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  1. HAI so Im Chise , Not cheese ...not chish . CHI - SE . I been to second life for almost 7 years in general and I think its time to find my own little piece of heaven or hell * winks* . somethings you should know about me : I have a pretty big family on second life which I love very much , we all live in a big community and enjoy the RP . I been called: Brat , Crazy , Insane , Cute , spoiled and more ..I don't want to spoil the surprise Im looking for someone as crazy as I am , maybe even more ...someone to explore and prank people with , someone to Come home to ...someone to spend hours and hours talking in and outside of sl is fine by me as well . there are some things that are important for me so please be noted : willing and loving RP. NOT ASHAMED TO SAY - A well worked on avi , is important . same as in rl looks do matter .I work on my avi a lot , so I expect the same a week spot for asian looking avi's *giggles* WHAT I OFFER : A cosy home , with a big fat lovely family that are awesome and fun . My jokes, my time, my love and my naughtiness too, why not ? Im a gamer so we can play games such as wow ( love wow ) , Watch movies together , explore , Dance ( latin dances ) and much more fun and crazy things . * Im always glad to make new friends as well so pleaseeee do I don't bite ....just nibble .
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