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  1. i'd pay for eyecandy 300 a week and 60 prims... my current bf is more expensive...
  2. Will LindenLab comply with the RGPD ?

    there's already a post about this subject .. kinda derailled but thats happening with this one too

    the statement is open for several interpretations. If one wants to be clear it should be so. And thats on you.
  4. Some kind of Answer to the Land Baron problem?

    not sure it's still the same, ( i have less now ) but in the past you also could only use 5 accounts at one payment registration (paypal) . Would also ask for some creativity.

    i don't agree, the statement was and thats not possible, it only speaks about the USD balance, and that's only infuenced by the limits when you'r are a new starter at the lindex. It will never touch your L$ but bill your CC or Paypal/Skrill.
  6. Bonjour, je voudrais reccuperer mon compte. comment dois-je faire?

    vous avez demandé cela plusieurs fois maintenant, vous devez contacter le support continuer à poster ici c'est inutile

    billing says this.. Private Regions As with all US$ transactions, Private Region (island) setup fees first bill against any US$ credit in your account and then against the payment method you have associated with buying land. Doesn't mention L$, if it's also payable in L$ the knowledgebase should get updated.
  8. LL, MP, and Credibility

    not true, there are several discussions about this already. Also explained by LL employees. Please dig a bit deeper in this forumssection and you'll find it.
  9. Hello I want to put at my shop gachta but I have no idea how this goes.

    i'v seen seperate colors and separete hud in quite some gatcha's, it's mostly also sold that way at MP. If the box contains everything together it's of course meant to be sold as one.
  10. Hello I want to put at my shop gachta but I have no idea how this goes.

    everything, but in special of course the rares you can ask what you want, but could have a look at the range others are asking as sales go from your inventory, it's not possible to put the item inworld ánd on MP. Gatcha items are only transfer, no copy, so you can only put one inworld if you have it double. This one of course won't be available at MP. ( if this isn't right please listen to other advices ) costs are totally on you, nobody else can tell you what the price is somebody will buy it. See also at your second question... The commons are less expensive than rares, thats the closest to answer about costs..(selling price)

    but.. do you gét money?.... and do what with it?

    seeing all the people here that want to keep the sim alive that should be no problem at all. But i assume most just post and never donated something substantial. You have a homestead rental under 7000 L$ weekly.. with so many supporters that's peanuts.
  13. think that could be a nice idea, but...( as always) i'd exclude sales events as ***by b*by 222574 event at 10 and ***models 222575 event at 11 types....those are fake anyway

    no... it's in the hand of the one that owns the sim. Not who hosts it.
  15. Policies on child avatars on mature or adult sims

    this is the kids policy... : all others are considered to be adults. ch*ld play is something totally different and as far i seen in all my SL years always taken serious care for and is looked at by the abuse teams. But... thinking something is not ok, does not always mean it is really not ok. LL has in general excellent ways to have a look at that. And of course.. like everywhere, sometimes things go wrong. If you encounter the same situation, with the same people, AR again... but stay to the facts, not venting about a sore toenail... and not in CAPS