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  1. but i used that card before and 10 days before expired i had the new one . The one that i gave . i can buy lindens (i did it today).
  2. Hello, I would like to ask why even if i am a premeum membership and i gave a credit card and i can buy goods from market place or from viewer i can not take my own privet home in sl as a premeum meber that i am? When i am trying this it says "We're Sorry... It appears that your account is past-due, or that you currently have outdated/no billing information on file. Please update your billing information and try again. Secondlife.com | My Account " Why is that hapens? I recently updated my billing information. Thank you in advance
  3. Thank you for your interest. Ok i mean the first one choice (1) . Thank you in advance
  4. Please inform me, I sthere a possibility or a way for a male avatar to wear women clothes and to pout on his face womans make up and hair? In case that there is such possibilty. Where i could find such an avatar and clothes and make up for it? Thank you in advance
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