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  1. I agree and would make use of it if they would implement this in the future.
  2. That depends entirely on the price you are selling it for. A piece of mainland close or on the water will fetch more than a piece in the middle of nowhere. This is the same as in RL. If you overprice it might never sell.
  3. You can do it page wise. (Up to 100 at a time) In Manage Listing, select all listings (tick the boxes) and at the bottom select "edit" in the drop down menu. That will open a blank listing. Tick the URL box and paste the new URL in and click save. Do not touch anything else. Voila, all selected listings have now the updated URL.
  4. Preach it. I've been waiting for forever for a good looking male char to play for eye candy sake. Oh well, I'm happy with my army of gnome ladies.
  5. Folders cannot be sent by IM, only objects can which will show in the objects folder. If they send you something that unpacks then yes it'll show up in a folder, same as if you bought something from a vendor. Direct sending of folders isn't possible.
  6. My bliss is a (rare) snowday when the world is covered in white and the snow crunches beneath my boots as I take my dog for a walk as thick flakes dance from the sky.
  7. Just for your information, I don't rp in SL, but I do every day over e-mail/discord. This isn't an attitude either. It was said 'para rp is not real rp', I disagreed. So take your high horse and go have some rp fun in world.
  8. I know that, but is the land going to be abandoned? The way it sounds is that the land will go offline, which is a wholly different thing. Over the years I've read about people submitting support cases to access an offline sim to get their stuff back as the owner had neglected to pay tier so it went offline. In such a case items are not returned. That's why it got me wondering.
  9. I wonder what will happen to all the no copy items people have placed in their own homes when they take the old premium homes offline.
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