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  1. Well i dont really do Deco - best to notecard me inworld (julieare)
  2. great work Marine and if anyone wants landscape - feel free to ask me
  3. what size is your house (how many rooms) & what size is the land that the house is on please ?
  4. depends what you call high income - You need to create a profolio of your experience/skills, of work you have done for your self and friends .
  5. There are not many creaters of mesh items that create everything them selfs and then will build your garden for you, for a price most people can afford. To create mesh costs RL Time and money. Most mesh creaters wont have the time to do this for you.
  6. Oks to start i am sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the designer, its never nice to have a bad experience, and though Lindern labs might not be able to help you, you can do something positive, and that is learn from those mistakes , and tell other people like you are here. Unfortunately there is no trading standers as such in SL, so if you pay 1000L$ for an item that boxed and you find a empty box from a store , only thing you can do is report them to linden or/& complain to the person who you paid. If you are lucky you will get a reply, but so often you will get no repl
  7. this is a great conversation starter. But its very much an "Each to there Own" thing. I am now living with my man i met in SL, ive been with him for 6 years in RL, we knew each other for a little over a year in all in SL before we met up, we still both play SL currently and tho we work together in SL as landscape designers & deco , we arent partnered in SL and we dont do the relationship thing of happy family s , or dinner date in SL, sometimes we go to friends partys or live music together but not very often. We feel we dont need to show we are a couple to people in SL, we have RL for t
  8. I agree i found her name ok, but yes you can just hide it from search.
  9. Hi, Looks like a sort of K-pop style. I'll message you & you an IM inworld too. UI havnt done a K-pop theme before , so that means all the idea will be fresh and exciting , here are some pictures of my more pink rooms & decoration designs. Fell free to look at the whole album.
  10. Ill message you here and In world
  11. umm, could a lotto be done , but not for prize money i mean would it still be considered if people pay to join a group and then a name is drawn at random to win a voucher or a item of value?
  12. Your wrong about the BeYou hud im sorry but you DONT need to put in 5000 a day or have or do any of those things you mention, you need to use the HUD for 5 days to do any of those things, but again they are not a requiment. If you put in 5000 aday that would make are nothing but a fool, and you will not be the so called rich person for so long. But yes i do agree with you on this point "The BeYou hud is totally not meant for those like YOU who sit at voodoo sploaders for hours and hours to be able to buy a new hair."
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