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  1. Syn Anatine

    Making friends haven't been working out so far...

    Hi there, welcome back (belated I know!) to Second Life! I took a read of your profile in world, and the things you are interested in are very generic. While that initially makes it easier to meet people, the crux of the matter is, said people aren't likely to become good friends. I can of course only speak from personal experience, but I have a few people on my friendslist that I talk to daily, or several times a week despite not being a super social person. What connects me to these people are specific things, specific interests we have in common. One I gush with about Meeroo all the time, another has helped me whenever I got stuck doing those wonderful MadPea games, yet another I met here on the forums (you know who you are♥). All three of them couldn't be more different from each other if they tried, but they're all very dear to me and all three of them just happened to wriggle their way into my SL life when I wasn't even looking. Thieves in the night the lot of them! So perhaps broaden your horizons, get hooked on something in SL, join the group that's attached to it, talk to people there and magic will happen. Because nothing brings girls together quicker and more thoroughly than fangirling over something LOL. (Apologies to my MadPea Helper for calling you a girl ;D)
  2. Syn Anatine

    Looking For A Woman To Breed

    Ssssh, he's trying so hard to show his superiority, it's adorable, don't ruin it!
  3. Syn Anatine

    Conversion starters

    I'd much rather be called Fräulein than to hear about Schnitzel! I eat it occassionally but it's not the be all and end all as far as german cuisine goes
  4. You call it a cat but I call it a tiger! Yeah, it just doesn't work like that...
  5. I have 51 Mbps download speed, a bit higher ping than you and use likely the same Firestorm version as you That said, I have noticed the very same thing starting about 2-3 days ago. Textures rez slower, tping to my parcel downloads ALL the textures again even though I have been there for hours each day every day and this has hardly ever happened before, for the past days its been the norm. At times a single texture will refuse to rez entirely and stay grey even after forcing a tex refresh. I have no idea about the technicalities (sp?) behind all that, but to me it feels like the textures are flushed from memory when I leave a place and downloaded anew when I return instead of being pulled from memory.
  6. Syn Anatine

    IM Disclosure Consent

    That's not how it works mate. If they do not give you written, explicit consent ("Hereby I allow you to share my IM's") and you share private IM's anyway you can be AR'ed and LL will punish you. Consent cannot be taken automatically by a silly, worthless disclaimer on your profile, your description or even more laughably, a busy response. But go ahead, be my guest and get banned for your faulty thinking. One person less who thinks they're above the TOS by using worthless disclaimers.
  7. Syn Anatine

    IM Disclosure Consent

    Man I hate those type of disclaimers on profiles, makes me itch to lay down the law and educate them but then I force myself not to...because why waste time on that....
  8. Syn Anatine

    Why is my Maitreya Lara HUD not working

    I've had the Maitreya body for years and I can't even recall it ever glitching for me, so I am not sure why it glitches for you all the time. Have you tried relogging? If the alpha doesn't work properly that is either lag or a visual bug and it's not the bodies fault but may be your connection, or even the sim you're on.
  9. Syn Anatine

    Conversion starters

    The moment someone realizes I am german the one word I keep hearing is "Schnitzel." People seem to be obsessed with that.
  10. Since you're 'friends with benefits' the benefits would go both ways. Would you spoil the other party with Lindens then too since YOU would be asking for THEIR time and not vice versa?
  11. Syn Anatine

    Product listing reviews beyond my understanding!

    I am going to flag this review too. If you haven't, you can flag this under "Advertising or Commercial Promo" and the sub section of "Directs buyers to alternate item." Linking buyers to the full perm template was just a d-move. Not cool.
  12. Syn Anatine

    looking for houses

    Fixed that for you. Took me the longest time to get the spelling down
  13. Syn Anatine

    Help ! What's offensive ?

    Interesting. On a Gacha alt I have this old Pwnie Plushie I can't list because it has loli in the description albeit nothing at all to do with that type of thing. It simply won't let me list it with that name in the title.
  14. Syn Anatine

    Help ! What's offensive ?

    I don't do embarrassing typos often, but the autocorrect on my tablet gets me so many times I should know better than to hit send right away. Nothing like trying to say "Yes Dax, but we also need..." and it somehow thinks I wanted to write Daddy instead. I still haven't lived that one down and get teased up to this day as it was in a group discord no less
  15. Syn Anatine

    Bloggers & Merchants

    I honestly don't think there's a norm as each store is different and due to that different things will work for different stores. The number of bloggers needed would vary and depend on the quality of the bloggers and the audience can reach. One well known and high quality blogger can reach more than five, or even ten newbie/moderate quality bloggers with a lower audience number. There's also blogger motivation, whether they're doing it as a hobby or to get as many freebies as possible or a mix of both or something else entirely. There is too many factors at play here, hence why there is no standard practise. I'm hoping though that a few will post their experience here, but take everything with a grain of salt. What works for some, might not work for you. It's trial and error.