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  1. Rare double roadside lot for sale! Size: 3936m² Prims: 1351 Price: 19.999 Linden Rating: M Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Frontenac/161/130/96 Perfect for a store. For inquiries you can contact me in world at any time.
  2. You have to have the latest release of the firestorm viewer 6.0.2.-something. When you use that viewer animesh is automatically turned on.
  3. Are you sure that is the name of the region? It seems there is none with that name.
  4. If you own/rent a mainland parcel then you can plop your castle there no matter the neighbourhood and given the castle fits within your parcel dimension. If you own/rent a parcel on a private sim, you will need to read the covenant in the about land window. A lot of private sim owners have rules that limit the height of a build to say, 20m but not all do this and there is plenty of private estates where anything goes is the norm, too.
  5. All the facepalms in the world won't do this trainwreck justice.
  6. I have an alt. I got super sick of the system avi on it. Soooooo...I needed a mesh body and head. I have the super generic maitreya/catwa combo on my main so I wanted to go for something different. After a week I finally made up my mind! Belleza Freya & LAQ was my choice in the end and....I like my alt so much more than my main now. Send help, no wait, actually don't I am 100% happy with how she turned out o.o;;
  7. In addition to what has already been said; no there is no way to increase the available space and Land Impact of your current Linden home. You will either have to a) wait till a new Linden home is available that is 1024sqm in size b) abandon your home and purchase a 1024sqm plot on mainland, however the building you place on it will count toward your total amount of Li unlike with Linden Homes. c) make do with what you currently have.
  8. Serial killer waiting to happen I'm telling you.
  9. Love the picture, five thumbs up. I don't suppose you could tell me the name of that font? It looks amazing!
  10. This is why I never even tried to join a family even though I find it very intriguing. No, not the drama part. It's the 'you must have the same surename' rule. I haven't had a display name for almost 12 years now, I am not about to change it unless the surename is Bosch then holy crap let me join your family right away. Ah well, good luck to you guys!
  11. *points to avi picture* Most of my avatars wear glasses since I do so in real life as well, however, I have collected a lot of non human avatars over the years that make it very challenging to fit some glasses to
  12. Deja-vu. "We made a gacha section on the MP but feel free to post your gachas everywhere else, too." Same thing only in reverse. That sonic really IS creepy. Holy crap, childhood memories of him thoroughly ruined.
  13. Linden Homes are premade parcels, key word being premade. You move in there as is and you can add your own things to the mix. You can however not get rid of what is already there and I doubt they will change it for you as Chic already mentioned. They had a vision, the land looks like it's supposed to, and if they start changing it up for one person, others will want it too and the Linden Home continent will eventually look like the hodgepodge the mainland is. If you want full control over what is on your land, I strongly suggest you a) buy a parcel on mainland or b) rent a parcel somewhere (and again, stay away from premade rentals).
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