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  1. All AO stores sell complete AO's but do give the option to purchase individual animations. This is for people who like me, are super fussy and want the perfect AO so we only buy the animations we like and put our own AO complete together like that.
  2. Seconding this. The store is more on the expensive side but it's well deserved considering the quality.
  3. Delete your original review and leave a new one, thats the only way to bump up the stars.
  4. I'm not holding my breath for tree houses...but I kind of am x3 Gimme!
  5. You can rent a homestead from a private landlord, not LL directly. To own a homestead you must also own a full prim sim. Homesteads have an avatar limit of 20 people, do keep that in mind. I personally would rent a 8192sqm or so from a private estate that allows such a social parcel, it's the best bang for your buck. If you value your privacy then homstead it is.
  6. This also goes for knowingly purchasing a no mod item and then complaining how it should have come as modifyable. This of course goes for all permissions, mine is just an example. Same goes for Li, if the Li are stated on the product page and you make the purchase anyway, there is no room to take off any stars in your review because you wished it was lower Li. General you.
  7. It isn't so much about the price as it is about a minor update being pushed out as a wholly new body instead of an update to the existing one. The price only plays a role because of that. Creators should be paid for the work and they can price their products as they like, however any complaints about said price/practises are valid.
  8. Nice home, but as has been said, use one of the existing threads to post your pictures to.
  9. What you bought were shapes. You want to buy heads. Those are two different things. Search inworld for Genus Project and TP to their store. They currently have a 40% off sale on all heads.
  10. So your "statistic" is that 100% of renters said that tier is too high?
  11. That's not how statistics work. It's a biased opinion at best.
  12. You can find high quality animations for less than 500 *cough*signature*cough*
  13. And thank you to all the sales people working their butt off to keep shelves stocked, you're literally keeping the business open, without you we'd starve (and god forbid run out of toilet paper.)
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