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  1. I think we all agree with this. No sense singing to the choir.
  2. No need to do it in a bot. The function is available in LSL too. I will go recheck and report back, because I liked the look of Mr Smooth a lot. But it does conflict with the bento AOs of this one maker. If the Mr Smooth maker updated, woot. As for hind legs, they are the most obvious bones to use I think. A human Av can wear wings, but four legs is more a feral thing. Even a centaur would be using feral bits. Rigging it to the tail bone would be worse, the bento boy bits would slip between one's legs grow to tail length and start wagging side to side with my Wonderfurr tail.
  3. It locks to the leg and stays there unmoving, so I think it is a case that the adjusted the hind legs position when they set up the pose. If you turn on the bone display in debug you can see the back legs have been rotated. One of the (if not the) largest AO animators in SL too and one that should know much better.
  4. One of these that is at the Kinky event is hind legged rigged... which means some (like a heck of a lot) of bento AOs make it deform wrap around one's leg like a snake. Don't ask me why those AOs alter the hind legs pose.
  5. Oh, there are a few they could add... 🦇💩🤪 was used the other day, I loved that one.
  6. Solar laughs a lot. I'd hazard a guess that the line-in-the-sand for harassment would be stalking the person's entire posting history. But for the whole thread, or as a special reward to snowflake status ongoing; I can't see this crossing the line. Some of the snowflakes do bite back tho BilliJo. I had one IM me in world the other day to inform me "I am blocking you on the forums, Just so you know"
  7. Note my comment in the other thread about pet peeves and those boatbuilders who include sexual poses in their boats - and how it means many people are effectivly sailing sexbeds through general regions - including kid avatars - potentially without even knowing. (edit to say: it's not an excuse, ignorance of one's poses are not - it's just a damned peeve of mine and I've seen it a lot) Interestingly, our GE thread opener has not returned to his thread.
  8. I know that I first rezzed in Violet. I have not been there for years. If my home location is offline - or I type in a garbage region into the start - I end up in Korea3. Like many Europeans I am online during maintenance, so have come back often to find myself force logged out. But never Violet.
  9. Render cost, or complexity are both the common terms in use, they do seem to be interchangeable.
  10. Homesteads can be transferred one person to another. But you still need a full region to do this. These day's there isn't much purpose in transferring homesteads, it's cheaper to buy them new. But yep, you need do the full, there is no way around it.
  11. Hall Monitors. They sit in the G-Rated area with Ctrl-Alt-T on and tut-tut each time they see red gender bits. These are the same people who inspect each item in my club looking for adult poses. AKA, petty little people who want to mould the world to their morals, which includes controlling invisible/inaccessible things. Edit: To make these Hall Monitors worse, there is a whole group of them who will police your groups, and tell you to hide ones they don't approve of.
  12. hehehe Now I want to put big googly eyes on my VR headset... and cat... and motorbike... and computer monitor... and... and...
  13. You know, I am convinced there are a substantial number of people who are too easily triggered to be playing this game.
  14. I have visions of a flamethrower being used to cook tasty meat now.
  15. A bit like the people in world who have a like attachment floating off to the side of their head and "nnn people have liked this"
  16. Some kids will just purloin the card when Mum isn't looking. If they don't spend anything they will never be caught.
  17. Oh this one for sure. The bulk are gracious, but there is a real cohort of highly strung people who don't seem to be able to deal with it rationally. Never leave them a bad review.... their world would be shattered.
  18. The best defense is still to say something along the lines of "Hang on the missus just needs me to move me truck, and I'll grab a beer"
  19. There are more if you look for east anywhere. AEST - Australia East Standard Time - UTC+10 AEDT -Australia East Daylight Time - UTC+11
  20. Hmm, ok I misunderstood your meaning Bitsy! sorry I will have to read up on that idea
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