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  1. Syn Anatine

    Which do you prefer Zooby baby or funsie?

    Holy crap, I leave the forums for a while and suddenly everyone's inspiried by Hannibal Lecter and in true SL forum fashion; taking it one step further. At least HE never ate babies. In the movie and the tv show! (Which were both amazing btw.)
  2. I honestly don't think you know what off-topic means as my statement was as on topic as it gets. Your clinic was said to be approved by Linden Lab. I posted a correction that it is in fact not approved by Linden Lab. It does not get more on topic than that. Now kindly stop baiting, thank you.
  3. Syn Anatine

    Sail to dozens of Sims! Super Cheap :)

    Price has been lowered. If not sold by tomorrow most of the parcel will be abandoned and I'll keep the bit directly adjectant to the water way.
  4. Hi there, I'm selling my parcel at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mahera/193/135/22 It's 5,632sqm - You pay the price for a 4096sqm lot if you buy it for group to take advantage of the 10% group bonus. Price is L$9.999 (L$2.7/m²) It borders on a protected water way, you can sail to sims in all directions without obsctruction. Neighbour parcels are actually in theme of a marina/island life, no eyesores.
  5. Syn Anatine

    I'm curious on what hair is used in this

    could be Ploom, too.
  6. Syn Anatine

    Custom Animations - Paid

    You might want to be more specific. If you'd want dance animations you'd be looking for someone with motion capture software, for any other animations that is not really needed. Also, quality differs from person to person. Some enjoy busy animations with a lot of things happening, other's prefer slower, smooth and more natural motions.
  7. For Sale, beautiful snowland, comes with partially furnished house and extensive landscaping. You can return everything, or keep it like it is! I am willing to cut this down to 4096m² no price change however. Size: 4496m² Prims: 1543 Land Rating: Moderate Price: 10.000 L$ Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Saimaa/137/101/34
  8. Syn Anatine

    Forum Meet & Greet

    Someone should do this and host a get together at a european friendly time!
  9. Syn Anatine

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Been a while since I posted a pic x3 Loving this new outfit and luckily found the perfect flip flops to go with it. Ready for the beach!
  10. Syn Anatine

    Invasion of privacy

    While that is something I generally agree with you do have to take the situation into account here. The person's voice was deliberately recorded for less than stellar reasons and from what I gather they are being targeted by the video, that should be grounds for removal as it's far different than catching someone else in a video by chance.
  11. Syn Anatine

    Invasion of privacy

    Your friend needs to personally contact youtube with a request to take the video down, as their voice is featured without their consent. I am not familiar with the youtube TOS so it's worth a try for you guys to look into it. Putting such a video on youtube is not against SL TOS simply because SL cannot enforce their TOS on non Linden Lab sites. Also, let me repeat this again, your friend needs to contact youtube, not you, not their mom, not their dog, but them.
  12. Syn Anatine

    Guardrail Mainland roads

    What you can do is leave the house as is. Derender the rail and build an invisible ramp. This way you get what you want to achieve, you can drive over it and no Linden will notice anything out of the ordinary.
  13. Syn Anatine


    Forums are rated General, not moderate and not adult. So even if the nips are covered, it still shows WAY too much. Do not post anything on the forums your grandma wouldn't want to see.
  14. Syn Anatine

    Attaching items with Zed MPS

    Aaah, sorry I didn't realize you were asking your questions specifically for that program. Somehow my brain interpreted it as a general question I'm afraid I can't help you with MPS, I've never even heard of it. AvSitter *is* free though so if you don't find any answer concerning MPS, it's at no additional cost to grab avsitter. You won't regret it, it's amazing.
  15. Syn Anatine

    Attaching items with Zed MPS

    Yes, I personally use AvSitter which is now opensource and free. Simply do a google search. It has a prop system add on that automatically attaches items to an avatar without them needing to accept it and find it in their inventory. The system foregoes that and rezzes the prop instead. The avatar will have to allow this auto attachment just once via a pop up window requesting that allowance. On AvSitter enabled land (experience window) that permission doesn't even have to be given. You just sit, go to the animation rezzing a cup of coffee for example and the avatar will change to that animation and drink it. When you stand up it automatically de-rezzes the prop from the avatar. Easy as can be. You can try it out yourself, newer furniture from What Next uses the system so do items from Bazar and JC Creations. There's tons more merchants who use this but eh, those are the ones popping up in my head right away.