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  1. umm, could a lotto be done , but not for prize money i mean would it still be considered if people pay to join a group and then a name is drawn at random to win a voucher or a item of value?
  2. Your wrong about the BeYou hud im sorry but you DONT need to put in 5000 a day or have or do any of those things you mention, you need to use the HUD for 5 days to do any of those things, but again they are not a requiment. If you put in 5000 aday that would make are nothing but a fool, and you will not be the so called rich person for so long. But yes i do agree with you on this point "The BeYou hud is totally not meant for those like YOU who sit at voodoo sploaders for hours and hours to be able to buy a new hair."
  3. DuckTales https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DuckTales_(2017_TV_series)
  4. Huge Unicorn Mugs Over Rated C F J A P
  5. there is other forms of art then just pictures maybe arts and entertainment would be nice. BUt them maybe a fb group would be more suitable platform for that.
  6. I dont hold out much hope tbh, Lindern homes have always been outdated compared to what is in the Current Sl market, and Linden wont bring out something that has already been done, unless they have the permissions or work with that Designer, which i think is unlikely that they will do that as it monopoly's the market abit. The container houses have been done by many great mesh builders also the geek island, there is even a geek vacation/rental resort i believe. If they bring something out that is unique, that is nicely made, low prim and modern textures & advance lighting affects , i wou
  7. i normal change it to midday/midnight if i'm building, (to make sure what i'm building looks good in sl day light as well as night.)but when im at home i use my own window light now, but i use to always change it to what ever time of day it was for me in RL.
  8. ,i just though it would be help for people to know that if they didnt want to do it them self, i love decorating and be happy to do it for them.
  9. If anyone would like there house/garden or store decorated for any festival day/night or any celebration, or as a more perm landscape or Decorating feature - Please get in touch. Sorry I didnt realise the i wasnt allowed a advertisement in my post. I stand corrected.
  10. I used to go to a lot of clubs when i 1st wondered in to SL 2006/7 , but now i hardly vist , I perfer live singers more now, and now and again i will come across a DJ at a celebration or party. But regarding the topic -of Payment for DJ or Entertainment, I would prob Hire (paid) if i felt they had the skills and the skils would be something like a Commercial Broadcasting licence, real cd/vin mixers, + references & some sort of following, weather that be facebook, sound cloud or in-world following. But if they are a dj, that just uses sam,mix, or a copied version of V-Dj, they have
  11. If you still need help with this , I be happy to come over and help you out.
  12. Hi , I like to introduce you too 'Dreamscapes' a Professional Small Team of Landscapers , Builders & Interior Designers/Decorators. Offering Value for money Landscape & Building Services The picture is from one of my last small projects at on a 1/16th of a sim Forset Springs. The requirements detail from the client where low prim garden, with beach (not shown) , water feature & Pier/sun deck (Not shown) - all for under 200 Prims. The 2nd picture below is of one of the Spa Rooms , & 3rd Picture, part of a road way with working traffic lights was this taken
  13. My clinet list is now open , If you are looking for that fall season vibe or even getting ready for that little bit of winter sparkel, im here to help.
  14. Hi I will message you in world . look forward to speaking with you soon.
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