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  1. You'd think someone with the supposed highest GPA in their college would be more mature. Unless of course the entire college was made up of moron's which would place you just slightly above one. Congrats I guess?
  2. The irony of your statement is simultaneously hilarious and shocking.
  3. I have no idea what you just said. Also english is not my native language either, I was born, raised and still live in germany. English not being your mother tongue does not keep you from using a spellchecker or at least making an effort to be coherent. With that said, I honest to god have no idea what you said up there.
  4. If someone can't be bothered to make an effort when chatting with someone, a lot of us can't be bothered to give that lazy person our time of day. Typo's happen, especially when someone is a non-english native speaker, however, there is a worlds difference between making an effort and just being lazy ...which quite frankly is rude. Furthermore, a bunch of abbreviations make it that much harder for a non native english speaker to even understand someone. I agree with Orwar 100%. Get that freaking text speak away from me. I can't believe real people would think butchering a(ny) language in this way is okay.
  5. Ah yes, I figured it was a language thing, I believe you are german as well right? We do tend to say things straight out, if someone acts stupid we'll call them that and it's not meant as an insult to their character but the way they acted in that specific situation....but you know what I'm talking about yes? I keep forgetting that other folks will take wording like that deadly serious. I do stand by what I said regarding that this is a huge missed opportunity. We're SL users, this is an SL forum, this photoshoot is done within SL, with SL avatars...it just makes so much sense to me that it could have been used to establish SL heroes and villains. Afterall this isn't some movie forum if you know what I mean? I was just kind of bummed at seeing the same old in the sense that cinemas and movies are being just downright spammed with superhero flicks at this point so yeah.... As everyone in this forum does...this is of course just my opinion, you do you, like I am allowed to voice said opinion, everyone is allowed to proceed with what they think is right and my apologies if I stepped on any toes.
  6. Are you serious? It's the very first picture post right after I said what I said on the same page. No offense, but maybe you should open your eyes in the future?
  7. Apples and oranges. It's astounding how badly my post of disappointment was taken, it's like I insulted everyone -and- their mother while the actual point of my post was thoroughly overlooked. Second Life is what some of us have called home for nearly or more than a decade now, and even those forumites who have only been on SL for a year realize just how epically huge Second Life really is. Bearing that in mind, the topic of the photoshoot is from forumites for forumites....and what do all forumites have in common? Second Life! Ergo, it would make much more sense and it would be SO much more fun if we could bring heroes and villains to life that are just for SL. Who knows, maybe in another decade some of them will still be remembered. Perhaps for Halloween there could be a monster photoshoot thingy, where we got Molerats, undead 7seas fishers and Gacha machines of doom that will grab your hand as you try to put Linden into it and they EAT YOU. All I'm saying is, this entire thing is a HUGE missed opportunity to give SL some lore and personalities unique to SL that have nothing to do with the sales end of things.
  8. I'm such a big baddy aren't I? Perhaps I should scrap Sansara Sally and just post a normal picture of my avatar then and have it be the be all and end all for all SL supervillains?
  9. Sure. Here it goes, I do not have the time to make a proper entry but there you have it: Name: Sansara Sally Status: Chaotic Good Age: As Ancient as the arctic Lair: Snowlands subcontinent of Sansara Superpowers: - Delicious baked goods - Senses the moment someone gets precariously close to stepping on her pristine lawn. Will either strike them down with her wicked tongue or invited them in for cookies - Rumored to be a witch (both the magical and evil godmother kind) Anyway, Skell, I know what you are doing and I am quite surprised you went there. We both know disappointment can be stated without participation. On that note, I dislike how Angela Merkel runs my country, yet, are you looking forward to seeing me in her position? That'll unfortunately not happen. That woman holds onto her high chair for dear life.
  10. Awh guys, instead of being uncreative and just taking established superheroes, why not come up with some original SL ones? The Natuilus Sharkman, Steampunk Herald, Twisted Cubist? The choices are so endless since SL is such a vast and creative world.
  11. So you think it's okay to sell a product to someone, and if there is ever an issue with said product in the future to nickel and dime them for something they already purchased? Yeah, that would go over as well as it would in real life. They bought the product, its theirs, SL can be a right out bish when it comes to eating inventory and randomly breaking things, your customers shouldn't be punished at all for that. Why would you even think that? Greed or sheer ignorance?
  12. Hope you get it fixed soon. @Whirly Fizzle Perhaps it's not as easy a fix if it takes this long? Or has the support been super bogged down lately?
  13. This should be in the wanted forum! However, I can help you with that. Contact me in world (IM or Notecard) and we'll discuss.
  14. Well we got something in common then. You don't seem to understand the "Can I ask a stupid question?" question for what it is but interpret something wholly negative into it that isn't even there. So you: Judge someone by your own definition that has nothing at all to do with the general definition of the question done by anyone but you. How about you stop misunderstanding people and simply do your job instead of beeing needlessly judgy?
  15. .....the hell? I ask that question a lot, simply because I am prone to over-complicating things and I'm all but sure that I am not seeing the obvious solution. That very question is not negative, it's quite the opposite, its someone having a problem they know might have an easy solution that they're not able to see. Yet you treat them like *****? Get off your high horse. For a sim and product line manager you sure are a ray of sunshine. I hope you get fired for treating people the way you admit to here.
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