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  1. Waterfront very beautiful Land FOR SALE...!!!

    Your Slurl is faulty. We are unable to locate the region "" make sure you copy and paste the right slurl, there needs to be your region's name in between those two //
  2. Designing for Second Life - Where to Start?

    What I find hard to understand is, which tutorials are more for SL and which are more for other venues. It would be incredible if someday, someone could make a cohesive list of the order of tutorials someone should go through, perhaps a list for clothing meshers and one for furniture/decor/other rezzable items meshers. I'm quite interested to learn blender to make meshes (I only use it along with Avastar for animations) yet when I google tutorials I quickly find myself thoroughly overwhelmed. It's like standing in front of a huge candy shelf. It's all great but super hard to figure out the best candy and in which order to eat it to prevent tummy aches
  3. Designing for Second Life - Where to Start?

    Only .bvh animations though, not .anim ones. I strongly recommend .anim format for animations, it runs much smoother. I've found the same smooth animations to have somewhat of a micro stutter in between frames when uploaded in .bvh. The latter is fine for poses, for smooth animations not so much, so beta grid it is unfortunately.
  4. House hunting!

    Oh no, I didn't know that, I need to stop living under a rock. I have a lot of her stuff, and gosh that's so sad
  5. Almost 11 years for me. A few breaks short breaks here and there with a more recent longer one but SL always draws me right back in ♥
  6. How does your avatar look today ?

    No pictures of my face. Shoo!
  7. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    Debatable without knowing actual numbers. To me it seems that far more people shop on the mp/inworld than they own/rent land. It's not only the Linden people buy to shop, it's also the buy fee, the cash out fees for the merchants, the 5% MP fee, mesh/texture/animation upload fees etc. It adds up. I can indeed see land ownership being #1, especially with the tier increase for premium accounts and the prim increase not so long ago but I honestly don't think the revenue from shopping and all that it entails both from a merchant/customer side to be far behind. Edit: And shopping plays such a huge part into land owner ship as well. Without merchants being in world their land revenue would be much, much lower. I would love to see abandoned land get released to auctions much quicker. I'm with you about the mixed feelings for residents being able to sell their land. Hopefully LL will have preventive measures in place that'll keep landlords from artificially inflating auction prices by using alts to bid on their own lot to drive the price up. I am looking forward to this one just because I'm a curious cat. If I had any say in it they should be holding contests for mesh house makers and let people vote on their favorite designs to be used as future linden homes. I'm also not a fan of LL produced things such as the Linden Homes we have now and the premium gifts.
  8. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    Bitsy, that doesn't work with no-copy items unfortunately, which is what I have been trying to say for the past 4 pages.
  9. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    I made that comment after three posts where I tried to explain this issue to you in three different ways. It took several more posts by several people until that lightbult went off. Ignorance was one word to use in this case. I was plently calm and rational for three posts but it's okay I am no longer taking you seriously, too.
  10. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    What does one have to do with the other? Wait, nevermind I don't even care. I'm glad you've finally understood the crux of the issue with disallowing rezzing for basic members. When you return and fiddle around in world later you will realize there is no way at all to unbox no copy items. Not with a script, not with trying to drag and drop the contents into your inventory. The only way to get that no-copy content out of that box is to rez it. And considering millions of items are no-copy (80% of which are Gacha items which is a huge industry within SL) LL would be foolish to go down that road. Shopping is their #1 revenue source, they'd kill the Gacha Market overnight let alone other markets were no-copy is the norm (like breedables which also has a hefty amount of products on the MP).
  11. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    I have been explaining this exact thing to you since page 2. In different ways. Is my english really that sh*tty or what?
  12. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    I need more coffee, as do you because math is hard today. Let's have some together, my treat. Many ways lead to rome
  13. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    That is exactly what I and others have been trying to explain to you for 2 thread pages now. Do you now understand the literal millions of items this will break because basic members would no longer be able to unpack their no-copy purchases?
  14. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    That stipend is weekly. You get 300Lx4= 1200L = $4.80 x 12 = $57,60/year
  15. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    ...SL prevents you. Try it. You can WEAR it but you cannot UNPACK it. Auto unpacker scripts also don't work as they only move copy items to your inventory. No copy stuff must ALWAYS be rezzed to be moved into your inventory.