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  1. Three pages, fairly sucessful troll OP. Clearly there is still a segment of players in this game who are still insulted by the idea they are having fun in an entertaining place.
  2. One imagines the Moles that have been shanghaied into building this rue the day the £ continent first appeared. But I'd imagine.... Soon(tm)* * same soon scale as name changes and EAM.
  3. Doing such a thing can be a copyright violation and could see your account sanctioned under the TOS/CS. It is not legal to "rip" skins without permission, if you alter them or not.
  4. The F-List ones are worse. But in terms of the BDSM test, so many people alter it to zero out some ratings.
  5. Years ago. His website still runs with a 2011 copyright, but he's been gone for years.
  6. Conover's Orb which used to be at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Land-Security-Orb-the-ORIGINAL-since-2006-by-Thomas-Conover/2471709 I actually thought that the Lab were not going to purge things that still sold. Yet this was zapped by them.
  7. @Lindal Kidd runs an excellent introduction to land at Caledon Oxbridge. It's highly recommended if you can make the time. http://www.caledonoxbridge.org/classes/catalog.php
  8. Or collared and put into silks in Gay Gor. (*Little timmy is clearly well over 18)
  9. It's possible that "without streaming" actually just means "no caps" will be connected. The App might be a way to see which friends are online, buy linden dollars, and shop the marketplace for general rated things. No chat, no graphics, no login to world.
  10. Then... braindead Lab is all I can think. Everything you said above will come to pass, Coffee.
  11. It is, but it's one commit, considting of 4 lines, to the build .py files. The community above has jumped at that as being proof. I'd put it down to a troll by a Lab developer that will never make it past that one commit.
  12. ^ is a very difficult password to remember. Phrases are easier. "IFindPasswordsDifficult." "ThisIsMySecondLifePassword!" "MyUsernameInSLIswarBadger:)"
  13. While there are various ways to crash a region destroying one is a whole different thing. In my opinion - outside of bugs or mistakes by the person owning/managing/building the region - I've not seen any recent evidence of someone else being able to destroy a build, and it's an absolute certainty that news of any such exploit would spread about quite quickly. Based on that I'd say it's yet another a false rumour without any basis of fact. One to ignore. However, assuming they found a way to exploit a bug then (as long as you are on a private estate) you can ask for a rollback. If you
  14. This is a game where you create the scenery yourself. A building game where you can also be social if you like. What you do is learn how to make things, then if you are not great you create laggy islands like you saw. Some people are skilled though and their islands are not laggy. It's all down to the skill of the people who built that place. I guess it looks like 2004 in some places because some people who play this game are not professional game designers but just normal people like you and me. This game gives everyone the chance to be a game designer themselves.
  15. If you use vehicles (and sometimes on plain TPs) they fall off - you still see them but nobody else does, or your HUD becomes unusable. 1 thing per attach point is less problematic.
  16. As panoramas are easier to find, https://jaxry.github.io/panorama-to-cubemap/ will convert many panoramas into a cubemap. Then search "city 360 panorama". It wil need a bit of work, but the result can be great. This site http://360gigapixels.com/nyc-skyline-photo-panorama/ will let you buy them, but it's good to practice on free ones first. There are a lot.
  17. make a mesh cube in blender, in edit mode invert the normals, UV Map it. Apply textures you find with the search "cubemap"
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