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  1. Ethan Paslong

    Giant 128x128 Mesh Cave

    give this a try... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/14830/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=G&search[keywords]=cliffs
  2. ohh funny... just 500 again... Yoú may have 500 to spend on all toys you like, but in the real life some / most people can only spend their hard earned money one time. For many it means food or no food, guess what they choose?..
  3. Ethan Paslong

    RP Boyfriend or girlfriend/club manager

    also wondering a bit how to RP a bf ... you are one or you'r not one....
  4. Ethan Paslong

    Looking for some help with a door script

  5. Ethan Paslong

    Forum becoming more negative?

    from all people here i would think you would respond to my other post, but now you'r only cheap out on revenge. Hope this thread now get closed very fast.
  6. teasing or not, "we" .me..i..and myself too... derail subjects quite often, sometimes with reason, but also sometimes just drifting away by going into off topic details used as illustration of a post.... so think your post was totally right.
  7. Ethan Paslong

    Forum becoming more negative?

    unexpectely he responds to a certain magazine cover... eh... it opens possibilities... 🤗
  8. Ethan Paslong

    Forum becoming more negative?

    2 ?... ...
  9. Ethan Paslong

    Forum becoming more negative?

    no stay ..just lifted my curtains a bit, now don't run i'm to shy to ask those things.... 😇
  10. Ethan Paslong

    Forum becoming more negative?

    i lost my believe/faith/trust in that many years ago ... you don't annoy me, but i'm on the other side of the medal we'r talking about here, and think the subject is only projected a bit from one side. as example: many reports and studies always thought and claimed the Netherlands was at front in acceptance for LBGT and other rights. It appears the last years those reports only projected dreams and wishfull thinking. There isn't more acceptance here as in Moscow or the most savage tribes in the rainforests .. The Netherlands are severe infected by the political correctness virus since many decades, in fact most people here don't care, and only tolerate ... the real acceptance levels are in nothing different than in the two i mentioned above. Crime figures here are fake, all show violence and discrimination ( except some very loud shouting groups) gets less... but they in fact don't, but people don't report it anymore... police only puts it on file and nothing more happens. Many of our "decent" acceptance laws are empty shells. Result:less reports, less police action: figures go down .. but it's not wise anymore to walk on the streets when it's dark ... Of course we need kindness, but it gets rarer, and it simply doesnt work out of a inner circle, awareness leading to a better society is a dream, a spark here.. or there, but will never get a wide spread fire. Humans are the most individualistic creatures on this planet, kindness has never been a strong side of us and will never be. It's all about surviving, and we know what that means. Eat or be eaten. For many people this make life hard and nearly impossible, but will only survive in smaller sub groups, not in the big general mass. And how much we would like it, the cave man 20.000 years ago, had the same amount of kindness as we have, we didn't evolve half of what we think or wish. I am the opposite of you in my approach, not because i don't know what you'r going through or meet in daily life, but the wam blanket method brought more damage to me, hurt and nearly going down by it, driving me to the edges of life. i need my defense, i need my walls and i need to be headstrong in many situations or will go down again, i can't cope with life without it. Do i like this? a big NO, but it's MY way to be here, on SL and RL, and i know also very well i cross borders with it, stepping on toes, and hurt feelings. Biggest confusion for others is mostly the unexpected appearing of this black side of me, i can be sweet ( yes really) and sometimes even be the warm blanket myself. But it is me in both cases. As all do i claim my space, accept the consequenses of my limitations and possibilities. Don't throw a warm blanket around me, or drown me in kindness, but say stop, not further, go back, ... and i can function. This is a bit what i meant to say some posts back when i talked about being the opposite. Hope its a bit more clear now. I'm walking on this world over 53 yrs now, dealing with a (high social) autistic disorder and endogenous depresions since i can remember, same as you i'm not talking from books or theory.
  11. Ethan Paslong

    Forum becoming more negative?

    don't let me move your bed to the wall!! These littel derails aren't bad, but with a quite serious subject as this it will be nearly impossible to get back on track. Most is repeat of statements already for several pages. And not a secret i disagree with the warm blanket method in many cases. It might look like it works for many, but it's only a few that keep posting about it, there are the same amount that don't react well on this approach at all.
  12. Ethan Paslong

    Looking for a "Hotwife"

    i know, but as it all is RP it could work if both are into the idea.. and double profitable for her.
  13. Ethan Paslong

    Forum becoming more negative?

    sorry but i really start loosing the relevance of the posts on this topic, we'r in the forum feedback section, not the australian save the strawberry farmers. This also has nothing to do with the problems as posted as the mainstream subject in this thread.
  14. Ethan Paslong

    Looking for a "Hotwife"

    the horror ... must have real masochistic likes to want that, and now serious, i think nobody in such relationship will be able to get the attention you need for a real good bond.
  15. Ethan Paslong

    Looking for a "Hotwife"

    wouldnt it be a lot easier, (and only have to pay for the real "used" time) when you RP this relationship with a escort?...