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  1. Earlier in the year Ebbe promised us a lot of things in 2018 - Bakes on Mesh, EEP, EAM, Animesh - with just a few days left in the year, we got only one of these, and it's a "good enough, ship it" job instead of feature complete. SSP it seems is also no where near finished. I asked Grumpity why EAM wasn't out and the answer was "competing priorities". Things are no rosier on the Sansar side, with 4 years? of development and only a feature incomplete skeleton available. LL don't have the resources to finish Ebbe's promises to us. Realistically, there is no way they could start a major unde
  2. Those processes are ok. You don't mention your PC and Video card type, copy/pasting those might help people assist you. But commonly, have your graphics settings changed from where you normally run them? Check your draw distance and also if you have turned on shadows when you normally have them off. Also please be aware that FPS can change depending where you are. Some places are just super-laggy.
  3. Common thought is - to be listed on the TPV list you need to sign a legal document with the Lab that a few devs don't like signing. It requires your full and proper name and address and gives the Lab rights to use your work. In Lumiya's case it's not open sourced software, so it could be - so the theory goes - that the dev simply doesn't want to give the source code to the Lab.
  4. The forums are mostly a G rated space that is supposed to be safe. Go back one page and you can see why it's needed.
  5. Could be. But running a club, I see them a lot. There are a lot of unhinged people in SL. I usually help them with an estate ban to make sure they can't be triggered any more.
  6. After consenting the other night by adding an RLV HUD... you now just went back to get a chat log to show us and break the forum rules? Unbelievable Bliss.
  7. Bliss... This biker notecard you pasted was it for the "Chicago Biker Gang Bang"? If so, it's very much what is advertised! Edit: Cause I need to understand this. On a parcel called "Chicago Bike Gang Bang"... you consensually added an RLV Relay, then were surprised when the NPCs said lewd things?
  8. Thanks Whirly for clearing up the confusion! Guess it was the cheapest and lowest effort commenting system for the Lab to use and abuse us with.
  9. There are clearly a lot of triggers here for you. Maybe it's safer if you log out of SL and find a game that is less confronting. I also hope you can get some psychiatric assistance so you can return to the feeling of safety that everyone deserves as they move about their lives.
  10. Ummm.... You commented here, presumably without farcebook? Are you sure you were trying to comment at an official Linden site? Or was it for some merchant or user created group? We did have a thread on the cottage here. Anyway. I've piholed Farcebook and never have problems. Maybe you can do the same and pihole it, or add it to your hosts file if you don't have a pihole setup?
  11. Parcel Music in SL needs to come from a shoutcast server, or from an MP3 file stored on a server that everyone can access. Pandora doesn't have a native shoutcast service, so you would need to rebroadcast it into shoutcast. Doing this is against their TOS. https://www.pandora.com/legal/
  12. Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft too. mmm, that would do it. When you logged in to that app they still process the login. They saw you using mobile safari so they know it's an iPhone. They also know there are no iPhone apps registered to you... and of course they have your email. Boom! Google's/Facebook's hooks are very deep in the web. It's not really possible to do much without their pointy little google-ears poking up.
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