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  1. excuse me... who paid for it? .. you you you.... grr .. forum alt
  2. 😛 /me sticks tongue out to Alwin...:) me's older ( and wiser) 13 years old sept 12th 2006 4764 days ( no secret for most we're one, bu i hate knitted socks)
  3. @Linden Lab @Grumpity Linden i see something strange on my accountpage... i am on quarterly billing now, but will upp to yearly on june 18 ( is still in the old payment levels) however..... here the screenshots what i get now : Possibly this is a bug/glitch in the system, not using the actual info or......if this is the case i think you should mention that it's not possible to upgrade in the grace period to extend longer.
  4. taking whole belliseria down, the servers can't handle the people there
  5. there is clearly a need, otherwise people wouldn't ask for it.
  6. i'm not involved in patch's pickles... so dunno 😀
  7. 1. it's only the current level of tier you are in, when you want more you simply can do so by setting the selection up ( at the btm of that page) or it will level up when you go over that limit. 2. donated tier isn't land , you did only give the tier to the group, and the group is owner, it will show up in group owned land. 2.2 with the current setting as you show, you can buy additional 5120 sqm more land without going up in tier. ( taking the mentioned 4096 is the donation)
  8. nooo i need one in reserve in case the v*gra stops working
  9. with the right Linden i wouldn't mind to test it
  10. yes i know that, but it's not solving where i'ts about, why on earth should people go live in a skybox at a Linden Home sim, .. I want a home on the groundlevel, for a skybox i'd better go to the mainland, there is all allowed to keep privacy. Even in your LH skybox you'r not allowed to use your own privacy tools, LL goes distribute orbs to use, No thank you very much.
  11. for me the work around with slamming the bandwith to the max has solved it, but indeed, past weeks after 2 or 3 craches... push the button, Neflix on and will see you tomorrow SL.
  12. this is such unacceptable thing, it's mentioned more already the people who want privacy simply also want a Home, nothing more, nothing less.
  13. great thing about these forumposts in this section is it gving a nice list of names to put on the parcel banlist.. ( as you know with banlines till 5000m )
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