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  1. Ethan Paslong

    Name change

    please don't type in the quote boxes... its nearly impossible to follow the topic
  2. Ethan Paslong

    Does Facebook want our avatar?

    as soon you get reported for not being a real person or company, your SL FB account will be gone faster than you were able to sign up. FB deleted thousends of these during the years this isn't a new thing. This is the reason you see more and more real name accounts with use of the SL names as nick.
  3. Ethan Paslong

    necesito ayuda

    verifique su saldo en la página de su cuenta, puede ser diferente como muestra el espectador, allí también puede ver a dónde se ha ido el dinero, si se trata de una acción LL es porque algo salió mal con su tarjeta y no recibieron su dinero transferido Si necesita más explicación, vuelva a abrir el ticket en la cuenta que tuvo el problema y pregunte, o llame a facturación
  4. No, si no tiene un permiso directo, simplemente está prohibido, sin importar con qué propósito. Puedes usar algo que no es tuyo. Si no tiene las texturas en su inventario o en su propia computadora, no puede eliminarlas de la piel. Es una infracción de derechos de autor que puede costarle mucho dinero y una prohibición de SL para usar algo tienes que ser tú mismo el creador, o haber comprado los derechos. Solo la piel con tatuaje comprado no significa que tengas los derechos. Usted solo puede usar la piel usted mismo, no rasgarla.
  5. Ethan Paslong

    How to Begin RP in SL?

    if this isn't advertising i'll eat my cooked shoe tonight.
  6. Ethan Paslong

    How to Begin RP in SL?

    did you read the sticky? Your title suggests something to discuss, but your post is advertising
  7. Si no tiene el permiso del fabricante, o tiene los derechos de esas texturas, eso no es posible, e incluso punible
  8. Ethan Paslong

    Account on hold, have had no reply for 4 days.

    nobody here can do something for you, you have to wait for support (this is not support, just a seperate part of the forum) it's not Second Life's duty to tell you you'r having a failing payment, it is you who has to keep the payment method active and enough funds to feed the account. Do as Rolig tells, call them, and see if you can manage a solution.
  9. Ethan Paslong

    Captured on secondlife

    this lines are always so good for your reputation... and yes... in special when you'r new.
  10. Ethan Paslong

    Female Skins HELP!!!!!!!

    let's start with a bummer, that's always a good opening .. if your tattoos are baked on a skin, you most likely won't own rights to use, extract or pass it too others, so thats a problem. If you own the copyright and original tattoo texture it's ofcourse no problem. How much you want to pay isn't really relevant, no rights = not possible and can bring you ánd the one that eventually wants to bake it for you, in serious RL (and SL ) trouble for copyrights/brand breaches. Ask the original creator for permissions. (if they aren't in SL anymore the answer has to be taken as a NO) About skins, if i'm not wrong both the body and head are omega compatible, so finding a skin that matches both shouldn't be a huge problem in all main, and smaller shops.
  11. Ethan Paslong

    Private Investigations on the Grid?

    till you get accused of breaching privacy, reveiling information to others and more "fun" .. you'd get plenty of time for RL after LL is done with your AR's .. against you, it's not without reason most of these agencies are RP only.
  12. Ethan Paslong

    A new idea for multiple avatars

    sounds to me as animesh would be something that gets close
  13. Ethan Paslong

    Looking for realistic long dreads for men

    and..."wanted" questions belong in the "Wanted" section
  14. Ethan Paslong

    Mesh clothes/Alpha

    what body are you wearing? ..and is the dress made for that specific body?
  15. Ethan Paslong

    Is SL's Player Base Declining?

    thats for sure a symptom of something but not as easy as you state it here. - less premium accounts, but also 3rd point in this list -the comming of LOADS of private estates -the comming of Linden Homes -the massive over creating drift of LL to add more and more mainland while the hype was already declining -the hype itself, decline is always a result of blwoing air in a bubble -the forced move to adult land -the wrong assumption of new players that SL is a Game, and they will make it in their first day and many more to add also something to think about in this post: