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  1. I'd take it further... if anyone claims they are underage in real life, AR them no matter what avatar they have on. I say that because there is a much greater chance that underage person is going to be dressed up as a Gorean masta, or a slave in silks, or a mega-buxxom lady with an aircraft carrier butt, or a muscled superhero... and not wanting to be a pixel-kid.
  2. What if the pair of Doc wearing Richards out walking their dogs by the dock with the ducks, each had PhDs (or a tardis)?
  3. Confirming what Parhelion says. There is nothing in the TOS/CS that prevent you roleplaying this. As a lot of people find "tummy talkers" annoying any land owner has the right to ban you on their lands for that if they wish, but they can also do that if you have long hair. Just find another place if this happens.
  4. That pair o'dogs were owned by 2 guys both named Richard.
  5. I hope they can add the muliplayer mode they announced earlier in the year.
  6. Good luck in your search. As SL is a world-wide game, you probably should list your common play times and language proficiency. You should likely also quantify this statement. Some sugar babies on the forums (we do get about 1 a week) expect a real life wage, others just want someone who might splurge a few thousand every now and again as a sign of love.
  7. That's much easier! Thank you. Trying to get to it from secondlife.com is a nightmare.
  8. Spam keywords are silly, and very counter productive. The google search appliance the lab uses for new-search detects keyword spamming and rate it down to the bottom of the list of places returned, just like it does for websites that do the same thing. On the other hand, the search appliance will rate up a parcel description that is a meaningful sentence with the most weight added to the first words. Part of the problem could be that the people owning the sex places use classic-search to get traffic numbers, but then forget that's not the way a huge slice of SL do it. They real
  9. This is true, someone has to pay. The change from 512 to 1024 came at the cost of making the Lindex more expensive. The drop in Private Region teir was due to the same adjustment. Ebbe has said that he wants to shift the cost of SL away from land far more, but he stated that it was a very slow process, the ramifications in change are huge. I don't think we will see $30 regions, for one thing the cost of electricity/data/cooling for a server for a month is more then this. But I think we might see a little more change to costs, with more shifting from land to lindex/marketplace
  10. Trouble is, your phone. That's far harder to protect from Farcebook's tentacles. You can remove the preinstalled app (if it's there) but it's a lot harder to keep a mobile browser in check. My phone also goes through my pihole, but I am pretty sure there will be some app on it that leaks somehow. For people with personal safety issues, domestic violence issues, or even jobs that need significant ongoing security clearances; Facebook is a real risk. Especially if google gets hold of a public comment made by accident under your real name and then archives it.
  11. Pet Peeve #1 Merchants who put sex poses into boats and planes but don't sell a PG version. So many waterways are G rated regions and you end up sailing a sex bed through them. Pet Peeve #2 Merchants who sell a PG rated object, but leave all the X Rated poses inside. Too many lunatics on the grid who get their kicks creating drama when you place a PG object innocently, but there is are un-usable Adult poses inside.
  12. Yes, Fruit islands is also good. If I didn't have my Blake Sea place I would set my home there.
  13. Doesn't work that way. Sorry. LL have said many times, many times, they rarely pay attention to the forums. They have requested time and time again that people throw ideas at the via Jira. In fact they have said point blank they will only listen to suggestions via Jira. So, by this very fact alone, the thread is not useful for throwing ideas at the Lindens, but it is useful for throwing them at other residents, seeing which ones stick and which ones sink like a rock, then placing those that pass muster into a Jira for the Lab to read.
  14. Can't derail without cats. This is my hero, Sakamoto-san!
  15. You can sell them on the Lindex... Click Manage to expand all the options .... then sell.... Then pick a reasonable sell price. Which right now would be 251 for a 10 minute sale, or 250 for a 3 day sale.
  16. Aesthetics - 10/10 - incredibly beautiful thanks to the covenant and good management. Community - 10/10 - they value privacy, but at the same time are happy to allow people travel through their parcels. Amenities/Infrastructure - 10/10 - Regions all have 40-50 dedicated to public waterway. Management is 24/7 and responsive. Neighborhood - 10/10 - Island community, all regions for 20-30 in all directions are themed, accessible, and well designed. Cost of Living - 10/10 - Good price for what I get! Safety/Security - 10/10 - never been griefed in the 4 years I have been there. In the larger area,
  17. What I am seeing is if we can skip downloading those things in the picture. This is really just diagnostics, not so much a cure yet. Go to a region you know is ok on their computer, I normally use Aswan as it's nice and empty 80Meter deep water. Bottom right is a phoenix icon Make a note of the old setting, then move the "Draw Distance" slider to the left until the number is 64 or even 32 to start, return home, and see if the situation improves. You can also click in the white box and remove the old value and type the new one. If this improves the si
  18. What is your friend's bandwidth set to? More then 1000? And being mainland, what is their draw distance?
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