Ethan Paslong

    earning money in SL

    they are very simple, no adult content in the general parts of the forum. Leading to adult instructions without visible adult language or content won't harm directly, but if it leads to real adult content your link might get removed, álso in your signature
  14. Ethan Paslong

    What would be worse? pt 2

    you don't even have parts to color...
  15. Ethan Paslong

    Decent Jeans or slacks for men

    Kalback Legal Insanity Lapointe & Bastchild Ascend A&D Not so Bad Clef de Peau Lenox Cold Ash Gild Meva Mossu Riot Gabriel Gas Zed PBM Versov lots more.... and visit the main male events: TMD Mancave Men jail Mens only Monthly