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  1. You've totally missed my point. But that's ok. I know you mean well.
  2. It's a great feature but it's far from intuitive, not on all viewers and it's well hidden. The toolbar icon isn't even there as a default with FS. But it'sd an amazing feature and when people are taught how to use it there is a benefit to everyone. I see no problems in having it locked under RLV, and allowing #rlv/.outfits to fill the role. That still needs training though.
  3. I am not forgetting about brats at all. A brat can stretch the boundaries all they like, they can even poke their toes over the line swearing black and blue that they are - in fact - on the correct side, but doing that they should realise they won't get away with it and (to my original point) if they push it too far then they don't deserve a dominant and will likely be released. I'd hazard a guess that the bulk of vanilla people wear their body alpha huds and head animation HUDs all the time Qie. in fact I'd also suggest that most don't even realise this feature exists. I'd also s
  4. CSIRAC (1949-1962) used mercury acoustic delay lines. 150cm (4.9213 feet) giving a 960μs delay https://collections.museumvictoria.com.au/items/406411 has some photos of the box they went in.
  5. Yep, or standing around silent and motionless for hours on end at a nude beach. Just to no-one.... Consistent green dots are a blight, the best places are often empty sometimes, and full others. And for that you need to look in the middle of classic search.
  6. being a respected creator; you should know how traffic works Arduenn.
  7. No, it's can't currently be changed. They plan on releasing it soon, hopefully this year, more realistically sometime before 2025.
  8. It's an old theme. As a Gerry Anderson mega-fan there was actually a passable cult movie along those lines https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doppelgänger_(1969_film)
  9. @Dakota Linden What if the item contains sexual animations in it's inventory but they are not active in the menu? I have a huge list of things I've purchased like this, many are General in MP.
  10. I guess you mean, "Why is there only spot for one partner on your profile?" A lot of people in a polygamous relationship will switch to picks instead, giving each of their partners a dedicated pick. I have also seen some create an alt like FredAndMarcie and then partner that alt, each person making their own alt.
  11. RLV is just an adjunct to dominance. Of course, thanks for raising it, but I am really of the opinion that any dominant who couldn't effectively handle such an event doesn't deserve to have submissives. And on the other side of this coin, any submissive who thought to do it without a decent reason (eg: landing in a G rated area) doesn't deserve to have a dominant.
  12. It is. Corrade runs absolutely brilliantly on a RaspPi.
  13. I only hate it because the hall monitor troupe IM me with drama over it.
  14. I didn't I read it as a justification, a way to explain away the bad behaviour. This is how I read it (succinctly) "Yeah it is wrong, but this is why women do it". Why even justify it?
  15. Question still stands, if Scylla believes this. Considering her justification is from the 1950s. (edit: btw Ayela, I left in supposedly, I removed conventionally feminine spheres - because it's time to break down all gender stereotypes)
  16. Are you claiming that men are these days unwilling to help about the house, have no sartorial style, and stink?
  17. The groin bone is fairly limited and wasn't well executed. It's only one bone, so just one rotation. After all, there are three parts to male gender bits, having just one bone for two or three discrete parts is limiting. Rig the bits to the rear legs and you can control not just the main part, but the other parts too.
  18. You likely missed why the OP asks this. It was many months before your return. I can grok why the OP asks it, they are wondering if it will be a moderation safe way to answer a stupid post rather then words. Speaking in general, there are rare cases when words are not going to be a valid path forward, when one is dealing with a willfully ignorant person, or when the differences in viewpoint are too diverged. When one knows one's words will be guaranteed to inflame the situation more isn't it better to place an emoji as one's "full stop" to the conversation? For those unable to turn a
  19. Yeah, there is an option in the Land panel, Sound tab. "Restrict voice to this parcel" If you don't do that everyone can listen in.
  20. Sounds like you are in one of those huge towers of blue domes that blight the SL skylines or something similar. Skyboxes are generally not allowed in these, you need to stay inside your dome.
  21. Happy new year 2019 from Australia. (link starts at the countdown)
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