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  1. question

    you'll find this faster when using the landsales in search inworld. If a sim is quiet you can see in the amount of green dots that are around, or look at the traffic at some parcels.
  2. Sim Builder \ Landscaper for Urgent Work

    perhaps contact @Annabell Wandsworth she posted on the forum a little while ago

    ehm... submit work?.... how about talk about this first: and only when you decide to post it.....? .. who wants to work for free? just a suggestion.. give a base income for every article, and a 50% bonus when placing. Also dont be too tight in rewards if you want quality posts by good writers.
  4. Teleporting constantly logging me out

    try restarting your modem/router
  5. Buying abandoned land attached to owned land

    the rules are less tight since a while, if there's no request to expect from other neighbours your request might get honored.
  6. Bloodlines Revenant

    sorry but there's no potion that will be able to help your problem. if OP wants to know she can ask me.
  7. Clarification on Minors in Second Life

    keep reporting... over and over, and quote the rating rules in the report in case support doesn't know it
  8. Havet used account in over 7 years?

    if you don't know the user name it will get difficult i'm affraid. Contact support, there's a special category for re-activation of old accounts. Perhaps they can do something after you give them as much info as you can.
  9. Bloodlines Revenant

    nobody is angry you only give wrong info, that's corrected, nothing more.
  10. sold land to group

    you have to do nothing, the group dividends ( also including landsales) are automaticly divided between all roles that pay the group liabilities (mostly next day)
  11. Bloodlines Revenant

    the rules haven't changed, and what you say has NEVER been the case. As soon you'r Revenant you need potion to get back to human state. (OP says she's revenant ..) Thats not the question of the OP, so no need to start about liking BL or not. Irrelevant in this topic. @ OP you can stay revenant or go back to human with a potion... nothing else will happen.
  12. How do I set my home location?

    it's still 9 yrs old... unread or not
  13. GDPR is coming, and it affects you

    we'll send Juncker to you... ( put a few bottles booz in the fridge and he'll kiss you
  14. How do I set my home location?

    i'm pretty sure they found that after 9 years ... the topic is from 2009
  15. cant get land back group disbanded

    perhaps there's still land donated?